Birthday Poems for Grandmothers

Published November 5, 2019
grandmother reading poem by granddaughter

Homemade gifts are some of the most cherished presents that you can give to your grandmother, so use your words and memories to tell her how much she means to you through a birthday poem. No matter what you choose to add to your grandma's birthday poem, she is guaranteed to love it.

Funny Birthday Poems for Grandma

Who says a grandmother can't appreciate a little silly poetry on her birthday? Give your grandma a little chuckle with one of these poems.

Grandma, I Brought You a Birthday Cake

By Kelly Roper

Hey Grandma, I brought you a birthday cake.
Make your 26 cats give us room for Heaven's sake.
And won't you please turn your TV set down?
It's so darn loud I can't hear another sound.

Let me move your collection of vintage TV Guides,
So I can come and sit by your side.
Hey this plastic sofa cover looks brand new,
Did mom buy it as a birthday present for you?

Here put on your spectacles so you can see,
This is a birthday card for you from me.
Or maybe I should just read it to you, simple as that
Because we both know you're as blind as a bat.

No, I'm not being smart mouthed,
Not me, oh no, nope.
Let's not revisit that time you
Washed my mouth out with soap.

I just wanted to wish you
A happy birthday.
Now let me push some cake toward you
And slowly back away.

Senior woman celebrating ninetieth birthday with her cat

A Birthday Limerick for My Grandmother

By Kelly Roper

I wrote you a birthday limerick
Because you are so terrif-er-ric.
So don't eat too much cake,
Or you'll get a bellyache,
At least that's what you've always told me!

Short Poems for Grandma's Birthday

Sometimes a short poem that gets to the point is just as good as a longer one. Here are a couple for inspiration.

A Second Mom to Me

By Kelly Roper

It's your birthday,
And I'm thinking of all the times
You filled in for Mom when she couldn't be there.
You're more than just my Grandma; you're like a second mom to me.

Grandmother and granddaughter cuddling on couch

Happy Birthday, Grandma

By Kelly Roper

Happy Birthday Grandma,
Your special day is here.
It's one your grandkids wait for
With anticipation each year.
You do so much for us, Grandma,
And now it is our turn,
To show how much we love you,
And all the respect you've earned.

Birthday Poems From a Granddaughter

The relationship between grandmother and granddaughter is a special one. Perhaps one of these poems will be perfect for you.

To Be Like You, Grandmother

By Sally Painter

Your watchful eye protects me, mostly from myself.
Your unconditional love encourages me to be myself.
Your confidence empowers me to try new things
While your laughter fills me with hope.
Your many acts of kindness soften my heart and make me stronger.
Under your guidance, I have grown and someday,
When someone calls me grandmother,
I pray she feels the same way about me.

African grandmother and granddaughter hugging

For You, Grandmother

By Sally Painter

Fun times filled with laughter,
Playing dress-up in clothes too big
While you styled my hair,
Clapping and cheering me on.
These are just a few of the many things you've given me, Grandmother.
If I could wrap them all together with a colorful ribbon wide,
It'd stretch around the Earth too many times to count.
I wish for you, all the best in life, especially on your birthday.
There is no one else more deserving or more beloved than you, dear Grandmother.

Birthday Poems from a Grandson

Grandsons can be quite devoted to their grandmothers. Think about including one of these poems your own grandma's birthday card.

From Your Favorite

By Kelly Roper

Happy Birthday, Grandma
from your favorite grandson.
We don't say that in front of the others,
But we both know I'm the one!

happy grandma with grandson embracing


By Kelly Roper

Grandma, dear,
Remember when I was a little boy and crawled in your lap
And how you held me so close?
Never have I felt so contented as I did in those moments.
Do you have any idea what I would give to be able to do that again?
Maybe I've grown far too big for that now, but my love for you has grown too,
And I just want to say I hope you have the happiest birthday ever because you deserve it.

Memory-Themed Poems for Grandma

Your childhood memories of your grandma are often some of the most powerful ones you have. These make great material to use in a birthday poem for her and are sure to bring a few tears as well as lots of smiles and laughter.

Loving Memories

By Sally Painter

This birthday poem is in appreciation of you, Grandma.
It holds all the loving memories we've shared over the years.
Like the first time we baked cookies, all covered in flour and giggling,
All those tears you dried and generous kisses you gave,
Listening to your soft hum as you rocked me to sleep,
Your hugs, always so comforting.

When I think of you, Grandma, I can feel the sunshine on my face,
Relive so many rainy days creating crafts on the porch,
or hear those heartfelt songs we sang,
And remember the sweet scent of freshly picked strawberries lingering.
Vignettes of life with you, Grandma, I cherish every day,
And when I think of home, Grandma, I always think of you.

Grandmother and granddaughter cooking together

Childhood Memories of Grandma

By Sally Painter

Grandma, on this special day, I'm so grateful you were born!
Your presence in my life, is a blessing cherished every day, especially today.
From the first moment you held me and whispered my name, I felt loved,
And as I grew, you guided and taught me how to live.
It's no secret, Grandma, that I was the envy of my friends; they wanted you for their own.
My birthday wish for you, Grandma, is that you receive
all you've given to me:
A love that knows no bounds,
Kindness that's gentle and guiding,
Patience that has no beginning or end,
A caring that stretches beyond family and friends,
Laughter so infectious,
And the joy of living with those you love.

Happy Birthday, Grandmother, from your adoring grandchild.

Beautiful Birthday Poems for a Grandmother

A grandmother is beautiful inside and out in the eyes of her grandchildren. Celebrate this fact by giving her a poem on her birthday that's beautiful enough to match.

My Grandmother's Beautiful Smile

By Sally Painter

Happy Birthday, Grandma.

Your ready smile reassures me,
Oh yes, everything is going to be all right,
and what I said or did, no longer matters.
Open arms welcome home those who've strayed.
Like sun shining on still water, your smile warms my heart.
Soft-spoken words make me brave whenever I'm afraid.
Your wisdom reaches beyond the boundaries of judgment,
and I find acceptance and unconditional love.
You've taught me that second chances are real,
When I want to describe what love is, Grandmother, I simply say your name.

Senior woman embracing granddaughter while sitting at yar

A Triple Haiku for Grandma

By Kelly Roper

A grandma's soul is
More beautiful than silver,
More precious than gold.

Her birthday is an
Occasion filled with fun and

Her life is a song
To be sung by a heart filled
With love and great joy.

Using Poems to Convey Emotions

You can use these poems as a framework for creating your own poetry about grandmothers. Offer your poem as a gift or make a special birthday poster with the text on it. However you offer the poem on grandma's birthday, simply insert your own memories and thoughts as you write it, and imagine how the smile your poetry brings will light up your grandma's face.

Birthday Poems for Grandmothers