Capricorn Colors That Bring Good Luck and Power

Use your good luck and power shades in all aspects of your life for an extra boost of good fortune.

Updated December 30, 2022
Capricorn woman in autumn outfit

Each of the 12 zodiac sun signs gravitates towards certain colors that are reflected in the choice of clothing, interiors, artwork, and many other things. Consistently choosing a color favorable to your zodiac sun sign can translate to material prosperity along with feeling good about yourself and comfortable in your surroundings. If you're a Capricorn, these power and lucky colors enhance your ability to be successful and make the best of their inborn potential.

Type Color(s)
Lucky color(s) Black, white
Power color(s) Brown, gray, dark green, violet
Protective color(s) Yellow-brown
Balancing color(s) Purple, blue, turquoise, periwinkle

Lucky Colors for Capricorn

Capricorn colors considered lucky are black and pure white. These shades enhance everything that can bring harmony into your life. The white and black color combination brings balance and improves your ability to lead a happy, prosperous life.

  • Black enhances gentleness, wisdom, persistence, relaxation, and peace.
  • White enhances courage, ambition, action, and authority.

Capricorn's Power Colors

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Capricorn's power colors are brown, gray, dark green, and violet. These colors can enhance your maturity, wisdom, ambition, reputation, and confidence.

  • Brown enhances Capricorn's strength, wisdom, maturity, and ability to withstand the test of time.
  • Gray enhances your stability, conservative nature, and no-nonsense approach to life.
  • Dark green enhances ambition and the ability to make money.
  • Violet enhances Capricorn's confidence and prestigious reputation.

Color of Saturn

Home Office

Besides the primary colors, Capricorn is also drawn to the muted yellow-brown hues that echo the colors of Saturn, Capricorn's ruling planet. The colors of Saturn bring strength, discipline, and protection.

Other Colors Capricorns Should Consider

Although these are not Capricorn colors, adding them as accessories and accent pieces can brighten up and offset some of the negative influences of Capricorn.

  • Capricorns often have low self-esteem, and purple enhances your ability to strive onward and upward and hold fast to the belief you deserve to rise.
  • Capricorns are prone to depression, and when you're in a funk, turquoise can boost positive mental energy, improve concentration, and clarify your mind.
  • Capricorns are not the most trusting people; blue, the color of trust and loyalty, can bring peace and relaxation and make you feel secure.
  • Capricorns tend to be reserved and aloof in social situations; shades of periwinkle enhance friendships, serenity, peacefulness, and comfort.

How to Use Capricorn's Lucky and Power Colors

If you're up for a promotion or about to bid on your dream house, imbue your aura and energy with white or black for good luck. Adding one of your power colors into the equation may give you the boost to carry you over the finish line. Your options are endless.

Closing a Sale

If you're in sales, you can use your lucky color, white, to assist you in closing sales. For example, you could present new clients with a white orchid as a token of your appreciation for their business.

Selling a Home

Add a few accent pieces if you're trying to sell your home in a competitive market. This could be a big dark green plant or throws and pillows in your lucky or power colors to energize your home with some Capricorn luck!

Career Advancement

A power color may be most appropriate when you must assume a leadership position in a meeting or take on a new role within your company. A white shirt and a gray business suit with a turquoise tie or scarf could be the perfect good luck charm.

Power Up Your Office

You could use brown, black, and dark green in your office décor. Select a wooden desk and a black leather desk chair. Then, place a dark green rug or carpeting on the floor. These colors will impress everyone who enters your office by conveying your strength and status within the company.

First Dates

For a first date, wear your luckiest colors - black and white - then add a bit of periwinkle to the mix. Who knows, that person may be your one true love, and you want to be at your luckiest and friendliest.

Create Capricorn Color Palettes

Suppose you need a little help or inspiration for using the colors that resonate with Capricorn. In that case, you can create a few color palettes. Then choose one palette for selecting a new wardrobe or redecorating a living room or home office.

Select three color combinations for each color palette, such as:

  • Light gray, charcoal gray, and brown
  • White, black, and dark green
  • Brown, dark green, and yellowish brown

Use Capricorn Colors in Home Décor

Minimalist modern bedroom

As an earth sign, Capricorn enjoys hearth and home. Decorating your home is a high priority. The more comfortable and happier you are with your décor, the more you'll enjoy your home, family, and life. Select your favorite neutral colors and use them on your walls and for your home furnishings. As a final touch, add a splash of black and white.

Alternatively, choose one power color as the primary shade to carry throughout each room in your home. You can then use the remaining colors as secondary shades. You can change this order of the colors in each room or use it for the central part of your home, such as the foyer, hallways, living room, and kitchen. If one color is more predominant in the living room than the kitchen, your color palette remains the same, and you have a cohesive color design for your entire home.

Use Capricorn Colors for Luck and a Harmonious Life

Capricorn's colors can bring luck and create a harmonious life. However, when focusing on these hues, a Capricorn should be sure they resonate deeply with each color to ensure they receive the full bounty of their energies.

Capricorn Colors That Bring Good Luck and Power