Fall Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Updated July 17, 2019

Fall Bouquets


Ideas for the perfect fall wedding bouquet include harvest themes, seasonal celebration themes and fall colors. For an authentic autumn wedding bouquet, start with the flowers of the season. Some favorite choices include, roses, Gerbera daisies, dried flowers, mums, calla lilies, and more. You can add special touches, such as seasonal dried fruits or fall leaves for original wedding bouquet designs.

Burgundy Roses and Calla Lilies


Deep burgundy roses and equally colored calla lilies create a compact round bridal bouquet. You may prefer the look of a pomander bouquet with a stylish rhinestone loop instead of a ribbon one. Carry by looping around your wrist or like a purse. It's your wedding, so let your personal style shine through!

Bright Yellow Sunflowers


This bouquet is sure to make any bride's smile a little brighter. These beautiful yellow sunflowers are nestled among sprigs of tiny white and yellow flowers. Add a few dried wheat sheaves for an outer framing and toss in a few smaller sunflowers for the perfect fall bridal bouquet.

Succulent Plants for Living Bouquets


Show your love for succulents with a unique and magical bridal bouquet. Your living bouquet made from various succulents is a wedding memento you can keep forever. Choose dark natural berries to add depth and contrast along with a spray of green leaves.

Gerbera Daisy Simple Design


There's nothing more beautiful or sweeter than a simple floral design. Choose fall-colored Gerbera daisies for this informal bridal bouquet style. You don't need to add ribbon streamers or any floral fillers for this colorful bouquet.

Sunflower Ball Bouquet


This sunflower ball bouquet is a stunning example of colors, shapes and textures. The orange sunflowers are surrounded by a bed of lime green balls (dianthus barbatus) also known as London tufts or sweet William. This native European mountain flower creates the illusion of a grassy field with yellow craspedia flowers, also called Billy balls, Billy buttons or woollyheads. These yellow ball-shaped flowers are native to Australia and New Zealand and available as fresh or dried flowers.

Rustic Dried Flowers and Grain Straws


Dried flowers, grasses, colorful Hare's tail, and poppy seed heads can be combined to create a colorful and textured rustic bridal bouquet. If you can't find real colorful examples, you can purchase dyed ones to fit your wedding color theme.

Miniature Rose Buds


Soft yellow and deep coral miniature rose buds are highlighted with white crocus flowers. White baby's breath is sprinkled among the tightly packed flowers. Crocus green buds used as fillers give this bouquet a succulent texture. If you're looking for a sweet miniature flower bouquet, this fall design is it!

Burgundy Accent Flowers


Red, pink and white roses with burgundy accent flowers make this bouquet stand out! Burgundy roses and peonies serve as accent flowers, including a couple of calla lilies. Light to dark burgundy colored tiny flower sprays give this bouquet an elegant flair.

Peach Flowers With Russet Accents


This bouquet features peach and orange-colored mums and roses. Dark russet leaves and buds contrast with cream-colored roses. This bouquet is vibrant with the colors of fall. Great idea for a fall wedding!

Zombie or Halloween Wedding Bouquets


If you're looking for a great zombie or Halloween wedding themed bridal bouquet, this is ideal! You can still have some color with freeze-dried roses in red, pink and cream. Dried sage leaves can add a little scent to your bouquet, or you may prefer dried magnolia leaves. Dried chrysanthemum buds may be used, or decorative Magnolia pods/cones for a different type of texture. Add a few dried tiny flower sprigs.

Monochromatic Orange Fall Bouquet


You can go with a monochromatic color scheme for a dramatic effect. Select orange flowers for your bouquet, such as roses, calla lilies and orchids. The different values of the orange color create a stunning bouquet of fall's best color.

Rustic Yet Very Chic


You can have a rustic yet chic fall wedding bouquet. Use dried grasses, wheat sheaves, eucalyptus, and baby's breath for the basis of your bouquet. Add peach, cream and pale russet colored roses to soften the overall visual for a rustic yet very chic bridal bouquet.

Roses With Purple Zebra Orchids


Go all out with color when you choose orange, yellow, peach, and magenta roses and pink peonies. Add a few purple zebra orchids for a stunning accent color. Pepper in a few green hellebores and you have a magical fall bridal bouquet.

Sunflowers and Burgundy Heart Garden Roses


This dramatic combination of golden yellow and burgundy is a perfect reflection of autumn foliage. Use small and large sunflowers to contrast with the deep burgundy heart garden roses. There isn't a more appropriate wedding flower than the heart garden rose with its heart-shaped center. This fall bouquet is a vibrant symbol of true love!

Simple Dried Fall Flowers


This bouquet is quite simple with a russet and white color palette. Sprigs of dried flowers can be used in a simple bouquet anchored with magnolia leaves. Wrap the stems in your favorite fabric and secure it by tying a crafted token sentiment that defines your union, such as "Chase your dreams!"

Different Shades of Burgundy


If burgundy is your color, then a bridal bouquet with several shades may be your dream bouquet. This arrangement features deep red peonies, roses, miniature roses, and mums. Add burgundy berries and tiny flower buds for fillers along with sage-colored greenery. This flower combination is guaranteed to appeal to any bride seeking a romantic bouquet.

Rustic Dreamy Arm Bouquet


This arm bouquet features orange roses, mums and pink and cream roses and rosebuds. Long cascading greenery gives this bouquet a mystical appeal. A couple of well-placed succulents give greater design interest while giant orange upright Amaranthus sprigs complete this unique bridal bouquet.

Orange Gerbera Daisies and Roses


Orange Gerbera daisies and roses are the centerpiece flowers of this bouquet. Lilac-colored hydrangeas offer unique contrast while twig vines and greenery frame the bouquet. You can intertwine an orange cord through the greenery, or a peach-colored ribbon may be more your style.

Exploring Fall Wedding Bouquet Ideas


There are many great wedding bouquet ideas that include, ball or pomander, cascade, or arm style bouquets. Orange, gold, yellow, and burgundy colored flowers are popular fall bridal bouquet choices. Further personalize your bouquet by adding pearls, rhinestones or gem embellishments.

Fall Wedding Bouquet Ideas