Congratulations, Grandparents! Creative Wishes to Celebrate a New Baby

Published April 29, 2021
Grandparents and granddaughter making bubbles

Welcoming grandbabies into the world is an awesome experience. You thought that you could never love something as much as you love your babies, but grandkids are game-changers. If someone you love has recently become a grandparent, send them well wishes and congratulations grandparent messages that will warm their heart.

Sentimental Congratulations Grandparents Wishes

Becoming a grandparent is a momentous occasion in a person's life. Send messages of celebration, love, and support to friends who are blessed enough to have grandkids in their life.

  • Grandbabies are living proof that miracles exist.
  • Congratulations grandparents on the latest arrival. The smallest feet leave the biggest footprints on our hearts.
  • Congrats to the coolest grandparents around. This grandbaby is one lucky little dude.
  • Grandbabies fill a hole in your heart that you didn't even know existed. Congrats on the most special experience.
  • Warmest wishes to a pair of grandparents that are young at heart and full of life.
  • Enjoy all of those snuggles, smiles, and special moments. Cheers to life's greatest treat...grandkids.
  • A grandparent? What wonderful news. Cheers to many years of tea parties, horsey rides, and lots of love.
  • With your grandbaby's birth, you instantly became a grandparent and a guardian angel.
  • Grandbabies are one of life's most precious blessings. Enjoy every minute, we don't have to tell you how fast time flies!
  • What a wonderful moment it is to welcome a grandbaby into the world. Congrats on such a special event.
Grandparents kissing grandson

Messages of Congrats That Are Funny and Sweet

If you know someone with a great sense of humor who has recently joined Club Grandparent, send one of these funny and sweet messages guaranteed to make them chuckle.

  • Finally! You have a napping partner!
  • Cheers to changing diapers that aren't yours!
  • There is nothing like holding a new grandbaby...and then being able to give him back to his parents when he cries. Congrats.
  • Grandparenting is the only job that you truly cannot wait to get to. Congrats on your little bundle of joy.
  • Congrats Grandma and Grandma. A grandbaby's cuteness is heaven, and their screams and cries are payback for those teenage years.
  • Congrats to you on your new grandbaby. Let the spoiling begin!
  • Congrats Grandma. Hope you bought stock in chocolate!
  • Now that you are a grannie, you have been promoted to the keeper of secrets, sneaker of cookies, and all-time best cuddler.
  • Get ready to be that baby's most favorite person ever! Especially when her mom and dad tell her no.
  • Congrats on your new grandbaby. You can push her stroller and then in a few more years, she can push yours!
  • Congrats on your new partner in crime. Can't wait to hear all about the mischief you two get into.

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Grandmother taking nap with baby

Congratulations Grandparents Messages for First Time Grandparents

Grandkids create a layer of love in a person's life that the person never even dreamed possible! Suddenly the world looks entirely different through the eyes of a grandbaby. Some people even think that the grandparenting experience is more fun than being an actual parent! Everything is brighter, more joyful, and simply happier. Send wishes of congrats and love to first-time grandparents with these thoughtful messages.

  • Warmest wishes on your new grandbaby!
  • Welcome to the greatest adventure in life.
  • Having grandkids means you get all the fun and none of the stress. Enjoy this wonderful time!
  • So you finally got into the coolest club around? Club Grandma!
  • Congrats on your first grandbaby! The world is about to open up like never before.
  • We hope that you both have had plenty of years to rest up for this new chapter in life. Congrats Grandma and Grandpa!
  • Congrats on the new baby! Pop some bottles and celebrate! (Baby bottles, of course.)
  • Life is about to be full of all new games, like who can fall asleep fastest in the rocking chair!
  • We don't know who is luckier, this new baby or you guys? Blessed are you both.
  • They say you never forget your first being a Grandma that is!

What It Means to be a Grandparent

Being a grandparent is an important job. While it is true that your grandkids will add so much beauty and joy to your lives, you will also enhance their lives in numerous ways. Make sure to spend time with your grandkids. Teach them about familial values and family heritage and where they came from. Pass down traditions and help teach them right from wrong. Most importantly, love and cherish them just as they are. The bond that you two will create will be an unbreakable one to be proud of.

Congratulations, Grandparents! Creative Wishes to Celebrate a New Baby