Does Virgo Make a Good Friend?

Published September 14, 2018
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Virgos make great friends; they're intelligent, modest, sensitive, shy, have a sweet and kind nature, and are oh-so-handy to have around. But they're picky and choose their friends carefully, so you should consider it a compliment when a Virgo wants you to be her friend.

Virgo: A Self-Sacrificing Friend

There's no denying a typical Virgo can be fussy and persnickety, but they are not fair-weather friends. A Virgo will be the one good friend you can always count on when the chips are down.


A Virgo friend's caring attitude and the way they're always willing to lend a hand is probably their most notable friendship quality. They're analytical and have an uncanny ability to come up with simple solutions, and they're always ready to help a friend solve the most complicated issues.


Although a Virgo is shy and picky about who he befriends, he isn't changeable. Once he makes a friend, he sticks with that person through thick and thin. A Virgo friend is your friend for life.


You can tell your Virgo friend anything, speak your mind, air your problems and trust that not a word will ever be repeated. They also tend to call things as they see them and can be a trustworthy source for honest and truthful advice.


When a Virgo friend says she'll do something for you, you can depend on her to do it. Whatever you ask, a Virgo will take it on and invest a ridiculous amount of effort into making sure it gets done.


A Virgo can often seem snobbish and boring to a stranger. However, when they're with a trusted friend, they let their guard down and love to party and go on adventures. All they need is a little more warning and planning than most.

Virgo: The Perfectionist Friend

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If the positive friendship traits above make a Virgo friend sound like a boy or girl scout, don't believe it. They really are not martyrs and won't be a doormat; a Virgo expects a friend to reciprocate and to bear with them when they get into their picky, persnickety, perfectionist mode of behavior. A Virgo can demand perfection from everyone in their lives, and this is especially true with their friends.


A Virgo friend can criticize, judge, and nit-pick your every move. She can be quick to point out everything you're doing wrong and then tell you how to do it correctly.


A Virgo companion can be self-absorbed and not bother to take the time to understand your point of view or feelings. They hate anything messy, and that includes messy emotions. That means if you become whiney, they'll keep their distance.

Neat Freaks

A place for everything and everything always in its place is important to your Virgo friend, and he'll expect the same from you. So, if you don't live up to his neat freak expectations, you can expect him to become very fussy with you.

Health Fanatic

Health is a concern of your Virgo friend. Virgos worry about their health, and they'll worry about yours as well. They're usually very knowledgeable about healthy routines and will continually nag you to live a healthier lifestyle. They won't hesitate at giving you health advice.

Rules and Routines

A Virgo has rules and routines. They don't like their routines disrupted, and they're likely to have rules about manners, table etiquette, grammar, and cleanliness, etc. These rules and routine are etched into their minds. If you throw them off their routine or break one of their rules, they'll let you know about it, even if it makes you feel foolish or stupid.

Your Virgo Friend

Having a Virgo friend means you'll have someone who'll stand by you when you feel like your life is falling apart, someone who has the patience to listen to you when you are upset. This is a friend that will then advise you on how to "pull yourself together" and do it without sounding harsh or mean. While your Virgo friend's critical, perfectionistic, and precise nature may drive you mad at times, being their friend is likely to make you a better person.

Does Virgo Make a Good Friend?