Virgo's Ruling Planet and Meaning for Your Life

Published February 27, 2020
Mercury the planet

Mercury is Virgo's ruling planet and it has significant meaning for your life. You can use Mercury's energies to capitalize on how this planet can influence your life.

Understanding Virgo's Ruling Planet and Meaning for Your Life

The planet Mercury also rules Gemini, but the two signs respond very differently to Mercury's influence. For example, Virgo is an earth element while Gemini is an air element. These two elements aren't compatible.

How Virgo Uses Mercury's Energies

Virgo takes the intellectual and mental properties of Mercury and transforms them into a need for perfection while Gemini channels them into forms of communication. Virgo applies Mercury's properties to things like work, home and an orderly lifestyle.

Mercury Rules Sixth House

Along with Virgo, Mercury rules the sixth house which determines how you approach life. Some astrologers focus on how you take care of your health as the prominent influence of the sixth house. However, the sixth house has a much broader scope that rules over how you live on a daily basis. This includes your work around the house, job and other aspects of life that you need to maintain and plan.

Mercury's Influence on Service

Service is another theme found in the Mercury-controlled sixth house. Mercury controls the inner workings of your life, such as the daily mundane chores and things you need to do so your life stays on track. This can also reveal how you approach serving your community.

man doing housework vacuuming

Cleanliness, Order and Health

It's all about service and in order to adequately serve, you must be reasonably healthy. This is where the focus of health comes into play and your attitude toward hygiene, order and cleanliness is ruled by this house.

Virgo and Sixth House Influences

For Virgo, this house is home and where Virgo feel most comfortable. The need for order is revealed in Virgo as well as the innate need for cleanliness. Virgo will never be found in a house with dirty dishes stacked in the sink or dirty clothes piled up in the laundry room. Virgo is meticulous about everything being in its place and spotless.

Other Sixth House Influences

This same need for order and hygiene follows Virgo into work and any undertaking. Virgo is the perfectionist and this influence of Mercury in the sixth house is in part responsible. Virgo enjoys routines and finds comfort when life has structure and order.

How Mercury Affects Virgo

Mercury's energy affects Virgo as a very hard worker. This sign sees life as one of service. This can be service to a partner, making a home, to co-workers, employees, family, friends, and community. Whatever Virgo undertakes, perfection and service are the two guiding goals.

  • Virgo is analytical in everything this earth sign does.
  • Virgo uses observations to assess and make logical determinations.
  • Mercury's influence on Virgo creates a loyal, steadfast and trustful friend, companion, boss, employee, friend, spouse, and parent.
  • If you want something done correctly and with attention to detail, hire a Virgo!

Childhood for Virgo

A Virgo child doesn't always enjoy the kind of carefree fun most children have since Virgo is constantly analyzing, assessing and evaluating the world around them. Virgo children are neat and constantly worry about everything. The perfectionist is always there and needs to have order governing their life. Routines and disciplines are ideal frameworks for a Virgo child that takes comfort and security in such a controlled environment.

Personality Traits

A Virgo is a fastidious person who needs things to be a certain way, such as an orderly and neat home. This carries over into career and all facets of life. Virgo likes to follow rules and will always work very hard to meet another person's expectations.

Career Choices for Virgo

With Mercury's influence, Virgo will likely choose a career where precision is vital to the job function. This could be any career that involves math or science. Career choices might include builder, architect, medical technician, accountant, or statistician.

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Romance and Compatibility Sign

Virgo isn't a romantic since practicality is utmost in most things. When it comes to love, you can expect Virgo to be steadfast and faithful. Virgo is appreciative of anything their mate does that falls in line with their ideals of being organized, neat and clean. Compatible signs include Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, and possibly some Virgos, depending on the overall chart.

Virgo's Ruling Planet, Mercury, and Its Meaning for Your Life

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and channels its energies into work and service. It's through these energies that Virgo attempts to create perfection and find order in life.

Virgo's Ruling Planet and Meaning for Your Life