55 Twin Quotes to Honor That Unrivaled Bond

Published December 26, 2021
Twin sisters embracing in a vineyard

Twins share a special, often unexplainable bond for eternity. They start out life by one another's side, and they remain together, in soul and spirit. These twin quotes celebrate the love, the fun, and the many amazing emotions and moments that signify a twin bond.

Funny Quotes for Parents of Twins

Mother with twins at bed

Sometimes in order to survive the crazy parenthood journey, all you can do is laugh... and twin parents know this better than most. While multiples will give you a run for your money, it is hilarious and endearing to watch twins grow and develop. These funny quotes for twin parents are so true and oh so relatable.

  • Being a twin parent means never leaving the house again without looking like you are literally moving.
  • Parenting twins means that you have created your very own little army that will spend the next 18 years revolting against you.
  • While twin parents pray for silence all day long, there is nothing more frightening than the moment the sounds cease. Only then do you know those twins are up to no good.
  • When you discover you are expecting twins, it's like the universe said, "Let's see what you are really made of."
  • Parenting twins means you will never love so hard and sleep so little.
  • I grew two humans at once. That's my superpower.
  • You can't scare me. I'm currently raising twins.
  • Parents carry the weight of the world. Twin parents carry a lot more than that.
  • If expecting twins: be sure to ask for things like naps, patience, and prayers on your baby registry.
  • Raising twins: It was a good day if everyone is still there at the day's end.

Funny Quotes About Being a Twin

Smiling sisters walking outdoors arm in arm

If you happen to be a twin, you know your sibling is a blessing and a pain. These hilarious quotes on being a twin hit the nail on the head when it comes to sharing that DNA!

  • Having another person know your every thought can be a real gift and a real curse.
  • Being a twin means spending your life arguing about who is the original and who is the remix.
  • Having a twin means always having someone to blame.
  • You don't know how crazy you can be until you bicker with an identical twin over who is prettier.
  • Cross one of us and it will be both you have to deal with.
  • You can try to break into our secret twin circle, but it is going to be difficult.
  • The greatest ideas I ever had started with me and ended with my plotting twin.
  • Two brains cooking up mischief 24-7. That is what it's like having a twin.
  • When people ask if we are natural twins, we say, "Why yes. Naturally awesome."
  • At least we will never forget each other's birthdays!

Famous Quotes About the Twin Bond

These wise (and funny) quotes on the twin bond help illustrate just how incredible the experience is for twins, and how challenging it can be for parents.

  • "There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins." - Josh Billings
  • "Sometimes miracles come in pairs." - Richard Branson
  • "Being a twin is like being born with a best friend." - Tricia Marrapodi
  • "In every set of twins, there is one angel, one devil. The right-handed twin tells the truth, the left-handed twin tells lies." - Jandy Nelson
  • "After raising twins, you get organized." - Scott Ellis
  • Some twins feel like they need to compare themselves to each other, but we're not that way. That's because of my parents, though, and having six kids in the family." - Ashley Olsen
  • "I may be a twin, but I am one-of-a-kind." - Jerry Smith
  • "You can spend too much time wondering which of identical twins is the more alike." - Robert Brault
  • "Look at identical twins. When you get closer, you start to see the small differences. It all depends on how much you magnify it." - Brian Swanson
  • "They're not just sisters and twins. They're best friends, and they care genuinely about each other." - Chelsi Welch

Heartfelt Twin Quotes to Honor Their Special Relationship

Twin brothers sitting outside on a sidewalk with lolipops

To a twin, nobody is closer to you than the one you shared the womb with. To be a twin or a parent of a twin and be a part of this special relationship is something most people never get to experience. Lucky are those who are a part of the twin bond.

  • A twin doesn't go through life searching for their other half. They were born with it.
  • Twice the love, twice the win. You hit the double jackpot when you have twins.
  • Twin bonds are the most unbreakable, sacred bonds in the whole world.
  • Because I have my twin, I have everything.
  • No matter what you do in life, know I am right here beside you, twin.
  • Even when distance separates us, we are never far from one another, because we live in each other's hearts.
  • We are two beautiful flowers that grew on the same stem.
  • My twin, you are a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear. Because I have you, there is no sadness or fear.
  • No matter what happens in life, our bond is the one constant I can always count on.

Short and Sweet Quotes About Twins

These short and sweet quotes will give any twin or parents of twins the warm and fuzzies. They prove that when it comes to a deep bond such as a twin one, few words are even needed to describe the love.

  • Definition of twin: two bodies, one heart.
  • Born with a built-in bestie.
  • Twins are double the work and double the joy.
  • BFF: Born Forever Friends
  • Twins are a wish that came true twice.
  • Twins are rare and magical, like a unicorn.
  • Twins prove that miracles really do exist.
  • Congrats on the twins. You are officially outnumbered now.
  • Twin parent here. Send caffeine.
  • Blessed with a best.

Quotes From One Twin to the Other

Smiling twin sisters embracing on summer evening

Share a quote with your twin! After all, you two shared just about everything else in life, so why not words?

  • Twin, I know that no matter what the world throws my way, you will be in my heart and by my side.
  • Twin, do you feel as sorry for all those single-birthed babies as much as I do?
  • If I have to look exactly like somebody else, I'm glad it is you, twin.
  • Best of luck to the first person who tries to date one of us.
  • Joy is sharing a soul with you.
  • Twin, I know you've got my back... and my nose... and eyes... and lips.

Twins Double Life's Greatest Pleasures

Twins truly are twice as nice. From the spills, the messes, and the mischief to the snuggles, kisses, and love, twins are double the work and double the fun. They share a bond that is so strong it can be hard to describe in words, but these quotes do a great job of capturing the magical relationship between the interconnected life forces that are twins.

55 Twin Quotes to Honor That Unrivaled Bond