Pictures of Modern Wedding Centerpieces

Updated July 26, 2019

Be Unique With Modern Wedding Centerpieces

Just as wedding attire evolves to fit changing trends, so do decorations like centerpieces. Choosing a contemporary centerpiece rather than the same old bouquet in a glass vase adds a modern element to any wedding. There are numerous contemporary designs and materials to choose from, whether it's an arrangement with unique geometric shapes or a sleek but fun edible centerpiece.

The centerpiece shown here differs from traditional bouquets with its single blooms in a glass bown filled with decorative glass beads. It creates an elegant modern look that would fit most types of weddings.

Branch Out with Contemporary Centerpieces

White branches look simply stunning when paired with a small floral ring at the top of the vase. If you want additional lighting at the tables without using candles, look for faux branches with LED lights at the ends. The white branches would make a unique winter wedding centerpiece.

Fancy Feathers

Adding feathers to your floral arrangements is a great way to add elegance to your wedding table decorations. Choose feathers in sophisticated white or black for a modern touch. Black or white is also a good complement to a pink or red wedding centerpiece.

Contemporary Candles

Candles are a traditional centerpiece that can be easily updated for today's modern bride. Look for unique ways to display tea lights. Check candle and craft stores for contemporary vases and display options, like holders in the shape of floral blooms.

Modern and Minimalist

Make a modern minimalist statement by using grass as your centerpiece. An overgrown look is perfect for a more rustic wedding, while trimming the tops is sophisticated. This is also a good option for a "green" wedding with earth-friendly elements. It also a simple DIY centerpiece idea.

Bold and Beautiful

At modern weddings, virtually anything goes. If you have a bright or rainbow colored wedding scheme, don't be afraid to go crazy with your centerpieces. Most florists can dye blooms to fit any array of colors you can imagine.

Hip to be Square

If you want a modern look without going to extremes, consider using square elements throughout your reception tables. Using square vases for arrangements alongside square tea light holders adds a hint of hip to otherwise traditional wedding decorations.

Deliciously Modern Centerpieces

Today's brides are all about saving money, so why not make your centerpiece do double duty with a sweet candy centerpice? Arrange cookies, cake pops or rock candy sticks in a decorated container. Pick candies based on the season, your wedding colors or the holiday. Even after guests take their treats, the decorated containers will still look great on your tables.

Wonderful Water Colors

Colored water takes the traditional vase up a notch. Use a versatile pastel color or match the color to your wedding palette. Pastel, water-color inspired flowers and or topiary style greenery add to the modern styling.

Take Centerpieces to New Heights

Tall arrangements are perfect for a modern wedding. A massive vase holding a huge bouquet that spills out the top makes a big style impact. While impressive, the relaxed look of the flowers is a perfect complement for an informal or daytime wedding. Add candles in staggered heights to add another layer of interest.

Candles and Sea Glass

A contemporary design that's ideal for outdoor weddings, this summery centerpiece consists of a large pillar candle in glass surrounded by beautiful pieces of sea glass. This would make an ideal beach or tropical wedding centerpiece. Because the style of this candle centerpiece is a bit more relaxed, it's a great option for an informal wedding.

Unique Vases Make It Modern

If you want to elevate the traditional bouquet, consider a creative vase or holder for your flowers and greenery, like this gold balance scale with small glass vases on either side of the balance. An unexpected container makes a big style impact. The layers of multi-colored greenery with white and other colored weaved throughout the arrangement add visual elements that make it even more interesting. A concept like this would work well for an elegant wedding, but you could use creative rustic containers for a more casual affair.

Whether you have a casual backyard wedding or a formal evening reception, contemporary centerpieces help add more personality to your wedding decor. Use your imagination to come up with a modern, original wedding centerpiece idea that will add a special element to your special day.

Pictures of Modern Wedding Centerpieces