Libra Crystals for Peace and Balance

Published August 3, 2020
Libra crystals

Libra crystals bring balance and harmony to this air sign. Use these crystals for Libras to enhance positive personality traits and smooth negative characteristics inherent to the Libra sun sign.

7 Libra Crystals

Libra is an air sign with cardinal quadruplicity and yang energy. Likewise, the planet Venus rules Libra. This combination of elements is responsible for Libra's personality traits, which manifest with both positive and negative Libra characteristics. Crystals for Libra can help enhance or balance these traits to bring more peace and fulfillment into Libra's life. It's important to note that crystals for Libra are not the same as Libra birthstones.

1. Rainbow Fluorite Enhances Decisiveness

Rainbow fluorite is a beautiful translucent crystal with colorful striations including blue, pink, green, yellow, and purple. It's also known as the "stone of discernment." Since one key Libra personality trait is difficulty being decisive, rainbow fluorite can help Libra make better, quicker choices.

Rainbow Fluorite

To work with rainbow fluorite for decisiveness, hold the gemstone in your receiving (non-dominant) hand when you need to make decisions. Keep a piece of rainbow fluorite at your work desk to help with decisiveness on the job. Likewise, carry a piece of rainbow fluorite in your purse or wallet to help you make purchasing decisions.

2. Celestite Supports Creative Expression

Libras are creative individuals; they have plenty of creative ideas, but many Libras struggle with expressing them. For Libras who have creative ideas but lack the follow-through of creative expression, celestite can help. This beautiful blue crystal energizes the throat chakra, which is where creative expression occurs.

Celestite on shore at beach

To use celestite to enhance creative expression, wear a pendant on a short chain so it falls just above the middle of your throat. You can also wear celestite earrings.

3. Pyrite Strengthens Boundaries

Libras tend to be people pleasers, and the air element sometimes renders it difficult for Libra to form appropriate personal boundaries. Pyrite, also known fool's gold, is a sparkly golden crystal that strengthens the solar plexus (third) chakra, a human energy center associated with self-esteem and personal boundaries.

Pyrite rocks

To work with pyrite, carry it as close as possible to your solar plexus chakra, which is located at the base of your sternum. Wear pyrite on a long chain so the pendant falls below your chest region or carry it in your pants or shirt pocket to strengthen personal boundaries, self-esteem, and willpower when Libra's air element causes flightiness.

4. Yellow Tigers Eye Brings Willpower

Libra's airy nature often results in a lack of willpower; Libras may be hedonistic to the point of distraction. And while there's nothing inherently wrong with hedonism, if it becomes Libra's primary focus, it can keep them from moving forward in other areas of their lives. Fortunately, yellow tiger's eye is a stone that strengthens willpower to help hedonistic Libras to buckle down when they need to.

Yellow tigers eye stone

To work with tigers eye for willpower, wear a bracelet of yellow tigers eye on either wrist.

5. Hematite Facilitates Grounding

Hematite is a grounding crystal that comes in various forms including shiny black, dark brown, deep red, and rust. Hematite is one of the most grounding crystals you'll find. It brings earthy balance to airy Libras. Grounding is important because it helps keep cerebral Libra in a peaceful, harmonious, and balanced state.

Hematite and granada polished crystals

Hematite is most helpful for grounding when you wear or carry it in the vicinity of your root chakra. Wearing a hematite ring on a pinkie is a great way to facilitate grounding. Alternatively, wear a hematite bracelet or anklet, or carry hematite in your pants pocket.

6. Rose Quartz Fosters Forgiveness

One of Libra's more challenging qualities is that they can be vindictive when they feel someone has wronged them. Therefore, a heart crystal that fosters forgiveness and enhances compassion and love can help Libra find balance when they feel someone has unjustly harmed them. This pink quartz crystal supports unconditionally loving energy that acts on the heart chakra to facilitate forgiveness and compassion.

Rose quartz stone

To work with rose quartz for forgiveness, wear it as a pendant on a long chain so it falls to the center of your chest just over the heart chakra. In order to maintain the rose quartz's high vibration and effectiveness, cleanse the crystal regularly, especially during times when you're feeling angry or vindictive.

7. Aquamarine Eases Worry

Another trait some Libras possess is that they're worriers. Worry arises because focus slips from the present moment to thinking about the past or projecting to the future. Aquamarine is a great crystal for improving present-time focus, which can help to ease worry and anxiety about the unknown.

Polished aquamarine gem

Wearing aquamarine earrings is a great way to ease worry. You can also wear an aquamarine pendant on a short chain or carry it in a shirt pocket.

Crystals for Libras

Libras can work with the healing energy of crystals to bring more balance to their personalities and lives. By using crystal energy, Libras can find balance that allows their best qualities to shine.

Libra Crystals for Peace and Balance