Purple Flower Centerpieces for Summer Weddings

Updated November 12, 2018

Purple Flower Centerpieces


Enhance your lavender or plum-themed nuptials with purple flower centerpieces for summer weddings. The many shades of purple available make it the perfect choice for a wedding year round, but purple flowers blooming at summer weddings are especially stunning, whether your reception is held indoors or out.

Modern Purple Centerpieces


Choose a modern design for your purple centerpieces by placing a small purple bouquet into a grouping of square boxes. Set them at an angle and they can be placed down long banquet tables for a contemporary look that is easy to achieve.

Floating Purple Blooms


Fill bowls with water and add some floating purple blooms. Roses may be a popular choice, but light lavender and white daisies make pretty choices, too. A few candles in similar shades of pastel purple add ambiance.

Shades of Purple Arrangement


If you love all things purple, consider incorporating a multitude of shades and flower varieties into your summer flower arrangement. From deep purple to lavender to fuchsia, this pot creates a gorgeous design. Match the vase or pot to your bridesmaid dresses and table linens to tie it all together.

Multi-Flower Centerpiece


A purple flower centerpiece does not have to include only purple flowers. Create a multi-colored centerpiece that highlights the purple flowers without being overwhelming. A couple of lavender candles completes this purple wedding centerpiece.

Simple Centerpieces


While large topiaries may be a trendy centerpiece, a simple vase with purple flowers and filler is a great way to showcase the natural beauty of the blooms. This centerpiece is especially appropriate at an outdoor wedding in a garden.

Unique Themed Centerpieces


Create a themed centerpiece using your purple flowers. This bird cage works well for a butterfly themed wedding. The cascading purple blooms creates interest from every angle in this purple centerpiece.

Tall Pansy Vase


Purple wedding centerpieces look gorgeous when accented with white and yellow flowers. For example, pansies look lovely when paired with white and yellow blooms due to their tri-colored petals. Putting them in a tall vase adds height and dimension to your table.

Purple Wedding Peonies


Peonies are a beautiful summer flower and the perfect alternative to roses. Place a purple one in the center of a vase and surround it with white hydrangeas to create a centerpiece that "pops" in the summer sun.

Early Summer Wedding Tulips


If you're having a wedding in the early days of summer, incorporate magenta tulips into your wedding centerpieces. Place long-stemmed tulips in large clear vases with water and rocks. Accent with white hyacinths for a gorgeous early June affair.

Purple Iris Arrangements


Vibrant purple irsises set the tone for these mini vases lined up on mirrors. Accent the irises with small rose blooms and one or two other smaller flowers. Add them to vases with a crystal band and set on top of mirrors to reflect the colorful hues.

Bougainvillea Centerpiece


Skip the roses and carnations and instead use purple bougainvillea for your table arrangement. Place a large vase in the center of the table and flank with candles of the same height. At the base of the candle, add smaller vases with more bougainvillea.

Lavender Basket


A simple table setting for a purple wedding centerpiece is a basket filled with lavender. It's the perfect DIY option for a summer wedding because all you have to do is lay the lavender in the basket.

No matter whether you are having a purple themed wedding or you want to combine purple with another hue, like yellow, you can pick out a flower-base centerpiece to accent your summer table.

Purple Flower Centerpieces for Summer Weddings