Compatible Signs Explained: Find Your Zodiac Love Match

Updated November 17, 2020
Compatible couple

Sun sign comparisons can suggest a potentially good love match. However, there's no guarantee that even the best zodiac matches will fall in love and live happily ever after. Still, it can't hurt to hedge your bet by understanding the basics of what determines astrologically compatible signs.

Compatible Zodiac Signs

What signs are compatible and which are not? The chart below lists the most compatible, the most complementary, and the least compatible zodiac signs. However, keep in mind that a single zodiac sign does not an individual make, and relationship astrology involves analyzing the natal charts of both individuals.

Compatible Zodiac Signs Chart

Determining Compatible Signs

The degree of compatibility between two zodiac signs is determined by a sign's element and modality. These account for the specific energies that flow from each of the twelve zodiac signs. Such classifications make it easier for an astrologer to note just why some zodiac signs exhibit more similarities than others. For example:

  • You can expect the four zodiac signs of the same element to have something in common.
  • You can expect the three zodiac signs of the same modality to have something in common.
  • If zodiac signs don't have an element or a modality in common, they have nothing in common.

Zodiac Sign Elements

Compatible signs have the same element. Complementary zodiac matches occur when the signs are in complementary elements.

What Does a Sign's Element Mean?

There are four elements in astrology, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Astrologically the elements represent certain basic traits and temperaments. All twelve signs of the zodiac are assigned one of these four elements. Three zodiac signs have the same element.

Principles to Consider in Zodiac Sign Element Compatibility

The way the four elements behave in the natural world is very telling of the zodiac. The laws of physics and chemistry define the actions of fire, water, earth, and air in the world. Likewise, the zodiac signs behave in a similar manner, which is why some signs are far more compatible than others.

  • Fire ignites and burns bright. Fire dies down when it is deprived of air, can be extinguished by water, and smothered by earth. Fire can warm air, boil and evaporate water, and scorch the earth.
  • Water can be still and run deep. It can be a babbling brook, a raging river, or oceanic. Water can nourish the earth and shape it; water can still the air and extinguish fire.
  • Air is invisible, circulates, and is inconsistent. It can be a gentle breeze, or it can be destructive. Air can lift up and shift the earth, feed fire, and stir up water.
  • Earth is stable and supports life. It contains and directs water, smothers or contains fire, and can seal up, disturb, or direct airflow.
four elements in water glasses

Elemental Compatibility

As in the natural world:

  • Fire signs are the most compatible with other fire signs and complement the air signs.
  • Water signs are most compatible with other water signs and complement the earth signs.
  • Air signs are the most compatible with other air signs and complement the fire signs.
  • Earth signs are the most compatible with other earth signs and complement the water signs.

Zodiac Sign Modality and Compatibility

Each of the elements is expressed with one of three different types of behavior. These behaviors are described by the three modalities, Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. The Combination of element and modality are what make each sign different.

Principles to Consider in Zodiac Sign Modality in Compatibility

In the natural world, the three modalities can occur in various states. As an example, liquid water moves; astrologically, this is the cardinal signs. Frozen water is solid; this corresponds to the fixed signs. When heated, water becomes vaporous steam; this corresponds to the mutable signs. The three ways in which the zodiac signs are expressed:

Modalities and Commitment

In a relationship, the modalities tell the story of commitment.

  • The cardinal signs act and are the quickest to commit. However, they aren't the sign with the most deeply felt commitments.
  • The fixed signs are slower to commit than the cardinal signs, but they take commitment seriously once they do commit.
  • The mutable signs require freedom and variety. Commitment feels restrictive and if a relationship goes south, they can easily adapt and move on.

The Zodiac Signs of the Planets

The elements and modalities also relate to the zodiac sign placements of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, as well as Jupiter and the outer planets. The sign placements of the planets will significantly impact the interaction and harmony within a relationship. For example, the zodiac signs of Aries and Gemini are complementary. Still, suppose one partner has Mars, the planet most related to the physical act of sex, in Sagittarius, and the other has Mars in Cancer. These two individuals are not likely to be compatible in the bedroom.

More About Finding Your Love Match

Understanding the element and modality of the zodiac signs is just the beginning. To determine whether you've met a love match, it's essential to consider that the signs of each planet, the astrological houses, and the aspects all have a say. Astrological compatibility is a highly detailed study. If a couple is earnest about understanding their relationship, they should seek a professional astrologer for a relationship synastry consultation.

Compatible Signs Explained: Find Your Zodiac Love Match