12 Best Libra Careers for Your Natural Talents

Published May 29, 2020
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Examples of careers best suited for Libra's natural talents include jobs that capitalize on your creativity. The best Libra jobs provide you with a way to meet your need for balance.

1. Artist Career Fits Libra's Natural Talents

Libra has amazing artistic talents. You have a creative mind that can be expressed through various mediums. Some of these mediums may be unique and unusual choices, such as welding metal art sculpture or incorporating textiles into your art. Your artistic nature shines through when you explore new mediums and follow the beat of your own drum.

2. Career Counselor

Libra will find a position as a career counselor very rewarding since it appeals to your innate need to help other people. You derive great satisfaction knowing you've helped someone find their career path. This choice provides you with the opportunity to expand your excellent communication skills. You can use your natural talent of assessing a person's abilities and then determining a career that will allow the person to use them to the fullest. Your insight is invaluable to your clients.

3. Design and Personal Stylist Consultant

Your design sense for personal style and fashion gives you a good basis for helping other people take advantage of their physical attributes. You'll find this a rewarding experience as you give clients a boost to look their best. You understand the basics of form and design that can be translated into individual body types/shapes and the best fashion look for individuals. You can help direct individual tastes with an expert eye that extends beyond clothing to include the person's hair style and makeup choices.

Personal stylist consultant

4. Fashion Designer

Take advantage of your natural talents with a career in fashion design. You have a keen sense of color, form, functionality, and a slight touch of practicality coming into the mix. You understand the movement and importance of patterns in fashion choices. Your designs will be easily recognizable by your unique perspective on style.

5. Graphic Designer

A career as a graphic designer utilizes your natural talent for design and combines it with your talent for communication. This duo creates a powerhouse of creativity that can win Libra all kinds of accolades and awards. You can use this to get your ideas and messages across to the masses through infographics, advertisements, and other forms of media. Clients will appreciate your savvy knowledge about the persuasive power of this medium.

6. Event Planner

You can flex your aesthetic muscle within the powerful, creative, and fun career of an event planner. Libra will enjoy meeting different people while fulfilling the need to be helpful. You'll find being host at a variety of venues exciting. You'll thrive in a world where you can stretch your creative imagination to come up with unique event plans and themes. You'll be in your element where minute details, multi-tasking and problem-solving are fun challenges. Clients will call you a magician because you make all obstacles, challenges and problems disappear.

7. Human Resources Manager

A human resources (HR) manager career exploits all your natural talents of detail-oriented, communicative, creative, and refined people skills. This career path provides you opportunities to connect with people, meet the challenge of bridging gaps, mediate issues with individuals and companies while providing solutions. This role allows you to play an important role in the health and growth of a company. You'll relish the challenge of maintaining a balance between the needs/demands of employees and those of the company you represent.

8. Interior Designer

For Libra, the aesthetics of a home or business are vital to the well-being of the human psyche. You'll enjoy a career in interior design due to the endless opportunities to create entire environments from nothing but your creative ideas. You understand the roles of textures, colors, form, and function, and how they correlate to spaces within the structure of a building. More importantly, you find the way your interior designs contribute to an individual's well-being very gratifying.

9. Lawyer or Judge

Libra's innate sense of justice and need for balance in life are appeased with a career as a lawyer. Your talent of persuasion helps you defend the rights of clients or prosecute the guilty. Your communication and people skills aid you in convincing a jury of innocence or guilt. As a judge, you mete out justice, allowing you to contribute in maintaining a societal balance. You're able to see life through the legal lens of right and wrong. You are unbiased when administering the law; you're guided by the belief that justice is truly blind and serves the greater good through equal application of the law.

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10. Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

The creative natural talents of a Libra often find the best outlet in a career as a makeup artist and hair stylist. You can enjoy a career in the movie industry, theater or as an independent salon owner. You cater to celebrities, career professionals and non-professionals alike. To you, each client is equally important with no social or financial superiority. This quality endears you to your clientele. Your personal creative approach attracts clients wishing to enhance their personal grooming and appearances. You'll find immense satisfaction in helping others look their best with an emphasis on awe-inspiring do-overs that change lives.

11. Mediator

A mediator career is extremely rewarding to Libra. It's easy for you to serve both sides as a neutral, unbiased negotiator. You know how to seek common ground between two opposing sides and construct bridges to mend gaps between them. This is a perfect career since you enjoy helping others reach beyond their personal limitations. You know how to connect with people and gain their trust. You can quickly zero in on the root causes of problems. Your people skills aid you in persuading both sides to meet in the middle and find resolution to their differences.

12. Wedding Planner

A wedding planner career checks several boxes in what Libra needs out of life. A couple's wish for their important day to be magical is easy with your finesse. You're mindful of the importance each detail brings to the whole picture. You can read people easily and have a sixth sense for what appeals to their personal likes/dislikes and style. People find it easy to talk to you and readily confide in you. You'll find it rewarding to help people and provide them with a wonderful memory that will remain with them throughout their marriage.

Stretch Your Natural Talents With the Best Libra Career

As a Libra, when you find the best career for your sign's natural talents, you discover a new feeling of fulfillment. Nothing else in life compares to the satisfaction and reward the right career brings to you.

12 Best Libra Careers for Your Natural Talents