100+ Sister Captions to Show Off Your Unique Bond

Published October 28, 2022
Laughing sisters sitting on couch in living room looking at smart phones

Spending time with your sister often means you'll walk away with some fantastic pictures. Share the memories and take your next post from good to great with a unique sister caption. Whether it's a sweet, sentimental, or funny saying, finding the right caption can make your post pop - and let your sister know how much she means to you.

Sweet Sister Captions for Instagram

Two cheerful sisters hugging

Whether she's there to give you some encouragement in the hard times or always ready to have fun and bring on the laughter, sisters can make life even better. Let everyone know how much your sister brings to your life with a sweet caption about your bond as sisters.

  • Doing life with a sister means you have somebody that's strong enough to support you and loving enough to challenge you to grow.
  • This sister of mine, she really shines.
  • My sister isn't just a ray of light; she's so bright she's competing with the sun.
  • No matter what life throws at us, my sister's there to help me catch it.
  • Having a sister means you have a cheerleader for life - whether you win or lose.
  • Sisters can drive each other crazy, but love always outweighs the insanity.
  • Life is easier when you have a sister. Just like a favorite cardigan, she never lets me down.
  • She may not be able to read your mind, but nobody understands you the way your sister understands you.
  • When life gives you lemons, sisters don't just show you how to make lemonade, they help you run the stand.
  • Therapist, confidante, and family, all rolled into one. That's the job of a sister.
  • Sisters don't just listen, they hear you.
  • Sister power can run the world.
  • A good sister is the cherry on your sundae. A great sister is the hot fudge, whipped cream, and cherry.
  • Sisters are the nightlights in the dark bedrooms of life.

Funny Sister Captions So Good You'll Fight Over Them

young sisters having popcorn and watching tv together

Life is full of serious moments, so why not create some levity and let your silly side loose? When your photo calls for a caption with more humor, funny sibling sayings fit the bill. Here are a handful we love.

  • Sisters gonna sis.
  • There's no denying DNA.
  • What makes my sister better than your sister? She gets to have me as her sibling.
  • Sisters share secrets. And DNA. But mostly secrets.
  • She's might be my worst critic, but when other people criticize me, she's my biggest fan.
  • First she stole my heart, then she started stealing my clothes. I love her anyway.
  • Sisters are like a Sourpatch Kid. There's a lot of sour before you get to the sweet.
  • Sister is just another word for scapegoat.
  • Without a sister, I'd be in a world of trouble. Or am I in a world of trouble because of my sister?
  • Sisters are a lot like your hometown. They never let you forget where you came from.
  • A sister is like your favorite pair of old jeans: they're not perfect, but you never want to get rid of them.
  • Having a sister to share life with is like always getting the best seat at the movie theater. Too bad you have to share the popcorn.
  • Alone, we're cute. Together, we're gorgeous!
  • A day without talking to my sister is like a morning without coffee.

Sentimental Sister Captions

young female adult twins arm in arm crossing city road

Sometimes a sweet photo calls for a more sentimental expression of your love. These caption ideas help you share how incredible it is to have an awesome sister.

  • Sister time soothes the soul.
  • Sisters are a soft place to land.
  • A sister's love is feeling safe when the world around you is falling apart.
  • Sisters love you like nobody else - without limits, expectations, or judgment.
  • Got a sister? Then you have a support system.
  • When you have a sister, you always have someone to call in the middle of the night.
  • Sister bonds are created by blood but maintained by love.
  • She taught me what it means to have a friend that can keep secrets and dry tears - and to be that friend, too
  • Sisters run the race with you, whether you're in the final sprint to win or coming in last place.
  • From sharing a room to sharing a lifelong bond, there's no relationship quite like that between sisters.
  • Sisters don't just hold your hand for the moment, they hold it for a lifetime.
  • A sister hears your whisper before it's left your mind.

Lovely Little Sister Captions

adorable little boy and girl having fun together at the beach

When it comes to sisters, where you landed in the birth order makes a difference in the relationship dynamics. Pictures with your little sister deserve a special caption, no matter what age the two of you are.

  • Mini-me
  • Baby sis
  • My little tagalong
  • Big love for my little sis
  • My first stalker, #sisterlove
  • Love is having a little sister that always holds on.
  • Wannabe (but in a good way).
  • Little sisters love fully and fearlessly.
  • My little sister's not my shadow, she's my sidekick.
  • It's more than luck you're my little sister - it's destiny.
  • She'll always be the first person I wanted to protect and the last person I leave behind.
  • Life began when you became my little sister.

Brilliant Big Sister Captions

Your big sister might be someone you look up to - or someone that's been your partner in getting in trouble since you were little. No matter what the relationship is like with your older sister, there's a caption to represent the unique dynamic between the two of you as you go through life's little moments.

  • My protector
  • My first hero
  • Big sisters light the way.
  • Big sisters blaze new trails.
  • She might be older, but that doesn't necessarily mean wiser.
  • I want to be her when I grow up.
  • She's the vintage one in the family.
  • Big sisters make the world a place where little sisters can soar.
  • There's nothing like a big sister - she helps you dare to dream while she keeps her feet on the ground.
  • Thanks for breaking in the parents, big sis!
  • Achieving my dreams because my big sister's footsteps led the way.
  • A big sister not only has your back, she has your everything. And nobody better test her.
  • A big sister is always there to hold the branches out of the way on the trail of life.

Twin Sister Captions

Sisters hold to one another

Got a twin? Shout out about your truly unique bond with a caption that's as creative as the two of you are close.

  • Pair of aces
  • Tied for cutest sisters
  • Perfection reflected
  • Just like gloves, socks or slippers; can't have one without the other.
  • Twinning with my sis.
  • Finishing each other's sentences for life.
  • Two for the price of one.
  • Unapologetically similar
  • Twins together, twins forever
  • Twinning makes us who we are.
  • Together from our very first breaths,
  • And just like that, there were two of us.
  • We go together like peanut butter and peanut butter.
  • Being a twin means double the memories.

Super Sister Hashtags

Smiling women dancing outdoors

Whether you use a hashtag on its own or as a one-word caption, you can add it to your post to take your sister snapshots to the next level. Make your posts stand out with shareable sister hashtags that will catch everyone's eye.

  • #realsisters
  • #sisterselfie
  • #sisters4life
  • #sistersquad
  • #sistersupport
  • #sistersnightout
  • #mysisterskeeper
  • #brothersisterlove
  • #sistersbeforemisters
  • #sisterstrong
  • #betterwithsisters
  • #sisterenergy
  • #sistersstandtogether
  • #sisterproud
  • #sistersmeanfamily
  • #sisterforce
  • #prodigalsisters
  • #sophisticatedsisters

Sisterly Sayings for Social Shares

With so many captions and even shareable quotes about sisters to consider, you can easily find the perfect wording to accompany your favorite photos that feature your sister. Whether you use these captions as-is or if they inspire you to come up with some unique sayings of your own, your sister - and your friends and followers - will surely love whatever you decide to say.

100+ Sister Captions to Show Off Your Unique Bond