Capricorn Midheaven: Professional Goals and Ambitions

Published June 12, 2020
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A Capricorn midheaven placement guides your professional goals and ambitions. If you're stuck and can't decide on your best career choices, referring to your Capricorn midheaven sign may give you the answers you seek.

Best Careers When Your Midheaven Is in Capricorn

Some of the best career choices for a Capricorn midheaven involve working and caring for others. A healthcare profession is a good choice for Capricorn midheaven. A career in research and development is always an excellent choice for a Capricorn Midheaven.

Career in Industries That Influence Quality of Life

Other excellent choices include managerial positions in finance, banking, and real estate. Home related industries, such as home décor, building supplies, home construction, and a wealth of other related industries, present you with endless career choices.

Excellent Placement for Manager

With a midheaven in Capricorn, you come into this world equipped with the necessary skills and business acumen to be a boss. You can rise to a CEO or COO position faster than others. You have an abundance of ambition and a laser focus when it comes to goal setting and achieving. You are drawn to industries that pay well and with stable economic forecasts.

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Natural Boss With Leadership Skills

You have natural skills as a boss. You have a tendency to push too hard and will need to learn to soft-pedal some of your harsher and innate tendencies toward those working for you. When you find that sweet spot of balance, your workers will have confidence in your leadership abilities. You soon understand how to motivate workers. You gain an excellent reputation in your field of expertise and are highly respected by peers and superiors alike.

Builder and Creator

You thrive in careers that allow you to build and create. You know how to assess businesses to determine what works and what needs to be abandoned. This may be a career where you go into failing companies and revive them with new methodologies, technologies and determining new directions for substantial growth and recovery.

Positive Attributes of Capricorn Midheaven Placement

A midheaven Capricorn imbues you with a driving energy that provides you with laser-like focus on everything you tackle. You understand the value of goal setting and work to achieve a broad perspective on your business and how your role can impact it.

Strong Sense of Duty

Whatever career you choose, you give it more than 100%. You live and breathe your work with passion and dedication. You prefer working in a structured environment but one that allows you to engage in creative collaboration and participate in various teamwork projects.

Midheaven Capricorn Enjoys Healthy Competition

If your midheaven is in Capricorn, then you enjoy a little healthy competition. You understand the important motivation that competition brings to a business. You are about to challenge your staff to be better than their competition and inspire them to reach beyond their normal talents to challenge themselves. You motivate the entire company to follow your lead, to be the best they can be.

Clear Your Own Path to Success

You have an innate sense that assists you in navigating through the levels necessary to reach your career goal. You understand how everything is connected and related to each separate department and/or system. You know how to improve it and build upon the existing framework. This keen insight basically allows you to write your own ticket to the top of your field.

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Responsible and Visionary

While you are highly responsible and can take on all the duties necessary to see your job through at your very best, you are also a visionary. You easily analyze data and draw conclusions that others would overlook.

Midheaven in Capricorn Challenges

You aren't considered a warm person since you keep your emotions in check at all times. Your approach to work is often thought of as cool and calculating. Instead of allowing emotions to get in your way, you value your intellect and logical, deductive reasoning.

Need for Compassion

This mind-logic tendency can get you in trouble if you forget to have compassion for your employees and supervisors. At times, you must mentally stop what you are doing to remind yourself to be considerate of your workers. You must evaluate your plans to gauge how they will impact employees.

Strong Career Ambitions and Goals With Capricorn Midheaven

A Capricorn midheaven ensures you have strong career ambitions. This placement in your natal chart gives you the determination to reach all of your career goals.

Capricorn Midheaven: Professional Goals and Ambitions