100+ Easter Team Names for Your Eggseptional Crew

Have a hoppin' good time with these eggstra special Easter team names!

Published February 18, 2023
Multi Generation Family Sitting On Sofa At Home Playing Charades

As you hop into the Easter season, make sure you rise to the occasion and get cracking on your Easter team names! As you do, we have eggsellent news, there's no need to hunt! We have hatched up some magnificent monikers for you and your peeps. These comical titles are prefect for egg hunts, relay races, trivia games, and any other type of shellebration. This will allow you and your crew to hippity-hop to the winners' circle in style and on theme!

Eggseptional Easter Team Names

If you are looking for funny Easter team names, then puns revolving around words like eggs, hopping, bunnies, and chicks are an eggstraordinary choice!

  • The Eggscellent Eggsplorers
  • The Funny Bunnies
  • Mad Hatters
  • The Fluffle
  • A Hopping Good Time
  • Ear-esistible Egg Heads
  • The Chickadees
  • Hot Cross Buns
  • Hoppy Hunnies
  • Palms Up!
  • Cottontails
  • Hop 'til You Drop
  • Eggs Mark the Spot
  • Eggspert Einsteins
  • The Early Risers
  • The Miracle Makers
  • The Jellybeans
  • Lego My Eggo
  • Peeps and Chicks
  • Easter Scramble
  • The Spring Chickens
  • The Brunch Bunch
  • Fresh Outta Clucks
  • The Sunny Side Upsters
  • The Holy Rollers
  • Green Eggs and Lamb
  • The Hoptimists
  • The Basket Cases
  • All the Eggs in One Basket
  • The Dust Bunnies
  • The Gray Hared Hunnies
  • The Deviled Eggs
  • Honey Bunnies
  • Hoppy Hipsters
  • Easter Island Eggsplorers
  • The Carrot Tops
  • The Buck-Tooth Bouncers
  • The Nibblers
  • The Spring Fling
  • The Eggstraterrestrials
  • Easter Island Head Hunters
  • Color Us Eggscited
  • Cadbury Boys
  • Do or Dye
  • The Awakeners
  • Chick Us Out!
  • Simply Earresistible
  • Great Eggspectations
  • Eggspert Poachers
  • Chick Magnets

Song-Inspired Easter Team Names That Need No Eggsplanation

What's the Easter Bunny's favorite music? Hip hop! And whether your Easter team names are hip hop-inspired or come from other music genres, you and your peeps will be hoppy to show your team spirit.

  • Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi)
  • 24 Carrot Magic (Bruno Mars)
  • Hare Necessities (Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman in The Jungle Book)
  • Hoppy Together (The Turtles)
  • Eggstraordinary Girl (Green Day)
  • Another Bun Bites the Dust (Queen)
  • Get the Easter Party Started (Pink)
  • Shiny Hoppy People (R.E.M.)
  • Seggsyback (Justin Timberlake)
  • Time of Egg Dying (Three Days Grace)
  • Simply Earresistible (Fall Out Boy)
  • Don't Worry, Be Hoppy (Bobby McFerrin)
  • The Only Eggsception (Paramore)
  • My Bunny Valentine (Frank Sinatra)
  • Live and Let Dye (Guns N' Roses)
  • Anything Could Hoppen (Ellie Goulding)
  • Bunny and Soul (Frank Sinatra)
  • My Jumps (The Black Eyed Peas)
  • Sugar Pie, Bunny Bunch [I Can't Help Myself] (The Four Tops)
  • Jellybean on Me (Bill Withers)
  • Bad Rabbits (Ed Sheeran)
  • I Whip My Hare Back and Forth (Willow Smith)
  • Peep Goes the Weasel

Movie-Inspired Easter Team Names Everybunny's Going to Love

These cinema-themed titles are guaranteed to have everyone cracking up this holiday!

  • The Pursuit of Hoppiness (Pursuit of Happiness)
  • The Bunnyguard (The Bodyguard)
  • The Fast and the Furriest (The Fast and the Furious)
  • Hop Gun (Top Gun)
  • Angora Management (Anger Management)
  • The Carroty Kids (The Karate Kid)
  • Dye Hards (Die Hard)
  • Tomb Raiders (Tomb Raider)
  • Easter Enchanted (Ella Enchanted)
  • Mary Hoppins (Mary Poppins)
  • Hoppy Feet (Happy Feet)
  • The Bunnymooners (The Honeymooners)
  • A Million Ways to Dye in the West (A Million Ways to Die in the West)
  • The Hoppening (The Happening)
  • Nobunny (Nobody)
  • (Name) & (Name)'s Eggscellent Adventure (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure)
  • Harespray (Hairspray)
  • Bunny, I Shrunk the Kids (Honey, I Shrunk the Kids)
  • Beauty and the Easter Feast (Beauty and the Beast)
  • The Master of Rise (The Master of Disguise)

Earresistible Couples' Easter-Themed Team Names

If you've teamed up into couples, then make your Easter-themed team names based on daring duos in history and stars from the big screen!

  • Hoptimus Prime and Bumblebee
  • Bunny and Clyde
  • Scarlett O'Harea and Charles Hopilton
  • Fluffski and Hutch
  • Jessica and Roger Rabbit
  • Hippity and Hoppity
  • Flopsy and Mopsy
  • Bun Affleck and Jumpifer Lopez

Gather All Your Peeps for a Hoppin' Good Time

Easter is a time of shellelebration, and it reminds us to find the little joys and hoppiness in our lives. Spending time with family and friends and playing eggsciting Easter games can be a great way to bond and find exultation in these little moments. Get creative with your Easter-themed team names and enjoy this blessed holiday!

100+ Easter Team Names for Your Eggseptional Crew