15 Taurus Professions

Updated May 21, 2019
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Taurus professions run the gamut from CEO to perfume designer. With a keen business sense and an eye for artistry, Taurus has the capacity to succeed in many careers.

Top 15 Jobs and Careers for Taurus

Taurus, the fixed Earth sign of the zodiac is ruled by Venus. Venus, is the planet that holds sway over love, money, beauty, the arts, pleasure, and comfort. A Taurus is drawn to and be successful in professions that allow them to express their Earthy or Venusian nature.

1. Architect

Designing and building structures aligns perfectly with Taurus' creative, methodical, structured mentality. Their patience gives them the staying power to oversee every aspect of bringing their building design off the ground.

2. Contractor Builder

A Taurus is good at finding the best prices and allocating funds, plus they're creative, productive, practical, hands-on, methodical, and stay on top things until the construction is finished. These are all the necessary qualifications of a contractor and builder.

3. Investment Banking

A Taurus is great with money. No one is a better fit for investment banking than a Taurus. They have a knack for taking care of another person's money and making it grow as if it were their own. They are tenacious in seeking out the best investments for their clients, and all this bodes well for a successful career as an investment banker.

4. Botanist

A Taurus's attention to detail, a love of logic, and their interest in the natural world make a career as a botanist a great choice for a Taurus who is also science-loving. A Taurus is as happy working solo with a microscope as they are connecting with colleagues for meetings, or rolling up their sleeves for the fieldwork.

5. Corporate Executive

With their respect for authority, above-board ethics, dependability, resourcefulness, observational skills, and managerial and money savvy, as well as an ability to see a project through to the end, a business-minded Taurus has everything necessary to excel as a corporate executive.

6. Chef

Taurus individuals are foodies. They consider food medicine for both mind and body and have the needed finesse and patience to develop great culinary talents. Their Venus-inspired palate loves the best of the best, and a Taurus chef can create five-star meals and serve them with all the elegant trimmings.

Chef saucing a filet

7. Golf Professional

A Taurus loves a slow-paced leisurely life, so being a golf professional fits a sport loving Taurus to a "tee". They'll work in a laid-back industry surrounded by wealthy people surrounded and a beautifully landscaped course set in an elegant country club environment.

8. Interior Designer

A Taurus is a natural at interior design. They have good taste, an appreciation for art and beauty, and are gifted with an eye for design, color, and placement, which makes it easy for them to advise homeowners and business owners who what to have their space professionally decorated.

9. Landscape Photographer

This is a wonderful career for a Taurus because they are so tenacious in making sure every detail is included in their work is perfect. A Taurus appreciates the quiet of the country and everything a city has and see the beauty both have to offer and can take breathtaking photos of both natural landscapes and cityscapes.

10. Massage Therapist

For a Taurus who's interested in the human body, massage therapy can be a very satisfying profession. A Taurus is a touchy-feely person who's physically strong but has a gentle touch. They are naturally quiet, love soft music, and understand that physical touch can heal broken hearts as well as weary overworked bodies.

11. Art Director

A Taurus is likely to enjoy a career in art. As an Art Director, they create the overall design, then direct others in developing the artwork and layout and see the project through to the end. This is a career that would allow a Taurus to use both their artsy and managerial savvy.

12. Fashion Model

A career as a fashion model would be rewarding for a Taurus. A Taurus lights up a room and with Venus, the planet of beauty, overseeing their lives; they're attracted to careers in fashion. Modeling is a career that allows a beautiful sensual Taurus to be a muse in the fashion industry.

13. Singer Musician

A Taurus is quiet and reserved, and music is a way for them to express their feelings and thoughts. With their beautiful voice and laser-like focus as well as their ability to shut themselves away from the world to work on their music, a Taurus can be an incredible singer musician.

Singer-songwriter on stage with guitar

14. Forest Ranger

Taurus has all the skills required for a forest ranger. They love nature and the great outdoors, are independent, observant, and physically strong, plus they're self-motivated, enjoy working alone, and have better-than-average innate survival skills.

15. Environmental Lawyer

A Taurus is environmentally conscious. So, if a Taurus has an interest in the law, they'd a great fit for environmental law. As an environmental lawyer, they could use their legal expertise to protect the environment and defend the rights of individuals and protect farmers, communities, and wildlife.

Other Good Job Prospects for Taurus

The following jobs will also allow a Taurus to utilize their pragmatism, as well as their love of beauty and the natural world.

  • Garden shop or nursery manager
  • Real Estate agent or broker
  • Insurance or stockbroker
  • Financial adviser
  • Accountant
  • Perfume designer
  • Clothing designer
  • Wine broker
  • Graphic artist
  • Controller or purchaser
  • Music tutor
  • Florist
  • Art restorer

An Impressive List

From the impressive list above, it's easy to see that a Tauras has many varied professions available to them. Whether they choose to work in the financial, landscaping, design, or beauty fields, a Taurus should keep in mind that they'll need to have a steady income. Nothing frightens or makes Taurus more frustrated than having empty coffers. Stability and seeing the fruits of one's labor, especially in the monetary sense, are extremely important to a Taurus. As long as a Taurus has a steady income and there's some degree of creative independence imbued within the work, Taurus will be happy.

15 Taurus Professions