Clear-Cut Guide to Dating an Aquarius Man

Published June 2, 2020
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If you're seeking a clear-cut guide on the ins and outs of dating an Aquarius man, you need to start with his personality. Once you understand what an Aquarius man desires in his partner, you can decide if he is the guy for you.

Things to Know Before Dating an Aquarius Man

An Aquarius man is an air sign and is ruled by his head, not his heart. He is unique, intelligent, creative, and eccentric. He collects friends the way some people collect shoes. Variety is his mainstay, and he enjoys anything that challenges his mental prowess. When you date an Aquarius man, you need to be prepared for anything. He can be quirky, unconventional and eccentric.

Don't Expect Conventional

If you're expecting a conventional man, don't date an Aquarius. This man follows his own quirky and unique path. He defies being minimized as a stereotypical artist, entrepreneur, professor, or other professional. He will do the opposite of what you expect just to prove his point that he isn't your normal guy.

Intrigue Aquarius With Your Mind

Like his air sign cousin Gemini, Aquarius will initiate contact with you by flirting. However, air signs are also interested in what you think. Aquarius wants to know your opinions, so share them with him on whatever topic he uses to start a conversation with you.

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Be Open-Minded to New Ideas

Like other air signs, Aquarius is interested in all kinds of subjects. Be open-minded when he broaches topics you might not be interested in or you may find odd. He wants to know how tolerant you are of free speech and free thoughts. As an air sign, he's all about freedom in all forms. If you feel the same way, then you may ignite yet another spark between you.

Show You're Fun-Loving and Adventurous

An Aquarius man is fun-loving. He enjoys laughing and has a full social life. He has an optimistic and positive attitude toward life. He wants to experience as much of life as he can. Be sure you are up to the challenge and can keep up with him.

What Attracts Aquarius Men?

Besides your mental acuity, an Aquarius man seeks an equal partner. He wants a mate who has their own life and friends. Talk to him about your life, all the things you're involved in and what you find interesting. Share information about your friends and stories of your adventures. If you love to travel, tell him about the places you've visited. He'll be enraptured with your tales.

What Doesn't Attract an Aquarius Man?

If you're overly emotional, needy or clingy, an Aquarius man won't stick around very long. For Aquarius, emotions are messy when people start dissecting and examining them. He finds emotions more than burdensome; he feels people use them as a crutch or excuse not to tackle life or enjoy it.

How to Date an Aquarius Man Friend

Aquarius' love relationships often start from friendships. If you are friends with an Aquarius man and want to take your relationship to the next level, you need to be subtle. Find an opportunity where the two of you can go out by selecting a venue both of you enjoy.

Drop a Few Subtle Hints

You can comment on how you make a great team and then compliment him on a trait you admire. Don't be too obvious with your hints. Just drop a few other seeds throughout the night and wait to see if they germinate. If your Aquarius male friend never thought of you as a romantic partner, you've given him something to contemplate without putting him on the spot.

Your First Date With an Aquarius Man

If Aquarius wishes to explore a romantic relationship with you, he'll invite you on a date, but your first date won't be a candlelit dinner. Instead, it will be in familiar venues he finds comfortable. He doesn't trust easily and transforming for just a friend to a lover may take a while for him to adjust to his new role.

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Display of Affection

Aquarius isn't big on public displays of affection. However, at the end of your date, he may surprise you with a passionate goodnight kiss as he tests this possible change in your relationship dynamics. He may end your date there or he may desire to explore romantic possibilities further.

Patience Wins His Heart

You need to let Aquarius test the waters to see if he feels the same connection as you. If he doesn't, he will simply revert to the same way he treated you before your big suggestion of what he considers was a disaster. On the other hand, if he felt a spark when he kissed you, he'll ask you out on a real date this time, candlelight included.

Dating an Aquarius Man in Love With You

An Aquarius man is a considerate lover. He enjoys exploring your sexual relationship and will even give you roses and chocolates. However, his style tends to be more of a mental passion that he expresses by introducing you to the things he enjoys. Make sure you engage with him and express your enthusiasm and interest.

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New Adventures and Horizons

For Aquarius, having a mate to explore new things and make discoveries together is the epitome of being in love. He enjoys nature and wondering about the universe and what lies beyond the stars. He knows a lot about esoteric topics and wants you to share his enthusiasm for them.

Life Is a Big Adventure

An Aquarius man thirsts for new experiences. The bigger the adventure, the more excited Aquarius is. If you are equally thrilled over new experiences, you can enjoy an exciting and fulfilling love relationship.

Using Tips for Dating an Aquarius Man

A clear-cut guide on what to expect when dating an Aquarius man can prepare you for the quirky, eccentric nature of the water bearer. You may discover this man is your ideal mate.

Clear-Cut Guide to Dating an Aquarius Man