Traits of a Leo Woman

Updated July 5, 2019

A Leo Woman's Traits

Ruled by the awesome force of the radiant Sun, a Leo woman is most comfortable in the spotlight. She's not meek, mild, colorless or self-effacing. She's a woman who wants to be seen. She has a mane of shiny bright hair, sparkling cat-like eyes, dresses dramatically, acts dramatically and attracts attention due to her charismatic presence.

She Exudes Vivacity

A Leo woman is known for her outgoing, independent, and lively nature. She's intensely individual, exudes vivacity, is charming, magnetic and is the center of attention where ever she goes.

She’s Colorful and Dynamic

A Leo woman is colorful, dynamic with an extravagant nature, and has superb taste. She's self-indulgent, loves to shop, and due to her innate confidence can carry off the most dramatic and trendy fashions.

She’s an Incredible Hostess

The Leo woman loves to throw beautiful dinner parties for all her friends, and when she's not busy taking center stage, she's busy being one incredible hostess who's impossible to ignore.

She’s Full of Energy

A Leo woman is competitive, physical, athletic, and energetic. Whether going for a jog, visiting a neighbor, or simply having fun with friends and family, she lives an active lifestyle.

She’s Kind and Big-Hearted

Generous and never shy about showing her affection, a Leo woman does whatever she can for her family and friends. Her natural inclination is to help and she's often found volunteering her time in some creative endeavor.

She’s Loyal and Trustworthy

A Leo woman fights for those she loves. It may be hard to get into her inner circle but once you're in, she'll fight for you and be there wherever and whenever you need her.

She’s Determined and Creative

A Leo woman's motto could be "Where there's a will, there's a way." She's a determined and creative woman who can find fresh and interesting ways to make almost anything happen.

She's Emotionally Expressive

A Leo woman is theatrically emotive and always on stage. She's in touch with her emotions and has no problem freely expressing them and letting everyone know how she feels. When she feels good everyone knows and when she feels bad everyone knows that as well.

She’s Speaks Her mind

A female Leo is straightforward. She's is never afraid to be frank and is always unapologetically honest. Good or bad, like it or not, she'll tell you exactly what she thinks.

She's Not Discrete

A Leo woman is fearless and never hides her intentions. Once she sets her mind on someone or something she wants the whole world to know.

She’s a Born Leader

As a leader, a Leo woman is confident, self-assured, magnanimous, composed, inspiring, influential, and always in control. She knows exactly what she brings to the table and isn't afraid to make her presence felt.

She Wants to Be Spoiled

Spoil, compliment, and praise a Leo woman and she'll adore you. This is when her finer qualities come shining through.

She’s a Story Book Romantic

A Leo woman is the queen of hearts. She's romantic, sexual, sensual, intense and passionate. When she falls in love, she brings to life every romantic tale that novels and films describe.

She’s Idealistic About Marriage

A Leo woman is idealistic when it comes to love, romance, and marriage. She believes in "happy ever after" and won't let marriage kill the romance. Shell be just as romantic, passionate, generous and uninhibited with her love as she was before marriage.

She Has a Fiery Temper

A Leo woman is strong willed and has a fiery temper. Yes, even the queen of hearts has a bit of a dark side. Hurt her pride or cross her in any way and she won't just get angry, she'll rage and hold a grudge, but her bark is usually worse than her bite.

The Gifts of a Leo Woman

Leo woman's gifts lie both in her capacity to be a unique individual who's intensely alive and in her loyalty and generosity to those she cares about. The Leo woman is the queen of the zodiac ladies, expects to be treated as such, and inspires extreme responses. You can love her, envy her, or hate her, but one thing you're not likely to do is to overlook her. There's not a more awesome sight than a beautiful and powerful Leo woman in all her glory.

Traits of a Leo Woman