Understanding an Aquarius Man in Love and Relationships

Published March 9, 2020
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Understanding an Aquarius man in love means his relationships with others suddenly aren't as important as his relationship with you. That is your first sign that he's falling in love with you.

Subtle Signs of an Aquarius Man in Love

An Aquarius man in love doesn't communicate his interest in you the way other zodiac signs do. His signals are very subtle, and you might miss them if you don't know what to expect.

Signals Aquarius Is Interested in You

You may find your Aquarius man makes deliberate moves to sit next to you at a social gathering or business conference. He'll greet you with a wide smile and open eyes. He is interested in getting to know you.

He Finds You Intriguing

Another signal of an Aquarius man's interest in you is if he asks you about your interests. If he seems genuinely intrigued by your responses, then he's more than politely curious. He'll want to know what you think about - everything!

Friends First, Lovers Second

When an Aquarius man falls in love, it's with someone he's been friends with first. This man wants to be sure he understands who you are. He isn't highly emotional, and when it comes to love he doesn't open up easily. Being emotionally vulnerable makes him uncomfortable, so he must first trust you before he admits to having any feelings for you.

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Learning to Trust You

Aquarius will find ways to be with you socially. Once he's certain you are trustworthy, he'll begin to open up about how he feels about you. However, don't expect this to be a conventional confession of love. After all, this is an Aquarius man. He won't verbally express his feelings, so his way of letting you know how he feels will be unconventional. After all, Aquarius is unpredictable.

How an Aquarius Man Professes Love

Aquarius will give you the first hint of his romantic feelings through actions. He'll take you on a very romantic date. This could be a traditional dinner by candlelight, but he'll put an extra touch or two, such as a Riverboat dinner cruise.

All Those Extra Touches of Romance

This is pattern you'll see emerging in your relationship with an Aquarius man. Every date and outing will be well-planned with specific endearing romantic touches, such as a violinist will serenade your dinner playing your favorite song. He'll send you a bouquet of your favorite flowers. These romantic overtures let you know he has been listening to you and understands you.

How Aquarius Communicates He Loves You

If these gestures aren't clear enough that this Aquarius man loves you, then his next method of emotional expression should. Prepare for text messages, emails and love notes. These won't be the usual "I love you" messages." They'll be more poetic or even sophisticated. You can expect text messages, such as "On rainy days like today, I really miss the warmth of the sun. It makes me feel like I do when I'm not with you."

Beyond Written Words of Love

Eventually, when Aquarius is certain you share his feelings of love, he'll say the actual words to you. This is a big moment for Aquarius and not one given easily. Make sure you tell him you love him, too. This is what he needs to hear most of all.

Love Is in the Air

Once your Aquarius man has professed his undying love to you, he won't be saying those words all the time like his chatty fellow Gemini. He'll set out to show you just how deep his love is. His version of love is the classic show, don't tell.

Sensitive to Your Needs

An Aquarius man in love is highly sensitive to your needs. He anticipates what you need and want usually before you do. He is eager to serve and finds joy in doing things for you. He understands what you like and what you dislike and caters to your preferences.

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Aquarius Man Romancing and Wooing

Aquarius doesn't stop chasing you once he's caught you. He enjoys the dynamics of romance and love. After his first confessions of love, Aquarius will continue to woo you and romance you and even flirt with you in public!

It's All in the Details

An Aquarius man in love knows that romance is all in the details and he's the master of nuances. His way of saying he loves you is to shower you with gifts. They may often be very small gifts, but very thoughtful ones chosen specially for you. For example, it may be something as simple as a BOGO coupon of your favorite brand of cocoa mix left on the kitchen counter, a diamond necklace draped over your pillow, a gift certificate for a spa day, or a foot massage after a long day. To Aquarius, it's the thought he puts behind selecting the perfect gift for you that's important.

Understanding an Aquarius Man in Love and Relationships

If you can accept the non-verbal ways Aquarius expresses his love, you'll quickly understand what it feels like to be cherished. This live and let live guy expects you to always be yourself, especially when it comes to expressing your love for him.

Understanding an Aquarius Man in Love and Relationships