Moon in Taurus Personalities Are Affectionate and Warm

Published February 27, 2020
Taurus Zodiac Sign

Moon in Taurus personalities are known to be affectionate and warm. This earth element sign has many positive attributes that are both powerful and enviable.

Discover How Moon in Taurus Personalities Are Affectionate and Warm

You can find various personality traits in a Taurus moon that are appealing to other earth element signs as well as water element signs. Taurus knows how to make guests feel welcome and right at home.

Positive Personality Traits

The bull is powerful and has great stamina. Taurus moons are hard workers and don't stop until they have accomplished their tasks. This same diligence is common in everything the bull tackles.

Taurus Loves Luxury

Taurus loves creature comforts and spares no expense to have the finest things. Money is one of the Taurus moons goals and knows how to accumulate wealth.

Good Friend

Taurus moons make good friends. You know how to treat others and you respect your friends for their individual talents.

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Conservative and Deliberate

A moon in Taurus means in spite of you love for the good life, you're practical and fairly conservative. Everything you do is the result of purposeful deliberation that ensures you comes out on top.

Negative Personality Traits

Taurus moons are very stubborn, and this trait can become a negative when it is unrelenting. If you refuse to make compromises, you can end up alienating your closest friends and co-workers.

Change Isn't Easy

Those with the moon in Taurus often find it difficult to accept change. You need stability in your life and whenever something changes, this upsets your equilibrium and you feel insecure.

Too Much Emphasis on Wealth

With the moon in Taurus, you are attracted like a magnet to money. It's as though it's in your DNA. This only becomes a problem when it's all you focus on or how you evaluate someone is only by their bank account.

Taurus Moon and Emotions

The moon in Taurus brings strong and powerful emotions, especially for those they love. Taurus can be warm and caring, but not as sentimental as some signs. That's because earth signs are practice beings.

Show the Love

Taurus moons spend more time obsessing over their loved ones' safety and financial security than they do writing love poems. They let loved ones know how they feel by showing them with the type of home and lifestyle Taurus moons help to create.

Moon in Taurus Depression Tendencies

The most common depression that a Taurus moon may suffer is from excess. This can be physical excessiveness in food or spending too much money on the latest shiny object.

Emotional Overload

It can also be from emotional overload since Taurus moons aren't all that great in expressing what they feel, so much as what they are going to do next in their latest scheme for getting rich.

Types of Taurus Moon Behaviors

The moon in Taurus means you need stability in your life. You don't like changes and find it difficult to roll with the punches. You don't get upset very often or easily, but when you do, you see red. Spontaneity isn't in your nature, since you prefer well-thought out plans.

Love Relationships

Taurus is a caring soul when paired with the right match. Taurus moons are also faithful lovers and adore their mates, lavishing them with gifts and compliments. Taurus moons are also the dominant one in a relationship and easily don the role of protector and nurturer. The moon in Taurus drives this sign to create a home and to set very deep roots.

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Moon in Taurus Compatibility

The moon in Taurus is an earth element and usually compatible with other earth signs. Another Taurus may prove too competitive for a lasting relationship. Water element moon signs are a good match for Taurus. Air and fire element moon signs aren't typically good matches.

Moon in Taurus Compatibility Chart

Moon Sign

Prominent Traits

Compatible or Incompatible

Taurus Moon

Steadfast, doesn't like change

Compatible, possibly

Virgo Moon

Perfectionist, detail-oriented


Capricorn Moon

Practical, serious minded


Cancer Moon

Emotional, home and hearth


Pisces Moon

Emotional, psychic, moody


Scorpio Moon

Emotional, possessive, psychic


Leo Moon

Positive, larger than life personality


Aries Moon

Sincere, serious, intelligent, flirty


Sagittarius Moon

Playful, intellectual, enjoys humor


Libra Moon

Social, good conversationalist


Gemini Moon

Outgoing, fun-loving, intellectual


Aquarius Moon

Light, playful, humorous, social


Why Moon in Taurus Personalities Are Affectionate and Warm

With the moon in Taurus, this earth element sign has a natural affection and warmth in their personality. Taurus moons enjoy a life filled with the finer things and stable finances.

Moon in Taurus Personalities Are Affectionate and Warm