Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Sagittarius Moms

Published July 24, 2018
Mother and son crouching at edge of a brook

A Sagittarius mom is a cheerful, relaxed, and free-spirited mother. How her children will respond to her lenient mothering style and how she can modify her mothering style with what her child's developing sense of self needs can be partially determined by mother and child sun sign compatibility.

Common Traits of Sagittarius Moms

A Sagittarius woman lives in the moment, acting on impulse and instinct. She's an on-the-go, cheerful, optimistic, and free-spirited woman, and she won't let motherhood change any of that or slow her down. Her kids are in for a fun and educational ride along.

A Sagittarius mom:

  • Knows that her child's education is more than just traditional schooling.
  • Wants her kids to be exposed to everything and will teach them how exciting the world can be.
  • Will encourage her children to embrace life with the same open-minded curiosity she does.
  • Isn't a disciplinarian or authoritarian who limits her kids unnecessarily.
  • Is a born teacher who can explain things clearly to her children.
  • Guides her kids but allows them to think for themselves.

Her most significant weakness as a mother is that her spontaneous nature can lead to a lack of routine and structure in her children's lives.

Aries Children

Aries Children

An Aries child is an independent, high-energy child with low coordination, who seldom thinks before he acts. A Sagittarius mom is a big believer in experiential learning and is not one to hinder her Aries child's freedom. She's a dare-devil herself, and her first instinct will be to let him charge ahead, make mistakes, and learn from experience. However, a Sagittarian mom's dare-devil spirit can be a double-edged sword if she lets her Aries child continually charge ahead without thinking. Mom must teach and guide her reckless Aries child to slow down a bit to consider the consequences before he takes action.

Taurus Children

A Taurus child is naturally pretty dependent. She's not clingy, but she does need a lot of attention and a lot of down time, and she prefers familiar people, which aren't things that are innate to Sagittarian mom. However, mom does have a "live and let live" attitude about others, even her kids. So, she'll let her Taurus child behave in the ways that are most natural for her. Of course, mom may get bored or restless when she slows down to her Taurus child's mellow pace. If that happens, mom should remember that like her, her Taurus child shares her love of the great outdoors and plan some mom and child excursions.

Gemini Children

A Sagittarius mom will love her Gemini child's playful energy and comic nature. She will be thrilled that he has such a sharp, witty, and curious mind. Like his mom, a Gemini child is a talker who wants to know a little about everyone and everything, and isn't interested in staying at home. Of course, his Sagittarian mom will never be shy about taking him everywhere she goes. A Sagittarius Mom and a Gemini child seem to be made for one another. Mom only needs to remember that as much as they both enjoy spontaneous, impromptu fun; her Gemini child needs a bit of routine and structure in his life too.

Cancer Children

Cancer Children

A Sagittarius mom will have to make some sacrifices to meet the needs of a Cancer child. Mom is anything but a homebody; a Cancer child prefers to stay at home. Mom enjoys new people and experiences; a Cancer child is quickly overwhelmed by new people and unfamiliar places. Mom will have to take extra care that she's more of a hands-on, stay-at-home mom and gently ease her Cancer child into unfamiliar situations. On the other hand, a Cancer child is all about mom, and a Sagittarian mom can be an inspiration for a shy Cancer child.

Leo Children

A Leo child's high-energy, happy smiling nature, and love of adventure will be a joy to a Sagittarian mom. Like his mom, a Leo child is fully engaged in the world. Mom only needs to remember to give him plenty of warm praise and affection. Because as strong and courageous as he is, he wants to be the center of mom's attention. He needs her to cheer him on and give him her enthusiastic approval, which is a cinch for Sagittarius mom. However, a Sagittarius mom can also be blatantly honest, and a Leo child has a sensitive pride, so mom will need to be gentle when correcting her Leo child.

Virgo Children

A Sagittarian mom's "pencil-it-in-now-and-see-how-we-feel-later" lifestyle won't cut it with a Virgo child. A Virgo child has a nervous, anxious personality and needs some order and routine in her life. She's not as optimistic as mom and worries about trifles, while mom has faith that everything will work out just fine, so there's no need to sweat the small stuff. Thankfully, a Virgo child wants to learn and has a sharp mind, and her Sagittarius mom is excellent at explaining things, giving her child some perspective and needed optimism.

Libra Children

Libra Children

A Sagittarius mom will be thrilled that her Libra child is not overly demanding of her. Plus, they're both good-natured optimists who share a love of life and love getting out into the world. However, unlike mom, a Libra child cares less about adventure and more about spending time with lots of different people. A Libra child is an intelligent child who wants to learn and can learn a lot from his Sagittarius mom. She's a willing teacher that can bring both wit and insight to their conversations. Mom just needs to be patient with her Libra child, who can take forever to make up his mind. Mom should also take care not hurt him by her bluntness and lack of tact.

Scorpio Children

A Sagittarius mom and her Scorpio child are very different. Mom has faith in life; her Scorpio child is suspicious. Mom wants to experience the physical word; her Scorpio child is more interested in what's hidden beneath the surface. Mom doesn't hesitate to show her feelings; her Scorpio child hides her feelings behind an "I'm in control" demeanor. As different as they are, a Sagittarius mom can definitely add some lightness to her solemn Scorpio child's life, but she also needs to remember that her child's sense of security depends on having emotional closeness and reassurance, and make a special effort to give her child as much attention and steady support as she can.

Sagittarius Children

Just like his Sagittarius mom, a Sagittarius child is happiest when outside or starting on a grand adventure. Mom and her child are both up for anything exciting or educational, and a Sagittarius child will absorb everything his mom teaches him. Of course, even a Sagittarian child needs some routine and structure in his life. A Sagittarian mom creates a win-win in doing this. It will help a carefree Sagittarius mom remember essential things, like mealtimes and bedtime, and at the same time give her Sagittarius child an opportunity to get excited about what's ahead.

Capricorn Children

Capricorn Children

A Capricorn child is a tenacious and serious-minded kid, who is born with a need to accomplish. The best strategy a free-spirited Sagittarian mom can take with her goal-oriented Capricorn child is to take an "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" approach. If mom's painting the kitchen, she should hand her child a brush and give her a corner to paint. If she's planting a garden, she should hand her the hose and let her do the watering. In this way, she can give her Capricorn child something to work on, teach and guide her, and also have some one-on-one fun with her child while enjoying her diligent child's sense of accomplishment.

Aquarius Children

A Sagittarian mom will appreciate her Aquarius child's ingenuity and freedom-loving, independent nature. Mom will also be continuously impressed with his brilliant imagination and his tuned-in approach to life. Like his mom, he enjoys being out in the world, mixing with other people, and experiencing anything unique and unusual. An Aquarius child can even surpass his mom's ability to understand the world and the people in it. The common traits of a Sagittarius mom are all that's needed for her Aquarian child to become a self-confident and independent adult.

Pisces Children

A sensitive Pisces child needs lots of emotional support, reassurance, and guidance, which at times can be a tall order for a Sagittarian mom, who more naturally gives her kids the freedom to learn experientially. Mom must try to be more hands-on than she innately is with her tender-hearted, vulnerable, and impressionable Pisces child. A Sagittarian mom's central role in her Pisces child's life is to be her protector and guardian, while gently and optimistically teaching, guiding, and directing her easily swayed Pisces child.

Mother and Child Compatibility Factors

There are many astrological factors to study when considering how compatible a mother might be with her child, and sometimes mother and child sun sign comparisons can be misleading. Sun sign compatibility can be fun and is a good start, but if you're serious about wanting to know how you can parent your child in a way that encourages their growing sense of self-confidence it's best to find an astrologer who specializes in family dynamics.

Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Sagittarius Moms