10 Wedding After-Party Ideas to Make Even More Memories

The party doesn't have to stop when the reception's over. Plan a wedding after-party to keep the celebration going!

Published February 9, 2023

You've put in a lot of work towards planning your wedding - maybe you've even been dreaming of it since you were little! So, of course, you want to make one of the most special days of your life last as long as possible. Plan an awesome post-reception gathering with our wedding after-party ideas to keep the fun going for you and your guests.

Camp Under the Stars


If you're getting married in a rustic setting like a park, campground, or on a loved one's property, throw a wedding after-party under the stars. A bonfire, of course, and provide coolers full of easy-drinking beverages. Just make sure you get permission and know about any curfews that might be in place. Invite guests to set up a tent before the wedding to make it an overnight camp-out. Make sure you set up a honeymoon tent that's comfortable for you and your sweetie to crash in and have some private time after the after-party.

Rent Out a Bar for Karaoke


Karaoke is the perfect after-party event because everyone is already loosened up from the reception and should be ready to belt out their favorite tunes. Depending on how many people you think will go out after your wedding, you can book a private karaoke party just for your group or head to a local karaoke bar. If you go with the 2nd option, call the bar a few days in advance to let them know you'll be heading their way after your wedding.

Marriage & a Movie Night


Host a private movie showing for a more low-key way to celebrate after the main event. Rent out a theater to show one of your favorite films as a couple, or set up a backyard movie night on a huge outdoor projector screen. This is especially great if your wedding will end earlier in the day, but you still want to spend time with loved ones. Get a popcorn machine and provide plenty of movie snacks and drinks to make it feel extra magical.

Wedded Bliss on the Beach


Beach weddings will always be super popular - because what's not to love? Take full advantage of your waterfront event by hosting your after-party on the beach, too! People will love getting to ditch their formal attire for hoodies and jeans and cozying up around a bonfire. Set up a s'more station and play music to keep the party vibes going. What better way to unwind after the best day of your life?

Throw a Disco Party


You know your crowd best - if they're going to want to keep dancing once your reception is over, give the people what they want! Wrap up at your venue and head to the next destination for disco-themed dancing! Rent out a club or hall, or make space in your home to dim the lights and turn on KC and the Sunshine Band so you and your wedding guests can get your groove on all night long.

PJs & Pizza Party


Head back to the Airbnb or a loved-one's house to host a PJs and Pizza wedding after-party. At the end of a long day in your dress or suit, you'll feel amazing getting into your jammies and devouring pizza with your spouse and besties. Make cocktails, play games, and reflect on how amazing your day was. You'll cherish a night like this forever!

Bring in a Food Truck


After hours of dancing and, in many cases, drinking, a food truck will go over like gang-busters! Let it be a surprise for your guests to really amp up the excitement and help them rally for more partying, even after the official reception is over.

Hit the Bowling Alley


A bowling alley is a great place for your after-party because people who want to bowl can bowl, or guests can just hang out and socialize. Rent out a few lanes or the whole place if that's an option. Get some pitchers of beer and let the good times roll (literally).

Go to a Concert


Head to a live music event after your reception. This one will take some planning to make sure there's something happening at the right time and place after your wedding. But if going to concerts is something you and your partner love to do and there's a musician or band you'd like to see, why not? Give friends and fam plenty of time to order tickets if need be (general admission would be best so you can all be together), and get ready to jam out after you get hitched!

All Aboard the Party Boat


Go big after your wedding reception with a party cruise on a nearby body of water. You'll love the memory of dancing the night away with your partner friends and enjoying the romantic views of the water.

A Wedding After-Party so Fabulous, You'll Wish the Night Would Never End


A wedding after-party isn't required, but it helps you make the most out of a special day that's all about you and your partner. If you feel like the reception itself won't be enough for you to soak it all in, you can certainly keep the party going in a way that's as traditional or nontraditional as you want.

10 Wedding After-Party Ideas to Make Even More Memories