100+ Cute & Clever Captions for a Family Picture

Published September 9, 2020
Smiling father carrying daughter on shoulders while walking at beach

A caption for a family picture can add dimension and personality to the image. This is a great opportunity to let your family's personality shine through to describe antics and sentiments.

What Do You Caption a Family Picture?

Finding the right caption that encapsulates your family is important. A caption should clearly convey your family's dynamics and the love you share, from traditional quotes to welcome to the family quotes for new members.

  1. Time spent together creates memories.
  2. Life is meant to be shared with those you love.
  3. A family is there for each other- Always!
  4. Nothing is too great for us to tackle together
  5. We may not choose the family we're born into, but we can choose to be a close-knit family.
  6. We are fearless when we stand together.
  7. Love is the glue that holds a family together.
  8. Our family is blessed by God.
  9. We are thankful for our family.
  10. Good times are better when shared with family.
  11. New experiences shared as a family.
  12. Early morning fun spent together as a family.
  13. There's room in our family for everyone.

Action Captions for Family Photo for Instagram

young family hiking through the woods

If you have an Instagram account and want to post family photos, add a catchy caption. Select one that best describes what your family was doing when the photo was taken.

  1. Morning hike along a mountain path.
  2. Zipline fun for the entire family.
  3. Building sandcastle and memories for a lifetime.
  4. First time hang gliding on this family outing.
  5. A windy day for a picnic, but lots of fun.
  6. Road trip with the family in new RV.
  7. Learning to fly fish with the little ones.
  8. Skiing on the lake is always family fun.
  9. Tried out new jet skis this weekend.
  10. Playing putt-putt with the kiddos.
  11. Time to take in a movie with the fam.
  12. Enjoying little league baseball game with the family.

Funny Caption for Family Pic

A family picture taken during a funny moment deserves a funny caption. Make sure you convey what made the photo funny at the time.

  1. Love this shot of rabbit munching on our picnic salad.
  2. Eating watermelon is a messy business.
  3. This is what an ice cream disaster looks like.
  4. Sometimes, you just need a good ole' food fight.
  5. This is what happens when a DIY family project goes wrong.
  6. When the pie burns in the oven, it's time for a Krispy Kreme run.
  7. Breakfast with the family is always an event. Even the dog gets in on the fun.
  8. Judging by the chaos, you'd never guess this was a planned activity.
  9. There's no telling who started this snowball fight that turned into an avalanche.
  10. In this game of football, the bodies piled up for one big tackle.
  11. The mishap of trying to teach your kids how to roller skate.
  12. Fortunately, family portraits don't usually turn out like this one.

Caption for Family Time Photos

Making time to spend with your family is vital to a happy and healthy home life. Capture these moments with photos and then add the best caption to express the emotions of the moment.

  1. Chaotic splashing turned into a free for all at the water park. Great family fun!
  2. The Christmas cookie party was a huge success as you can tell by those happy faces.
  3. Even the dog got in on the cake decorating project for this birthday surprise.
  4. Easter egg hunts are more fun when the whole family participates.
  5. Putting a swing set together is easier when the whole family gets involved.
  6. Deciding to take the kids to a petting zoo was a great idea!
  7. These are the times I remember the most when the whole family goes caroling.
  8. We love learning things together as a family, especially hands-on activities like crafts.
  9. Everyone got a little flour on their faces during this cook off.
  10. Painting the porch was a disaster when the cats tried to help.
  11. Family fun at a tailgate Halloween party in the school parking lot.
  12. Church picnic at the lake was filled with love and fellowship.

Caption for Family Trip in Photos

Two children eating popsicle

Whenever your family goes on a trip, you end up with many photos to document the event. Add a dynamic caption to complete the memory.

  1. Powering up on the power dam tour, both educational and fun for the fam.
  2. Electrifying to learn all about electricity at the museum display.
  3. The dinosaur museum exhibit ended up with ice cream.
  4. Sea life at the aquarium gave hands-on experience that the kiddos loved.
  5. Rock hunting at the gem mine and panning for gold nuggets.
  6. Sometimes you just have to take a pizza break.
  7. Movie night with the family isn't complete until we all have coke and popcorn.
  8. We took turns greeting trick or treaters, and the kids had a blast.
  9. Halloween party for teenage daughters was a big hit.
  10. We never miss an opportunity to celebrate a full moon with a telescope in the backyard.
  11. Summer bonfire and music jam session on the farm. Life is good!
  12. Four-wheeling with the family on mountain trail then stopped for picnic by the lake.

Family Vacation Captions

Add a caption to the photos of your family vacation. This means you get to revisit the fun you had.

  1. Playing volleyball on the beach is always a fun family pastime at the beach.
  2. The entire family took surfing lessons on this year's vacation.
  3. Trip to rainforest complete with zipline through the jungle.
  4. White water rafting was wet, exciting, and fun for the whole family.
  5. The first time we bungee jumped as a family.
  6. Some families play games. We sky dive.
  7. Nice surprise at this campground! A fun, family-friendly cycling trail.
  8. A lazy day at the beach!
  9. Lazy river tubing with the family.
  10. Family voted Haunted Mansion as Disney favorite.
  11. Family waving bon voyage on the Disney Cruise.
  12. Old Faithful blows at Yellowstone, and the kids loved it!

Photo Caption for Family Love

A photo is worth a thousand words, but a caption can bring the focus on the love you share and what family means to you. Add a few words that explain your family's philosophy and sentiments about your love for one another.

  1. Family love is binding for life.
  2. A family's love provides support and nurturing.
  3. Family is the heart of its members.
  4. Being part of a family is an amazing gift.
  5. A family unit creates a wall of protection for each family member.
  6. Belonging to a loving family fills you with warmth and peace.
  7. There's nothing like the love of a family to encourage you to face life's challenges.
  8. Family love knows no boundaries.
  9. I always have my family's support no matter where I go or what I do.
  10. Growing up in a large family means someone is always there, standing vigil.
  11. A family operates as a unit and fortified front.
  12. Family love is unique from other forms of love.
  13. Unconditional family love is a comfort throughout life.
  14. The meaning of family summed up in one word - Love!
  15. Family means you're never alone.

Short Family Captions

A short caption about your family says it all without further explanation. When writing a short caption, keep in mind the essence of the moment captured forever.

  1. Family is strength.
  2. Life is good!
  3. We love each other.
  4. We trust one another.
  5. All we need is each other.
  6. We can count on each other.
  7. We choose family!
  8. Family is everything.
  9. My family is my life.
  10. Honor one another.
  11. Family time is quality time.
  12. Sharing life as a family.
  13. We laugh together.
  14. We explore together.
  15. We learn together.

100+ Examples of Captions for a Family Picture

With over 100 examples of possible captions you can use for a family picture, you're sure to find one that fits. You can always edit a caption to customize it for your picture.

100+ Cute & Clever Captions for a Family Picture