Chinese Year of the Tiger: Breakdown of Expectations

Updated January 5, 2022
Chinese year of tiger

Coming after the Year of the Ox, which was all about pragmatism, hard work, and steady progress, the Year of the Tiger can seem quite intense and dramatic. The Tiger ushers in a time of excitement, risk-taking, and big decisions.

Chinese Year of the Tiger

In Chinese calendar astrology, there's the well-known 12-year cycle of the animals. However, there's also a 10-year elemental cycle that relates to the five Chinese elements. The elements rotate every two years, and the combination of these cycles resets every 60 years. For example, 2022 isn't just the year of the Tiger--it's the year of the Water Tiger. The last Water Tiger year was 1962, and there won't be another until 2082.

Tiger Year Start Date

Tiger Year End Date

Tiger Year Element

February 13, 1926

February 1, 1927

Fire Tiger

January 31, 1938

February 18, 1939

Earth Tiger

February 17, 1950

February 5, 1951

Metal Tiger

February 5, 1962

January 24, 1963

Water Tiger

January 23, 1974

February 10, 1975

Wood Tiger

February 9, 1986

January 28, 1987

Fire Tiger

January 28, 1998

February 15, 1999

Earth Tiger

February 14, 2010

February 2, 2011

Metal Tiger

February 1, 2022

January 21, 2023

Water Tiger

February 19, 2034

February 7, 2035

Wood Tiger

February 6, 2046

January 25, 204

Fire Tiger

January 24, 2058

February 11, 2059

Earth Tiger

February 11, 2070

January 30, 2071

Metal Tiger

January 29, 2082

February 16, 2083

Water Tiger

February 15, 2094

February 04, 2095

Wood Tiger

What to Expect During a Tiger Year

During a Tiger year, you can expect situations to turn on a dime, as tempers flare and excitement reigns. Tiger years are dynamic and unpredictable, and they foretell a year of exploration, adventure, creativity, and risk-taking. The Chinese elemental year adds another dimension to a Tiger year. For example, 2022 is a Tiger year, so there will be some emotional risk-taking. The good news is that it's a water Tiger year, so you can expect people to be cautious and thoughtful about making those big risky decisions.

People Born in the Year of the Tiger

Tigers are courageous and energetic individuals. They are born leaders who hunger for excitement, crave attention, and inspire respect from others. They walk and talk assertively, enjoy a challenge, are prepared to take risks, and have a penchant for doing everything on a grand scale. Tigers can also be sensitive, humorous, and capable of great love and generosity. Tigers may appear calm, but they're alert, rebellious, short-tempered, aggressive, and outspoken. Still, there are five kinds of Tigers.

A large tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Wood Tigers are more compassionate, cooperative, and communicative.
  • Fire Tigers are more optimistic and independent but have poor self-control.
  • Earth Tigers are more thoughtful and realistic, with strong faith.
  • Metal Tigers are more tender and considerate, with a stubborn streak.
  • Water Tigers are more studious and thoughtful.

What Each Chinese Zodiac Sign Can Expect in a Tiger Year

Below is a list of what each of the 12 Chinese animal signs can expect to contend with during a Tiger year.

Chinese new year, Chinese zodiac animals symbols

Chinese Zodiac Tiger

Legend says your Chinese zodiac birth year can be highly unlucky for you. A Tiger year can indeed cause Tigers to go a bit overboard in expressing their natural traits. Still, suppose Tiger can refrain from overspending and being overly dramatic, selfish, and cocky. In that case, they can still see their risk-taking pay off and accomplish great things.

Chinese Zodiac Horse, Dog, and Pig

Horse, Dog, and Pig, the Chinese zodiac signs most compatible with Tiger, are likely to have good fortune and be rewarded for taking risks. They are the most receptive to the year of the Tiger's adventurous and intense energy. A Horse is lively and has a sense of humor. Dogs are idealistic leaders, and Pigs are courageous leaders. These animal signs are most likely to be rewarded for taking risks in everything from finance to travel to love.

Chinese Zodiac Dragon and Rooster

Dragon and Rooster should also have a bit of good fortune in a Year of the Tiger. Both appreciate and share the enthusiasm and boldness of a Tiger year. However, Dragons can be demanding and become involved in power struggles. Roosters, who can be a bit tactless and hurtful, will need to guard against not getting too caught up in the passions of a Tiger year.

Chinese Zodiac Goat and Rabbit

A Tiger year's bold and daring energy could tire out a sensitive and caring Goat, who usually avoids confrontation. Gentle Rabbits, who prefer peace and quiet, are likely to be overwhelmed by the wild and intense energy of a Tiger year. Goats and Rabbits can easily get overstimulated during Tiger years and need to take time away from the "madding crowd."

Chinese Zodiac Rat, Ox, Snake, and Monkey

Unfortunately, Rat, Ox, Snake, and Monkey are not really comfortable with the energy of a Tiger year. Rat is cautious and methodical and never comfortable taking risks. Similarly, Ox is very pragmatic and routine-oriented, and Tiger energy usually brings unexpected problems. Snake's reserved nature is at odds with the boldness of a Tiger year. Finally, attention-hungry Monkey will not enjoy the fact that during a Tiger year, everyone seems so self-centered. In the end, Rat, Ox, Snake, and Monkey should probably lay low during a Tiger year.

Advice for Making It Through a Tiger Year

Making it successfully through a Tiger year means trusting your instincts, taking leaps of faith, and taking decisive action when faced with obstacles or possible hardships. Excess and overindulgence can become issues during a Tiger year, so moderation is key for making it successfully through for an action-oriented and adventurous Tiger year.

Chinese Year of the Tiger: Breakdown of Expectations