10 Qualities That Attract a Gemini Man

Published March 2, 2020
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A fun, talkative, intelligent, flirty, and capricious Gemini man is very likable and always on the move. So, if you're interested in attracting one of these fleet-footed mercurial guys, it's important to hurry, because they can be here today and gone tomorrow.

How to Attract a Gemini Man

It will be easier to attract a Gemini man if you're naturally attuned to his wants and likes. So, individuals that have a lot of Aquarius or Libra in the birth charts are sure to be attractive to a Gemini man. Still, there are other matches that can add a bit more spice and romance to his life. However, you can try taking 10 actionable steps that anyone can use to get a Gemini man's attention.

1. Be Bold

Please don't wait for him to come to you, take the initiative. Once you have his attention, let him know your confident, ambitious, and social. A Gemini man needs personal space and time and is attracted to individuals who have their own friends, life, goals, and passions.

2. Be Mysterious

Gemini men are curious, so keep them guessing and don't reveal too much about yourself too soon or become intimate with him too quickly. Look like a different person each time he sees you and let him play detective and wonder.

3. Be Memorable and Unique

Anything you can do that make you stand out will draw his attention to you. Express the non-conformist in you. Look or act a bit trippy and don't be afraid to express your different opinions even if you think he'll disagree. A Gemini man loves a healthy debate.

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4. Be Fun, Witty, and Flirty

There's nothing a Gemini loves more than having fun and kibitzing. So, keep the conversations light and gossipy and flirt. A Gemini man loves being the center of attention, so talk to him, laugh with him, tell him jokes, and make sexual innuendos.

5. Be Knowledgeable

Gemini is an intellectual guy who knows a lot about a lot of things. He's intelligent and sociable, and he's attracted to a person who is also well versed in many subjects of discussion. A Gemini man can become enamored with a person's mind. They like people who are knowledgeable, talkative, and quick thinkers.

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6. Be Spontaneous

Gemini guys want to experience everything in life that's novel and exciting and are attracted to people who are spontaneously coming up with new, exciting, and unexpected adventures. Don't hesitate to ask a Gemini man to join you at the last minute, they'll love the surprise.

7. See Life as a Game

Gemini men are vivacious, inquisitive, always on the move, and have a craving for continual stimulation. They need a partner who is just as energetic and curious about people, places, and things as they are. So, forget about rules, see life as a game, and be willing to play the game of life with a Gemini man.

8. Expect to be Taken by Surprise

A Gemini man is continually changing his mind about one thing or another, and they are fickle when it comes to relationships. They do have a dark side and can get angry and storm out the door one day and return the next as if nothing had happened. So, expect to be taken by surprise and enjoy the ride.

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9. Spice Things Up

Gemini men bore easily, so be prepared to spice things up. Don't be predictable. Change up your look and your routines, especially in bed. Be surprising and be an original in everything you do if you want to keep him interested.

10. Be His Friend

A Gemini man isn't very passionate about romance and doesn't like to jump into commitments. They are more often guys who prefer a "friends with benefits" arrangement. So if you want to keep him around, it's essential that you be his friend and not get overly clingy and possessive.

Finding Joy With a Gemini Man

You're likely to have the time of your life dating a Gemini man. You'll be on the go doing interesting things together and having pleasant and fun conversations. But keep in mind that Gemini men are very independent and good at taking care of themselves. So, while being loving, supportive, and helpful may be important to a Gemini, it's not a necessary aspect of their relationships.

10 Qualities That Attract a Gemini Man