8 Fun Things to Do for Easter That'll Make Everyone Hoppy

These fun Easter activities are simple to do and will keep everyone entertained.

Published March 20, 2023
Happy family painting Easter eggs

The Easter season is upon us and as you make your plans for church, brunch, and egg hunts, you may be looking for other ways to keep your family and out-of-town guests entertained. There's no need to crack under the pressure of hosting! We have a basketful of fun things to do for Easter.

Spring-Themed Things to Do For Easter

Year after year, families have their egg hunts and dye Easter eggs. While these are novel choices for entertainment on this holiday, why not have a hoppin' good time with some more unique Easter activities? Here are some eggs-cellent options to try!

Have an Egg Fight

Have an Egg Fight

Getting egged is never fun, unless those eggs are filled with confetti! Cascarones have been around for hundreds of years. They're a mainstay in most Mexican Easter celebrations and they can bring a surprising amount of joy! You can make DIY cascarones or pick up a carton of these unique eggs for each participant at your party (they're normally about $3 a carton; you can also buy bulk on Amazon) and then get cracking!

Helpful Hack

This activity can get quite messy, so we recommend playing this game outside and purchasing eggs that use biodegradable paper and real egg shells.

Host an Easter Minute-To-Win-It Competition

Host a Minute-To-Win-It Competition

Minute-to-win-it competitions are always a hit at parties and they're a great addition to the typical egg hunt that accompanies this spring day. However, unlike any other day, you want your games to circle around the themes of Easter. Here are some fun and easy Easter games to try:

  • Egg Races: Everyone knows this classic game! Mark a start and finish line, give each contestant a spoon and an egg, and see who can make it across the fastest, without dropping the egg.
  • Egg Ball Pit: This is a slightly more challenging egg hunt. Grab a blow up pool and fill it with colorful balls. Then, grab some Easter eggs and mix them in. Whoever can find the most eggs in a minute wins!
  • Sensory Search: Grab your best white rice and pour it into a large clear bin. Then, bury different mini Easter objects in the rice - eggs, bunny and chick toys, a cross, jelly beans, Easter baskets, and Easter lilies are all eggs-ceptional options. Next, blindfold your participants and start the clock. The goal is to find as many Easter trinkets as possible and properly identify them without looking!
  • Traditional Egg Roll: Similar to the egg races, there is a start and finish line, an egg, and a big spoon. The intent is to be the first to roll the egg across the lawn. This is actually a traditional game played at the White House every year.
  • Matching Egg Halves: Once the egg hunt is over and the plastic eggs have been taken apart, use them for this fun game. Mix all the colored pieces together and throw them in a bin. Whoever can reassemble the eggs the fastest wins.

Enjoy an Easter Movie Marathon

Easter Movie Marathon

Another fun thing to do at Easter is to get in the spirit by having an Easter movie marathon! Peter Rabbit, Hop, The Prince of Egypt, and Rise of the Guardians are always kid favorites. This is also a very relaxing option for families who have been busy with extended family all day.

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Make this moment even more magical by making pastel popcorn! Nix the butter and replace it with melted white chocolate wafers that are tinted with food coloring. This can give the experience even more of an Easter vibe.

Participate in an Easter Fun Run

Color run competitors running through blue dye

While this is normally a day to dress up and have a proper meal, another fantastic way to celebrate this holiday is to get moving! There are fun runs and 5K races across the nation that feature egg hunts, the Easter bunny, and even breakfast once you cross the finish line. There are also color runs you can take part in that will ensure you get a dose of those stereotypical pastel colors we see each spring on this Christian holiday.

Bake Resurrection Bread

mother and son baking croissants in the kitchen

If you celebrate the Christian meaning of Easter, this is a simple, yet tasty, way to teach your kids about the story of Easter. Resurrection can be a difficult concept for a child to understand, but resurrection rolls serve as a spectacular analogy. All you need is crescent rolls (the tomb), marshmallows (Jesus), and cinnamon and sugar (the anointing spices).

As you assemble these desserts, talk about how Jesus died for our sins, was placed in a tomb, and after three days, he rose from the dead and ascended into heaven! Explain what each of the ingredients represents. Finally, place your rolls in the oven. Once they have baked and had time to cool, have your kids break them apart. Just like Jesus disappeared from the tomb, so will your marshmallows!

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteers collecting litter in the park

Easter is a great time to spend helping others for anyone, and can help bring families closer together. Families can try these simple acts of kindness on this holiday:

  • Surprise friends and neighbors with Easter lilies
  • Donate clothes and toys
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • Visit a retirement village
  • Drop off Easter baskets to kids spending their holiday in the hospital
  • Stop by a fire or police station to drop off gifts for the folks who have given up their holiday to protect and serve your city
  • Sign up to cook meals at a Ronald McDonald House in your region
  • Help to clean up your community by picking up area parks
  • Spend some time helping in a food bank garden

Teach your kids to share joy with others and to think past the excitement surrounding their Easter goodies. Best of all, this can be one of the most fulfilling things to do for Easter. Research shows you will experience longer periods of happiness when you give to others, so get some bliss by giving this season.

Play Easter Party Games

Family Playing Guessing Game

Every party is better with the proper entertainment! Keep your family amused all weekend long with games like:

Take a Family Stroll

Small Business Farmer Father and daughter

Another one of the most wonderful things to do for Easter is to enjoy the beauty that accompanies the joyous holiday. Get creative with where you go and search for spots that exude spring! Some of the best options include:

Families can also just go for a drive and stop to take in the wildflowers that line their area roadways. Just remember to watch out for wildlife that may be lurking just below the blooms.

Find Things to Do for Easter Beyond Baskets & Egg Hunts

Spring is a season of rebirth and growth. When trying to find fun things to do for Easter, think about the many themes of this season. Families can spend time in their garden, find natural playgrounds to explore, or enjoy spring-themed crafts and projects. These can all be great additions to your typical Easter itinerary.

8 Fun Things to Do for Easter That'll Make Everyone Hoppy