Leo Element in the Zodiac

Published February 27, 2020
Leo fiery lion

Leo is one of three fire element signs along with Sagittarius and Aries. Leo the Lion is fixed fire, which is the most stable and steady of the three fire signs, and the fire element is responsible for a number of her personality traits and characteristics.

The Fire Element and Leo's Personality

Fire is a powerful and active element, and it plays a strong role in the Leo personality. Like fire, Leos are dynamic, powerful, vital, warm, and energetic forces of nature.

Fun-Loving and Playful

At his best, the fire in Leo drives him to be fun-loving, playful, and a whole lot of fun to be around. Leo's natural fiery warmth leads him to bring the party with him wherever he goes, so he's always great fun to have around and can make even the most mundane tasks seem somehow enjoyable and adventurous.

Warm, Loyal, and Loving

In Leo, the fire element burns brightly, and Leo has a warm and loving personality. She may be initially guarded or slow to warm up to people, but they'll never know because she has a naturally and steadily warm personality. However, once you've ignited her interest and she knows she can trust you, Leo is all in, and she'll be a loving force of nature in your life. The fire in her nature also makes Leo fiercely loyal; there's no better sun sign to have in your corner than loyal Leo.

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Of course, when that fire gets out of balance as fire can, the Leo can be quite the drama queen or king. And while this may manifest as fun and being the center of attention of the life of the party, when the propensity for drama remains unchecked, it can also manifest as something approaching histrionics or making mountains out of molehills. Once aware of this fiery propensity, however, Leo can quickly check himself and re-channel the fiery drama in a positive way, such as motivation to get things done.


Leos get stuff done, and this is directly due to the element of fire in this zodiac sign. When a fire is lit under a Leo (something that's not all that hard to do since she naturally sparks anyway), there's no stopping her. Leo will move heaven and earth to make things happen, so she's the perfect person to have on project teams. Due to her fixed nature, Leo doesn't burn out as quickly as other fire signs, so she will also see projects through to the very end before she's on to the next. However, because Leo's fire burns so steadily, she is likely to have multiple irons in the fire all at once.


With his brightly burning fire element and his stick-to-it nature, Leo has a lot of successes under his belt. This imparts a natural confidence to the Leo that is unequaled by any other sun sign. Leo's confidence can be intimidating, so some people may find him overpowering or overbearing so confident is he in his ideas and abilities. However, in balance and channeled appropriately, all that confidence serves Leo well in business and relationships alike.


Brightly burning confidence can run unchecked in Leo if the fire burns too hot without balance, and the result can be vanity. In fact, Leo is known as one of the vainest signs of the zodiac, which may lead to an attitude of, "Don't you know who I am?" when dealing with others. Because of this, Leo needs to learn to rein in her ego when it starts to get out of control.

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The fire signs Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries are all known for their direct and truthful nature, which can sometimes manifest as a lack of tact. And while Leo is definitely the most tactful of the fire signs, they are also passionate truth tellers. Therefore, if you ask Leo a question, prepare for a direct and honest answer. While Leo won't go out of his way to share a brutal truth with you if you don't ask, be prepared to hear the truth if you do.

Leo's Fire Element Compatibility

Firey Leo is compatible with other fire signs, as well as with air signs since air fuels fire. Leo can have compatibility with water and earth signs as well (water tends to be the least compatible), although it may take more work and compromise to bring balance and harmony to relationships between people governed by opposite elements.

Balancing Leo's Fire Element

All zodiac sun signs are governed by one element, but typically due to the influences of the entire natal chart, these are balanced by the presence of different elements in the moon, the rising sign, and in other houses. However, it is possible in one governed by the fire element to allow that fire to grow unchecked and become unbalanced. The trick is to engage in practices that help to rebalance the fire so it works as a force of good in Leo's life. Some practices that can help:

  • Spend time in and around water. Whether it's a daily bath, swimming, or other activities such as walking on the beach, boating, surfing, paddle boarding, or spending time near water can help keep Leo in balance and allow the fire in her nature to manifest in the most positive of ways.
  • When you feel yourself becoming overly fiery, engage in breathwork to help cool the flames a little. Step back for a moment, close your eyes, place your hands over your heart chakra, and take a few deep breaths into your belly until you feel yourself calming a little.
  • Eat cooling or watery foods, such as cucumbers or melons, to help bring balance to your fiery nature.
  • Establish a daily meditation practice.
  • Encourage a good night's sleep by going screen-free for about two hours before bedtime (including computers, televisions, tablets, and smartphones). Sleeping will help rebalance your fire energy and keep you from burning out.
  • Like all fire signs, Leo is prone to burn-out, so adrenal health may be an issue. Practicing yoga and spending time in nature can help bring balance and calm stress so you are less likely to burn out.
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Leo and Fire

Leo's nature is fire, and this element can manifest in many positive ways provided it is kept in balance. When it is out of control, Leo's fire element may result in burnout, fatigue, or being vain, controlling, and/or dominating in nature. However, by seeking to balance and channel the fire element, Leo can burn brightly throughout her life.

Leo Element in the Zodiac