Chinese Astrology Signs: What Impacts Compatibility?

Updated October 7, 2021
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Have you ever wondered why you seem to get along effortlessly with some people, and you struggle to achieve a meeting of the minds with others? The answers could lie within the Chinese astrology signs.

The Chinese Zodiac Circle of Animals

The Chinese New Year falls somewhere between late January and early February. The cycle of twelve animal signs is the Chinese way of naming each year. The twelve animals follow one another in an established order that repeats every twelve years. Each animal has particular characteristics, and individuals born in a specific year are believed to take on these characteristics.

Chinese lunar zodiac

Chinese Astrology Sign Compatibility

According to Chinese astrology, each animal sign has a fundamental nature: Yang (masculine) or Yin (feminine). Every sign in the Chinese zodiac falls into one of these two categories. Yang and Yin have the most impact on compatibility.

Chinese Astrology Sign Compatibility

Compatible Pairs

There are six groups of most compatible pairs. Like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, these animal signs fit together perfectly. Though different, they support and complete one another. An example would be the Yang Rat and the Yin Ox. A Rat saves, and never has hard times financially. The Ox is a hard worker with a strong sense of responsibility. These signs are one year apart.

Symmetrically Compatible

The fifth sign, counted either clockwise or counter-clockwise from another sign, is considered symmetrical. These signs are four years apart. There are four groups of three animal signs that are symmetrically compatible. In these relationships, emphasis and importance are placed on equal effort from both partners in all areas. Working as a team, they have complementary skills. As an example: Rat, Monkey, and Dragon are all yang. This means there's an easy flow of energy between them. Rats are financially astute. Monkey's most defining trait is intelligence. Dragons are adventurous entrepreneurs whose lives revolve around work.

Incompatible Pairs

Incompatible pairs are directly opposite each other in the Chinese zodiac. These signs are 6 years apart. These two animal signs have little in common and can have an oppositional relationship. Only compromising can make these relationships work. As an example: Yang Rat and Yang Horse oppose one another in the Chinese zodiac. Rats get the job done, but they are not risk-takers, they're planners. Horses are always positively and energetically pushing forward. As a couple, there is seldom, if ever, a meeting of the minds.

Most Incompatible Pairs

The fourth sign counted clockwise or counter-clockwise from any sign, is the most incompatible sign. These signs have the least in common and create the most challenging relationships. These signs are three years apart. For example, Rats are materialistic, concerned about their wealth, cautious, and thrifty. Rabbits are artistic, have good taste, and enjoy the finer things in life. Roosters are shrewd, daring, outspoken, and even boastful by nature.

Chinese Elements

Chinese astrology teaches that five natural elements also influence the characteristics of each animal of the Chinese zodiac. The year of your birth determines your zodiac sign and Yin or Yang nature. However, the signs are also associated with one of the five elements. For example, there is a Rat year every 12 years, and each is assigned one of the five Chinese elements. This means there are Earth Rats, Fire Rats, Wood Rats, Water Rats, and Metal Rats. The elements can aid or add complications to any combination.

Is Chinese Astrological Compatibility Destiny?

Compatibility can matter in all areas of life, whether the relationship is between lovers, family members, friends, or co-workers. So, are all of your relationships predetermined for success or failure according to your Chinese zodiac animal sign? The answer is a bit ambiguous. You do have the best chance for happiness when the animal signs and elements are compatible. However, your and the other person's ability to understand your differences and compromise determines the success or failure of the relationship.

Chinese Astrology Signs: What Impacts Compatibility?