Leo and Leo in Love

Published September 26, 2018
Royal Couple

Leo's self-image depends on being the best and having the grandest and glorious of everything life has to offer, and that extends to the one they love. Who better than another charismatic Leo to make a Leo's romantic life the envy of everyone?

The Leo Couple

When two Leos fall in love, you have double the romantic passion, excitement, and fun, but also double the stubbornness, ego, pride, and vanity. Leos are regal and magnetic individuals and when two Leos meet, there is a familiarity and an irresistible infatuation. Each is drawn to the other not only by their physical attraction to one another but also because they display the same positive character traits.

Leo Positives

Leos are charismatic, optimistic, fun, friendly, playful, spontaneous, and affectionate individuals who are attractive to the opposite sex, and love on a grand scale.

Two Leos in love will:

  • Have a passionate, exuberant, and hot sex life
  • Have a storybook romance
  • Have confidence in their feelings for each other
  • Show public declarations of their love, adoration, and loyalty
  • Shower each other with lavish gifts
  • Share joyful good times
  • Have a busy and playful social life
  • Share their warm love for one another with everyone they meet

Though two Leos can have the grandest romance that's the envy of other couples, there will be disagreements. And when they fight (which they will), just like their romance, it will be done on a grand scale.

Leo Negatives

Interestingly, it's the same positive traits that attract two Leos to one another that are likely to morph into something less desirable. This, of course, can spell double trouble for this couple and lead to ugly standoffs.

  • Their confidence can become dominance, vanity, and ugly pride.
  • Their independent spirits can become distance and selfishness.
  • Their energy and passion can turn into harsh attacks.
  • Their admiration and love for the other can turn into jealousy and controlling possessiveness.

If Leo lovers are psychologically and emotionally mature, these problems might only be minor quirks that can be modified or accepted. However, in an immature Leo/Leo coupling they can bring about the bitter end of what was a beautiful romance.

Leo Mirrors

Leo couples are mirrors for one another. What one Leo sees in the other speaks about their own inner state, the things they cherish about themselves, and the things about themselves that they're having trouble resolving. Whatever annoys one Leo about their Leo partner is a large part of their own Leo character, and this should be kept in mind in every conflict they have to resolve.

Growth Opportunity

When a Leo hooks up with another Leo, their attraction can be so strong it has their heads spinning. They think love, but their souls are thinking growth. When their battle for supremacy surfaces (and it will), the standoff that results can be destructive. However, if a Leo couple commits to staying together and working through the kind of high-energy and dramatic power struggles that are possible in their relationship, each has a golden opportunity for personal growth within the relationship.

Relationship Astrology

Sun sign comparisons can be fun and give a few clues as to what a relationship is like but if you're seriously involved, it's best to see a professional relationship astrologer. A professional will first interpret the couple's individual charts, taking the gender of each into consideration. They then look at how the charts interact in a process called synastry and finally go on to calculate a composite chart, which is the chart of the relationship itself.

Leo and Leo in Love