Striking Wedding Ceiling Decor That'll Wow Your Guests

Surround yourself with your dream ambiance using personalized wedding ceiling decorations.

Published March 2, 2023

When your wedding countdown hits, the race to get everything done as quickly as possible is maddening, and with new trends popping up left and right, it can feel impossible to commit to any ideas. Today, wedding ceiling decor is the newest highlight wedding planners are focusing on. Yet, the roof's the limit with the wedding ceiling decorations ideas you can come up with.

The Ultimate Cottage Core Ceiling
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Cottage core, bog witches, and fantasy hermits have all risen in popularity in the past few years. As people turn towards incorporating nature more and more into their decor, it was only a matter of time before it entered the wedding sphere. As barnyard trends move out, the green moves in.

One way to put your guests in the middle of a forest without having an outdoor wedding and dealing with the unpredictable nature of bugs and weather is to hang a bunch of green wreaths. Filled to the brim with woven vines, vegetation, and dainty blooms, these wreaths will make your wedding feel grounded even from up above.

Your Day Is Calling for a Flower Shower
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The weather forecast for your wedding is calling for a flower shower with this romantic floral ceiling concept. With a storied history of giving and receiving flowers in relationships, it's natural to want to include them at your wedding.

Cut blooms will imbue a soft, intimate energy to your ceremony and reception. Floral arrangements at your tables are a thing of the past; using professional florists, you can create huge hanging centerpieces and blankets of cascading flowers that tie into your color scheme and even your bouquet.

Colorful Fringe Perfect for People on a Budget
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If you want your ceiling decorations to make a statement, we suggest you stick to bright and bold colors. Saturated colors will refract any light that hits it and send it bouncing across the room, which can create an illusion of a bigger space.

Perfect for people on a budget, you can add dimension to your venue by cutting out thick ribbons in various sizes and tying them along a wire or some yarn. Although it'll take a couple of hours to get one or two finished, it's well worth the money you'll save.

Go Simple and Sustainable With Paper Decorations

Not everyone is interested in having a grand ballroom-style wedding; they'd much rather spend the money for venues and decorations on trips and experiences. If you're going for a downsized wedding and don't want to pay a ton for elaborate décor, simply create triangle streamers that match your color scheme.

This is also one decoration that you can be really sustainable with. Pick out recycled fabrics or paper for your triangles, and twine or yarn that you can reuse for another project in the future. Protect the planet and celebrate your nuptials with this sustainable wedding ceiling decor.

Support Fabric Arts With Macrame Ceiling Sculptures

Whoever said homemade isn't classy has never seen macrame ceiling decorations. These massive textile sculptures are ethereal works of art that create a visual texture and language of movement that things like draped ribbons and hanging lanterns just can't. Also, since macrame is a textile craft, you can pick all kinds of different colored yarns to customize the pieces for your wedding palette.

Keep in mind that homemade crafts are quite expensive, but you get what you pay for when it comes to quality. Elevate the fiber arts when your wedding comes around with a few custom macrame hanging sculptures.

Be Unique With an Eclectic Lighting Display

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your wedding that some people don't think about. If you're not well-lit, your guests and photographers will have to work extra hard to bear witness to the beautiful ceremony. If you're really not interested in any kind of traditional wedding and favor bohemian and thrifted aesthetics, then hanging dissimilar light fixtures from the ceiling is one way to create a warm, inviting space.

Vary the cable lengths as well as the shades or bulbs, but make sure you stick with warm and yellow-toned lights so that it doesn't give off home goods store vibes, rather an intimate celebration instead.

Marry Traditional and Fun-Loving Aesthetics

For fun-loving brides and grooms who let loose, traditional ceiling decorations might feel out of touch. If you want a wedding that marries more than just you and your partner, try out this unique decorative marriage between traditional aesthetics and 70s dance stye. If your venue provides chandeliers, you can keep those in place, and weave draped fabric from the edges of the room to the ceiling's center.

At the center, hang a rotating mirror ball. This provides a great transition from the ceremony to the reception, while also creating an ambient lighting your guests won't forget anytime soon.

Add Exposed Lights for an Intimate Ceremony

If you're having a small, intimate wedding, you probably don't have a venue that needs huge decorations. Rather, you can play off the 'family dinner' vibes by hanging industrial lights from the ceiling. Unlike fairy lights, these filament bulbs cast a yellowish glow that creates a magical air.

Soar the Skies With Paper Lanterns
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If your wedding venue is going to transition from daytime to nighttime over the course of your event, then setting up a ceiling full of paper lanterns can kill two birds with one stone. It adds dimension to an otherwise boring ceiling while also serving as an extra light source when the sun sets. You don't have to have a professional team to set these decorations up, either! They're easy to slip onto a string and hang from the rafters.

Also, don't worry about setting your venue on fire. Nowadays, you can use remote controlled LEDs instead of actual fire to light up these lanterns.

Tips for Creating the Ceiling Décor of Your Dreams

Wedding planning can feel like a never-ending race that you can't catch your breath in. As long as you follow these tips, you'll be able to come away with the ceiling décor of your dreams and knock one more thing off of your do-to list.

  • Ask the venue what's allowed. Before you order hundreds of fire-lit lanterns, make sure you check with the venue about what they allow in terms of ceiling decorations, how long you have to remove them, etc. Historic venues, especially, will have rules as to what fixtures, adhesive, screws, and so on are permitted and what aren't.
  • Stick to a budget. As with all aspects of the wedding, you should create a firm budget for how much you're willing to spend and not go over it. The ideal wedding isn't worth going into debt over.
  • Hire someone to help. If you have the budget and you're doing something more complicated than stringing up lights, you can hire someone to help install and break-down your ceiling decorations.
  • See if you can make it yourself. One way to cut costs is to DIY decorations yourself. If you have a far-out wedding date and the energy to take it on, you can take the scissors and a hot glue gun to your own ceiling décor.

Ceiling Décor Is All About Creating Ambiance

Ceiling décor hasn't always been on the mandatory wedding checklist, so don't feel like it's a requirement to have a great wedding. You're not supposed to just have decorations for the sake of having decorations. You're adding elements that will create the aesthetic ambiance you want to surround yourself with when you're saying your vows. So, stick with the wedding ceiling décor ideas that speak to your style.

Striking Wedding Ceiling Decor That'll Wow Your Guests