Aries Season and How to Approach It

Published March 4, 2020
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You can learn about the Aries season and how to approach it so you can benefit from this time of year. Depending on your zodiac sign, you may find this a wonderful season or a challenging one.

Aries Season and How to Approach It for Success

The Aries season encompasses the dates assigned to the zodiac sign of Aries. That means it will begin each year on March 21 and end on April 19. Aries is a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs signal the beginning of each season. If you've been wanting to make a change, Aries gives you that needed boost to make it happen!

What Does Aries Season Mean?

Aries is a fire element and the Aries season holds many of the attributes associated with this element. In addition, the season reflects the various traits of the Aries zodiac sign and its ruling planet, Mars.

What You Can Expect From Aries Season

The Aries energy is powerful. In the zodiac, Aries is the first sign and the energy of new life. Just like springtime, the Aries season is also a time of rebirth. You can expect to feel a newness during the Aries season.

How to Use Aries Season's Powerful Energies

One of the ways you can use the powerful energies of the Aries season is to choose this time of the year to start a new job, business, health routine, project, or learn a new skill. You can also take advantage of these rebirth energies to reinvent yourself, should you so desire.

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Be Bold, Brave and Confident!

The Aries season brings strong empowering energies that can embolden you to try something new or different. It can bolster your self-confidence, encouraging you to take bolder moves toward a desired goal. Examine your life, plans and deepest desires then use the Aries seasonal energies to manifest them into your life.

Reactions and Impact of Aries Season

Each zodiac sun sign will have a different response to the Aries season energies. Consider your zodiac sign element and how it interacts with the fire element.

  • Each of your houses and the planets in your birth chart will be somewhat affected.
  • Your moon sign will have an emotional response in your behavior.
  • Consider the element of your ruling moon sign and how it relates to the fire element.

Aries, Sagittarius and Leo

The three fire signs of Aries, Sagittarius and Leo will enjoy this time of year. Having emerged from the dampening effect of the Pisces season, the fire signs are energized and ready for anything new and exciting. This is a positive and active time for fire signs ready to take advantage of their element season and discover new adventures.

Negative Impact

Fire signs naturally have high stamina. With the Aries season's burst of energy, it's very easy to be in a rush or feel frenetic energy bursts. Rash behavior can cause problems. Being in a hurry may create issues, such as overlooking important details.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

The Aries season is an exciting and fun time for the three air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The combination of air and fire can create bursts of energy and even explosions that can aid you in achieving goals, venturing into new arenas and enjoying social events.

Negative Impact

Air signs are spontaneous and may need to safeguard against the overwhelming urge to drop everything and follow the enticing energies of Aries. The fire element could possibly be exhaustive to some air signs since fire depletes air (oxygen). Avoid over committing and overextending yourself in a burst of enthusiasm and you can still capitalize of this season!

Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio

Even zodiac water signs, such as Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, can take advantage of this surge of revitalization during the Aries season. You may discover new venues to express your artistic nature or a new career path may open up unexpectedly. You may take risks you normally wouldn't that reap long-lasting rewards.

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Negative Impact

Water signs can find the high energy of the Aries season challenging and, in some instances, unsettling. Water either boils from fire or creates steam when it meets fire. Water signs need to guard against negative emotional outbursts, unexpected challenges, or sudden interruptions in your daily routine. Be sure you maintain control when faced with unusual circumstances and carry on.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

The earth element signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn may react differently from each other during the Aries season. Fire can scorch the earth, but from this process, new growth emerges. Earth signs can use the Aries season as a time for rejuvenation. It can be a time when you cast off the old and embrace the new. This might be a new job, home or even a new geographic location.

Negative Impact

The earth element signs may find burning things down to make way for the new a painful process. In fact, it is something most people avoid, but Aries gives you the energy to be brave and fearless, you just need to embrace it and go for that change you desire!

Influences of Moon and Planets During Aries Season

Where the moon and each planet are in your birth chart and during the Aries season can have various influences. Each of these impact your persona and spiritual nature every day. Whether it's a new moon or full moon, the lunar energies will be overshadowed by the energies of the Aries season. However, your sun sign and its element play the biggest role in determining how the Aries season influences your life.

Learning About the Aries Season and How to Approach It

The Aries season has much to offer most of the zodiac sign. By exploring the various attributes of Aries, you can understand what this season has in store for your zodiac sign. After the Aries season's firestorm comes the Taurus season, just in time to help you establish and build stability for the changes you made during the Aries season.

Aries Season and How to Approach It