Dinosaur Party Food Ideas for a Roarin’ Good Time

Updated February 24, 2022
dinosaur toy on popcorn snack mix

A t-rexerrific dinosaur party calls for delicious and creative dinosaur party food ideas that will make special guests roar with delight. From dinosaur food art you can recreate in no time using fresh fruit and vegetables to diy Pteradonon nests that can be made using only three ingredients, consider these dino-mite ideas for your next dinosaur party.

Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets

dinosaur chicken nuggets

Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets can be easily found at any supermarket. They make easy dino party food for the kids as you can quickly pop them in the oven or air fryer. Serve them with a side of veggies and fruit.

Stegosaurus Pancake

dinosaur pancake

If you are hosting a brunch, stegosaurus pancakes will make the kids roar with excitement. You can make pancakes ahead and set out, cereal, fruit, such as bananas, strawberries, kiwis, and watermelons in small separate bowls. A mini flower cookie cutter and a decorating bottle filled with melted chocolate would come handy to finish off the details on their dinosaur pancakes.

Dinosaur Decorated Cookies

dinosaur cookies

If decorating cookies seems like a daunting task to you, you can bake sugar cookies ahead and allow the kids to decorate their own. Simply opt for a sugar cookie recipe that's perfect for cut out cookies, roll out the dough, and use dinosaur cookie cutters to cut the shapes. Once the cookies are baked, place them on a large platter and set out decorating bags filled with either buttercream or royal icing in different colors. Encourage the kids to create their own dinosaur cookies.

Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs with bacon

Use your favorite deviled egg recipe to create delicious dino party food. Spruce them up with fresh parsley, paprika, and bacon bits for the ultimate appetizer. If you are feeling extra creative, you can tint the eggs to match your party theme.

Dinosaur Skeleton Cake

dinosaur skeleton cake

Spruce up a simple chocolate cake using a large dinosaur skeleton cookie cutter to create an eye-catching dessert. Make it extra fun with the addition of cookie crumbs, chocolate truffles and coconut tinted in green for a pop of color.

T-Rex Ice Cream

dinosaur ice cream

Create a delightful t-rex ice cream dessert using dinosaur silicone molds. No need to make ice cream from scratch. Simply let the ice cream tub sit out until it softens. Fill up the silicone molds with ice cream and place them in the freezer until it hardens. Decorate the dinosaur ice cream with gummies, chocolate chips, and chocolate powder.

Dinosaur Fruit Snack

dinosaur fruit

Get creative using fresh fruit, such as bananas, kiwi, and grapes, to make adorable dinosaur fruit snacks. The photo is very self-explanatory, so you can either recreate this stegosaurus food art or add your own spin and create new dinosaur designs using a variety of other fruits and even vegetables.

Dinosaur Kyaraben Bento

dinosaur bento

Creating a Kyaraben bento may look complicated for those who are new to Japanese food art, but with a few essential tools, you can absolutely bring your own character bento to life. For a dinosaur themed bento, if you don't have nigiri (rice cake) molds, you can absolutely use chocolate silicone molds. Just make sure you gently pack the rice into the molds using the palm of your hands or a spoon. You can make your sushi more colorful by adding natural food coloring. To complete your bento, incorporate some protein (hard-boiled eggs), fruit, and vegetables to encourage the kids to eat a balanced meal.

Dinosaur Egg Skewers

grapes on skewers

Simply thread grapes onto appetizer skewers to create an instant dinosaur themed party food. Display the grape skewers in a large bowl or tray, and if you have a few blank cards available, you can label "Dinosaur Egg Skewers" for adding extra fun to your party setup.

Dinosaur Bones

dinosaur bones white chocolate coated pretzels

Create dinosaur bones by dipping pretzels into white melted chocolate. Display them in a bowl with a food labeled card or place chocolate pretzels in small paper snack bags and attach a cute "Dino bones to go" party tag for a creative touch.

Velociraptor's Claws

velociraptor claws corn cone snacks

Think outside the box and turn popular snacks into themed party food to coordinate with your event. Grab a bag of Bugles and serve them as velociraptor's claws. If you would like to add more color to your snack, incorporate mini chocolate eggs that you can easily find at any supermarket around Easter time.

Herbivore Veggie Cups

vegetables in single serve cups

People may call them veggie cups, but at your dino party, you call them herbivore veggie cups. Add a little ranch dressing to the bottom of each cup, then add fresh veggie sticks, such as carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers. You can add a piece of lettuce leaf to mimic leaves from the Jurassic period.

Pteranodon Nests

These pteranodon would make the perfect salty and sweet snack for your dino party. They are made with pieces of thin pretzel sticks dipped in melted dark or milk chocolate, shaped into mini nests, then decorated with mini chocolate eggs. Yield: 15 nests

chocolate pretzel nests with candy eggs


  • 7 oz milk or dark chocolate
  • 3 oz thin pretzel sticks
  • Oil spray
  • Mini chocolate eggs, such as Cadbury mini milk chocolate eggs


  1. Spray muffin tins with oil spray.
  2. Break pretzel sticks into small pieces.
  3. Melt chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl, following instructions on the package.
  4. Add small pretzel stick pieces to melted chocolate. Stir well.
  5. Add chocolate pretzel stick mixture to the muffin tins. Tip: You can use a small spoon or your thumb to shape into nests.
  6. Place chocolate nests in the fridge. Allow the chocolate to harden completely.
  7. Remove nests from the fridge and top them with mini chocolate eggs.

Chocolate Lava Cake

chocolate lava cake

Mini chocolate lava cake is a terrific idea to carry out the dinosaur theme. You can serve the lava chocolate cake as is, or you can add a creative touch by simply placing a glob of orange chocolate on top of the mini cake, allowing it to run down the sides, then drizzle the red chocolate in a X like pattern for the ultimate volcano chocolate cake the guests will rave about.

Dino Scales

potato chips in rustic basket

For a dinosaur party, place potato chips of your choice in a rustic basket and call them dino scales. You can display the potato chips in mini kraft cups decorated with "Dino Scales" stickers to complement mini carnivore sliders or hot dogs.

Plan a RawSome Dinosaur Party

Complete your dinosaur party with fun games, craft activities, and decor ideas to create an event that looks consistent from beginning to end. You can kick off the celebration at a dinosaur museum or plan a family movie, such as The Good Dinosaur or Jurassic Park out in the backyard.

Dinosaur Party Food Ideas for a Roarin’ Good Time