4 Creative Ideas for Christmas Cubicle Decorations

Bring the spirit of the holidays to your work by sprucing up your space.

Updated June 28, 2021
Woman working in office cubicle, wearing Santa cap, rear view

Many offices allow employees to decorate their cubicles for the holidays. Some companies even provide employees with various decorating supplies and hold contests for the best displays. Whether you want to go all out with a splashy theme or are just looking for a few Christmas touches to brighten up the workspace, these projects will have your cubicle looking fun and festive for the holidays.

Classic Christmas Hearth

A classic Christmas design includes garland, a wreath or two, strings of lights, and a cozy hearth. With LED candles, it's easy to create that homey feeling of candle glow. This theme is best suited to larger cubicles with some extra space to work with. You'll need one full cubicle wall to set up your display.

Classic Christmas hearth decor


  • LED column candles in your choice of size and color
  • Faux fireplace
  • Faux brick wall
  • Inexpensive Christmas stockings
  • Lighted garland
  • Wreath
  • Artificial Christmas tree in the appropriate size for your cubicle, with lights
  • Tree skirt (or cotton batting)
  • Empty boxes, wrapping paper, and bows
  • Double-sided tape and pushpins
  • Wreath hanger


  1. Inside your cubicle, secure the faux brick wall to the designated cubicle wall with double-sided tape or pushpins. Set the faux fireplace in front of the brick wall, attaching it the same way.
  2. Set LED candles near your fireplace and hang string lights along the top edge of your cubicle walls.
  3. Hang the wreath on your cubicle wall above the fireplace using the wreath hanger. If there isn't enough space there, place it on the outside wall at the cubicle entranceway instead.
  4. Set your tree near the fireplace.
  5. Create faux gifts by wrapping various sized empty boxes and placing them beneath the tree. Now, you're set for a visit from Santa.

Mega Christmas Gingerbread House

If your Christmas spirit can't be contained and you want to go all out, then go for a gingerbread house design. This display focuses on the outside of your cubicle, rather than inside, and would be perfect for those with a corner space. If you don't have the corner cubicle, no worries, the design can easily be scaled down to cover any size wall.

Gingerbread cubicle with candy canes


  • Brown craft paper
  • Polyester stuffing, white felt or white craft paper
  • Large plastic candy canes
  • Large, multi-colored sheets of construction paper
  • Large lollipop decorations
  • Color crayons or chalk
  • Candy decorations
  • Fabric
  • Cellophane
  • Double-sided tape, pushpins, and glue


  1. Use brown craft paper to cover the outside walls of your cubicle u sing tape and pushpins.
  2. Run double-sided tape along the top and bottom of the exterior cubicle walls and down any corners and attach strands of polyester stuffing or strips of felt to resemble snow. White craft paper can be cut to emulate snow in the absence of stuffing or felt.
  3. Place one or more large candy canes outside the cubicle entrance, securing with tape.
  4. Tape the smaller candy canes along the bottom of the walls to simulate a candy cane fence.
  5. Cut out large rounds from different colors of construction paper to resemble candies. Some can be covered with cellophane and tied off at the ends to look like wrapped candies as well.
  6. Secure construction paper candies to walls using glue or double-sided tape.
  7. Add purchased candy decorations and large lollipops to your walls and desk area using tape.
  8. Draw a window or two on the outside papered walls using crayons or chalk.
  9. Glue fabric to the tops of the windows to resemble curtains. Gather curtains to one side and use a candy cane for the tieback.

Be sure to have lots of real candy to share with your co-workers who'll be sure to stop by to check out your decorations.

Winter Wonderland

Instead of using the classic red and green Christmas colors, jazz up your cubicle with cool white and blue tones, then add some sparkle to create a wintry wonderland.

Winter wonderland


  • Blue & silver garland
  • White, pre-lit Christmas tree
  • Icicle Christmas ornaments
  • Snowflake cut-outs
  • Snowflake print tablecloth roll
  • Two winter scene backdrop banners (or substitute blue gift wrap with a snowflake pattern)


  1. Attach one winter screen backdrop banner on the outside of your cubicle with double-sided tape, and the other one inside your cubicle so that all sides of the cubicle are covered with the chosen backdrop.
  2. Run a strip of polyester stuffing on top of cubicle walls using double-sided tape, so it looks like snow. You could also use icicle bannering.
  3. Roll out cotton batting against the outside entrance walls and/or on top of file cabinets, to resemble snow.
  4. Place the white tree just outside the cubicle entrance, or inside where you have space.
  5. Hang blue and silver garland around the perimeter of your cubicle, inside or out (or even both).
  6. Suspend icicle ornaments and paper snowflake cut-outs from the ceiling using the fishing line.
  7. Cover desk and other surface tops with snowflake print tablecloth and secure by taping underneath top surfaces. Add the silver table skirting to complete the look.

Low Key

If your cubicle space is limited or you simply prefer to maintain a low profile within your office, then you can still add some holiday cheer without going overboard. Choose one or more of these quick decorating ideas to make your cubicle festive without the fuss.

Low key Christmas cubicle with poinsettia
  • Add a couple of red poinsettias on top of the file cabinets.
  • Invest in an artificial lighted tree in a gold planter or a fiber optic tree to place on or near your desk or cubicle entrance.
  • Use string lights or rope lights to outline the top of your cubicle walls.
  • Suspend tissue snowflakes from the ceiling.
  • Hang a snowflake banner along the walls of your cubicle or suspend a gold Christmas star over your desk.
  • Get festive by creating a Christmas vignette on top of filing cabinets. Use cotton to resemble snow as an accent for your scene.
  • Place a mirror face up on top of a filing cabinet or area of your desk and surround it with cotton for a snow effect. In the center, set a lighted ceramic Christmas tree so that the mirror reflects the tree lights.
  • Set a Christmas mat at your cubicle entrance.
  • Cover one or more of your cubicle walls with wrapping paper and add a large bow in the center.

Express Yourself

Get creative with these ideas and let them inspire you to decorate your cubicle with flair. Use what you have on hand or can find locally to create these holiday-inspired looks. Be sure to take lots of photos of your masterpiece and start a photo album to record each year's new creation.

4 Creative Ideas for Christmas Cubicle Decorations