Virgo's Dark Side

Published September 19, 2018
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No one is perfect, not even a Virgo. A Virgo can be annoyingly critical, fussy, pedantic, argumentative, complaining, anal-retentive, and indecisive. However, when a Virgo's negative traits are taken to the extreme, their obsessive-compulsive actions become more than annoying to their good friends, and they can also be life debilitating for Virgo. Fortunately, it's rare for a Virgo to go this far to the dark side.

Dark Virgo

Virgos are critical, neat, unusually concerned with diet and health, and they're also worriers who have active imaginations and can picture hundreds of different outcomes for every situation. However, they often see, imagine, and obsessively worry about the worst. A Virgo's penchant for worrying obsessively about being perfect is the source of almost all of their darker traits.


All Virgos are detailed, precise, believe everything they do should be done exactingly right, and have high standards for themselves. They have a keen eye for flaws and notice the imperfections in everything they do. Taken to the extreme, they can become neurotic perfectionists who are irrationally fearful of doing anything that's not perfect. They may spend an inordinate amount of time redoing things, make critical self-evaluations, and worry excessively about the evaluations of others.

Order and Cleanliness

A Virgo can be a neat freak who has irrational fears of untidiness and disorder and obsessively worries if everything is not clean and in perfect order. They'll develop ritualized habits and routines they can't deviate from and spend a great deal of time repeatedly organizing, washing, cleaning, and disinfecting everything.


Virgos are hardworking and extremely practical, so saving money comes naturally to them. However, they're also naturally insecure, tend to look at worst-case scenarios, and worry excessively about what the future holds. So, if a little money in the bank or for emergencies is good, a lot is better should they have something catastrophic happen. This fear of a less than perfect future can lead them to having accounts at several banks, investing in gold and silver coins, hiding cash around their homes, perhaps burying it in their yard, and to becoming miserly to the extreme.

Negative Body Image

Negative body image

Virgos often have low self-esteem and due to their high standards are constantly focused on making themselves better, sometimes to their own detriment. They may see only their personal flaws and failures, turn their need for perfection onto their body, and develop a warped body image. One perceived flaw, such as a big nose or a few extra pounds, can be all they see in the mirror. This negative body image can lead to falling prey to eating disorders or even a compulsion for cosmetic surgery.


Virgos are health and germ conscious. However, in worrying excessively about their health, some become germ phobic and have such an irrational fear of getting sick they avoid public places. They might even isolate themselves out of fear they will contract some serious malady. Even the hint of an illness leads them to scour the internet in order to prepare for the worst, which only increases their health anxiety. And if they do get a diagnosis, they worry about accuracy, which leads them to ask for second and third opinions just to make sure the diagnosis was correct.

Emotional Suppression

Virgos are introverts who live in their minds and are careful with their emotions. Showing their feelings threatens their perfect image of being calm, cool, and collected at all times. Again, it's their fear of being seen as anything less than perfect that leads them to repress their uglier emotions to the point they erupt in anger or sink into a dark depression. In their darkest hours, a Virgo is apt to use alcohol or illicit drugs to numb their emotional pain or even engage in indiscriminate sex as a release for their bottled-up emotions.

Virgo in a Horoscope

Astrology is complex. There are planets and other important points in various zodiac signs, there are the signs of the Moon and ascendant, plus there are the 12 houses. For that reason, it's not necessary to have a Virgo Sun to exhibit one or more of these dark Virgo traits. Everyone has Virgo somewhere in their horoscope, and if you have a Virgo stellium, the personality traits associated with Virgo will come out stronger in you. As a matter of fact, you can behave more like a Virgo than someone with only a Virgo sun.

Virgo's Dark Side