Assessing Virgo and Aries Friendship Compatibility

Published March 12, 2020
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Virgo and Aries have very different personalities, which can render an Aries-Virgo friendship a challenge. However, each can bring balance to the other and help smooth out rough edges if the two are willing to adapt and communicate.

Understanding the Aries and Virgo Friendship

Aries is cardinal fire. Virgo is mutable earth. Aries is unpredictable, hot-headed, and impetuous. Virgo is practical, calculated, and rational. Both have different communication styles, and they certainly have vastly different approaches to life. And these differences are most decidedly a challenge in a friendship; each may fail to understand the other's fundamental world-view. At the same time, each draws out qualities in the other that bring balance and maturity, so the friendship can be quite successful.

Friendship Challenges Between Virgo and Aries

The differences in how they present in the world and interact with it provide many Virgo and Aries friendship challenges, but they also serve as opportunities for growth. Therefore, while the following aspects do represent challenges, overcoming them can benefit both parties.

Mars Versus Mercury

Aries ruling planet is Mars. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. In Virgo, Mercury imparts a need for order and control, giving her a perfectionist streak that Aries just doesn't understand. Meanwhile, Mars drives impulsive behavior in Aries that Virgo finds maddening. With such significant planetary influences, a friendship between Aries and Virgo is often rife with misunderstanding and frustration. Virgo just doesn't get how Aries can be so aggressive and impetuous, and Aries finds Virgo a bit of a prig. Virgo is a planner; Aries is most decidedly not. This creates a conundrum in the friendship that can be difficult, but not impossible, to overcome.

Fire Versus Earth

Aries is a fire sign. This manifests as active, yang energy that can come across as unstable or aggressive to grounded, yin earth sign Virgo. Generally, fire signs are most compatible with other fire signs and air signs and incompatible with earth and water signs. However, opposites can attract in friendships, and Aries may benefit from the grounding influence of Virgo, while Virgo may adapt and become a bit more spontaneous in the presence of fiery Aries.

Cardinal Versus Mutable

Sun signs with a cardinal quadruplicity are initiators, while mutable signs are finishers. Aries has a ton of initiatory energy in her chart, and she often starts new projects, but she's not necessarily a closer. In fact, Aries probably has a closetful of unfinished projects that seemed like a great idea at the time. Mutable Virgo finds this maddening, as she prefers to finish projects to perfection with every i dotted and every t crossed. However, when the two combine, they can get a lot accomplished if each relies on his own strengths. Aries can use his creative and passionate energy to begin a project, while Virgo can bring it to conclusion in a satisfying (and usually perfect) way.

Introversion Versus Extroversion

Aries is a people person, and he is probably the Zodiac's most outgoing sign. He's full of excited, passionate, puppy energy, and he loves to hang with his friends and have fun. He's the most likely to come bounding up to you at a party to invite you to join in the fun, and if the party is a snooze, why he'll make the fun himself. With all that enthusiastic energy, Aries may find Virgo's more reserved nature confounding. While Virgos walk the line between introvert and extrovert, Aries may find him somewhat of a buzzkill when he wants to leave the party early or prefers to sit and have a quiet conversation while Aries parties loudly and at the center of the crowd. However, Aries can bring Virgo out of her shell with his boundless enthusiasm, while Virgo can bring out Aries's calmer side.

Impetuous Versus Practical

Aries is the ram, and the ram can be quite impetuous. He is likely to put his head down to try and ram his way through life. He's quick to temper, equally quick to get over it, and as impulsive as they come. In other words, Aries doesn't think before he acts. He'd rather ask for forgiveness than permission. Virgo, on the other hand, is usually calm, controlled, practical, and considered since one of her primary drives is perfection. It's difficult for each to understand the other's point of view with such different driving forces in their lives, but Virgo could stand to be a bit less perfect, and Aries could stand to be a bit more polished, so each could inspire the other to new heights in a friendship.

Strengths of a Virgo and Aries Friendship

The strength of a friendship between a Virgo and Aries may lie in their differences. Because they are so different, each can inspire the other to stretch and grow if they can look beyond seeing their very different natures as a fault in the other and recognize how beautifully balanced each can make the other. If they can get past their differences, Virgo and Aries can have a deep and abiding friendship to last a lifetime.

Assessing Virgo and Aries Friendship Compatibility