40+ Unique Granddaughter Quotes She’ll Treasure

Published April 6, 2021
Granddaughter kissing cheek of grandmother

Granddaughter quotes can reveal how special your granddaughter is to you. You can include a few granddaughter quotes in birthday cards and cards for other occasions.

New Granddaughter Quotes to Inspire

When your granddaughter is born, you may consider using granddaughter quotes to express the joy and love you feel. Granddaughter quotes for a newborn can embody all the things you wish for her in life.

  • I never imagined how much love a granddaughter would bring to me.
  • Granddaughters are the grandest thing on Earth!
  • Granddaughters are the epitome of joy and love.
  • When my granddaughter was born, I understood what being blessed really meant.
  • I didn't know my heart could be so full of love until I saw my granddaughter for the first time.

What Do You Say to Your Granddaughter?

If you're searching for the right words to let your granddaughter know how important she is in your life, a few granddaughter quotes can help. You can use granddaughter quotes or modify them to better fit your feelings about your granddaughter.

  • Granddaughters and Grandmas have a special bond that can't be broken.
  • Whenever I think about you being my granddaughter, I'm filled with overwhelming pride and gratitude.
  • My granddaughter is special in every way.
  • Granddaughters are born princesses, and grandmas teach them how to become Queens.
  • Granddaughter, your loving light brightens my day!

What Do You Write in a Granddaughter Card?

Sometimes finding the exact words you want for a granddaughter card can be challenging. You can always add a few quotes to a card to convey how much your granddaughter means to you.

  • Granddaughter, baking cookies with you is my most favorite thing.
  • Granddaughter, the time I spend with you, it's timeless.
  • Granddaughter, I no longer enjoy gardening by myself.
  • Granddaughter, you are a bundle of pure energy, and you radiate hope and love.
  • Granddaughter, seeing the world through your eyes is such a joyful experience.
  • Granddaughter, you fill spaces in my heart I never knew existed.
Grandmother and granddaughter dancing together

Words of Wisdom to Granddaughter

As a grandmother, you want to impart knowledge you've learned to help your granddaughter avoid the same pitfalls. However, you may discover that the greatest wisdom you can give your granddaughter is the knowledge that she is cherished and deeply loved.

  • My heart is full of love for my granddaughter, but each time she smiles, it becomes fuller.
  • If you want to know how angels feel in heaven, just have a granddaughter.
  • Each time my granddaughter picks flowers for me, I'm amazed how my heart grows bigger.
  • The songs I sing with my granddaughter fill my very soul with love.
  • My granddaughter has shown me that my heart can hold an infinite amount of love.
  • Having a granddaughter is the best thing about growing older.

Granddaughter Quotes Funny

Granddaughter quotes that are funny or humorous can reveal the true nature of your relationship. You may be best friends, or perhaps you create mischief and enjoy zany adventures together.

  • When you have a granddaughter, you have a grand mini-me.
  • My granddaughter is the adventurous co-conspirator I've always wanted.
  • Granddaughter, all you have to do is get the mixing bowls out, and it's game on.
  • When my granddaughter smiled at me for the first time, she owned me forever.
  • Granddaughters are more magical than rainbows and unicorns!
  • Fortunately, my granddaughter has no idea how much power she has over me.
  • My granddaughter and I don't need instructions, we prefer delving into the unknown together.
Granddaughter hugging her grandmother in living room

Inspirational Quotes From Grandmother to Granddaughter

Granddaughters often look to their grandmothers for inspiration. A few inspirational quotes from a grandmother can influence her granddaughter for life.

  • Granddaughter, you're all the good things I believe about life.
  • Granddaughter, my favorite thing in life is when you wrap your arms around my neck and kiss my cheek.
  • Granddaughter, each time you call my name, a big smile spreads deep in my heart.
  • Granddaughter, there is nothing more powerful in my life than you.
  • Granddaughter, teaching you things that my grandmother taught me is humbling.
  • Granddaughter, it is my honor to introduce you to your ancestors by sharing their stories that one day you'll share with your granddaughter.

Granddaughter Quotes for Any Occasion

You don't need a special occasion to let your granddaughter know how important she is in your life. You can use a few granddaughter quotes to tell your granddaughter how much you love and cherish her.

  • I love spending time with my granddaughter.
  • I enjoy watching my granddaughter shine like a bright star.
  • My granddaughter is the sunshine of my life.
  • I see all my hopes in life shining back at me in my granddaughter's eyes.
  • Granddaughters are like sparkling gems in a grandmother's eyes.
  • When you have a granddaughter, you have the world.

Granddaughter Quotes That Touch Her Heart

Granddaughter quotes are a great way to let your granddaughter know how much she means to you. When you choose a granddaughter quote, select one that best describes your feelings about how special she is to you. You can also use a grandson quotes to tell your grandson how you feel about him as well.

40+ Unique Granddaughter Quotes She’ll Treasure