How to Attract an Aquarius Woman With Words and Actions

Published March 9, 2020
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You can decide how to attract an Aquarius woman with your words and actions based on her zodiac personality traits. These characteristics can serve as guideposts for how you can approach and respond to an Aquarius woman.

Discover How to Attract an Aquarius Woman Through Words and Actions

An Aquarius woman likes to be mentally engaged. When you first meet, you should demonstrate your interest in her thoughts and opinions. Be genuine and sincere.

Keep Her Guessing

You don't want to lay all your cards out on the table when you first meet an Aquarius woman. She responds to intrigue and anything that captures her imagination. Are you interesting enough to do this without putting on false airs?

Words Matter

An Aquarius woman isn't quite the communicator as her fellow air sign Gemini, but she isn't shabby when it comes to wordsmithing. She likes lively discussions and is eager to hear your opinion, so make sure you have one to express. Nothing turns her off any more than someone who is indecisive or simply hasn't taken enough interest in a topic to form an opinion.

Mental Aerobics

Aquarius loves anything that challenges her mental acuity. She has an exciting imagination and likes to explore with her mind, such as esoteric topics, off-the-wall philosophies, and anything that is unconventional.

What an Aquarius Woman Looks for in a Lover

An Aquarius woman wants a lover who is self-confident and has a full life. She wants a lover who is their own person and doesn't require her to fulfill them. This attitude will put you on a level playing field as long as you don't attempt to change her.

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Stand Out From the Crowd

An Aquarius woman collects friends. The more eccentric her friends are, the more she enjoys them. She appreciates unique personalities and people who live extraordinary lives. If you wish to attract an Aquarius woman, you'll need to be unique in your own way. Never put on airs or pretend to be something you aren't. She'll recognize your subterfuge right away.

Avoid the Mundane

As an air sign, you won't find an Aquarius woman dedicated to household chores or anything else that she considers mundane. She was born for exciting adventures and unique cultures. Introduce her to something new and you'll quickly win her favor.

Freedom Loving

An Aquarius woman won't tolerate being fenced in or tied down. Jealousy is an ugly thing to her freedom-loving mind. She must always have her freedom to do whatever pops in her mind. Chances are, she'll ask you to go with her as long as she doesn't feel you're trying to control her.

Appearances and Personality

An Aquarius woman isn't so much concerned about your appearance. In fact, she's more intrigued by your mind. She wants to know what you think and how you mentally assess life in general.

How You Present Yourself to the World

To an Aquarius woman, the most important attributes to her are the way you move through life, how you carry yourself, how you treat others, and what your priorities are.

Pleasant and Congenial

An Aquarius woman has a positive outlook on life and is a very congenial and generous host. She enjoys socializing and knows how to fit in with any crowd. If you can be this flexible in social situations, she'll quickly take notice of you.

Charming and Flirtatious

If you can flirt, you'll find Aquarius super sexy. An Aquarius woman isn't quite the flirt that her Gemini sister is, but she does love the mental play of a sexy mind. She's a very charming and delightful flirt and expects you to be appreciative of her skills by participating in a little flirting.

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Go on an Adventure

If you can find something she hasn't done that is an adventure, then she'll be eager to go out with you on a date. Make your date lighthearted and filled with lots of fun. It could be something as simple as going to a Greek festival, visiting a specialty tea shop for a tea tasting or attending the grand opening of an art gallery.

Love and Romance

An Aquarius woman enjoys romance, especially when it includes candlelight dinners, music and roses. Aquarius seeks a true soulmate that can wander happily and at times aimlessly through life in search of the next adventure.

Use Your Words and Actions to Attract an Aquarius Woman

You can attract the attention of an Aquarius woman when you choose your words wisely and ensure your actions are true to your nature. As long as you allow Aquarius to be herself and avoid judging or criticizing her, you may have a long-lasting relationship.

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman With Words and Actions