Bachelor Party Alternatives

Afternoon at the ball park
Head to the ball park for your bachelor party.

If you're seeking alternatives to a traditional bachelor party, there are some great options. Groomsmen can celebrate their friend's last days as a bachelor by taking him camping, to a sporting event, rock climbing, white water rafting or other fun group outing.

Alternative Bachelor Party Ideas

One of the following party ideas is sure to please the groom and will likely leave his bride-to-be less worried about what kind of trouble he'll get into. With so many choices, there's bound to be something that appeals to everyone.


For the outdoorsy groom, a camping trip provides an excellent male bonding experience as well as a chance to get away from it all. The groom and his crew can choose to rough it with tents, or they might opt to rent a cabin in the woods instead. Fishing, hunting and cooking over a campfire are just a few things they might enjoy doing.

Charter a Fishing Boat

Charter boat

Who says bachelor parties need to be at night? Why not spend the day relaxing on the open water with a fishing pole in your hand? All of the groom's best buddies can get together and chip in if money is an issue. In addition to chartering the boat, the groomsmen can bring in sandwiches, snacks and libation for an enjoyable afternoon with good company and good food.

Attend a Sporting Event

If the groom is a sports fan, a nice party alternative might be to attend a sporting event such as a baseball or football game. The groom will no doubt harbor fond memories of watching his favorite team among the company of friends - something that might not happen if he spends the evening attending a drunken stag party.

A Catered Affair

Many restaurants have a room they rent out for private affairs. Nothing beats a gourmet meal, some fine wine, and stimulating conversation. The groom might prefer this sort of setting than one with loud music and scantily clad women.

White Water Rafting Excursion

For the outdoor adventurer and his friends, white water rafting offers a high that no night of binge drinking could ever compete with. There are companies across the USA that offer excursion packages complete with experienced guides. This is the kind of party you'd want to have at least a week before the actual wedding.

Video Game Truck Party

Kids aren't the only ones who get to have all the fun. If the groom and his friends love playing video games, hire a video game truck for the bachelor party. These trucks come with multiple gaming platforms, and group play is one of the biggest highlights of the experience.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing

If the groom and his buddies are athletic, you can't go wrong with a rock climbing excursion. This rewarding experience will provide plenty of male bonding opportunities and be the source of stories and memories for years to come.


Who doesn't enjoy bowling? When you add close friends and family members, and perhaps a couple of pitchers of beer, it makes the outing even more fun. No one says you can't indulge in some friendly competition while toasting your buddy, right?

Indy Car Driving

Most men would be thrilled to have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of an Indy race car, or at least ride along with a professional driver. This is by no means an inexpensive bachelor party, but it will provide the memory of a lifetime for anyone who takes part.

Rock and Roll Camp

Rock and Roll camp might just provide the ultimate experience for the right groom and his buddies - but be forewarned that jamming with the rock Gods isn't cheap. The second drawback may be timing, because these camps don't run every weekend. The groom may wind up having his last hurrah quite a bit ahead of his wedding day, but it can still be just as much fun.

Dude Ranch

Visiting a dude ranch is another experience that's bound to create some wonderful memories for the groom's party. An excursion like this might include activities like horseback riding, trail hikes, canoeing, and maybe even a cattle drive. In most cases the events can be tailored to the group's skill level, from beginners to advanced and even a mixed level of skills.

Just As Much Fun

A bachelor party doesn't necessarily have to include bar tabs and strippers. Why put the groom in an uncomfortable situation? Find an alternative way to celebrate that suits the guest of honor and puts him at ease with a party that's more to his liking.

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Bachelor Party Alternatives