North Node in Capricorn: Going After Your Goals

Published July 17, 2020
North Node in Capricorn

If your North Node is in Capricorn, your life is all about setting goals and achieving them. Regardless of your age, this lifetime is about learning to be a mature adult who sets goals and takes care of yourself. Your life's mission is to balance your home life with your work-life and success will not come easy.

Capricorn North Node and South Node Opposite

The Lunar Nodes form an axis in your birth chart that is central to your life's story. If you have a Capricorn NN, its opposite sign, Cancer, contains your South Node (SN). The SN relates to what's secure, comfortable, and familiar due to past life or early life experiences.

  • Cancer is the sensitive Cardinal Water sign of home, heritage, family, security, and comfort. Its energy is innate and done without thought by a person with a Capricorn NN.
  • Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign of hard work, ambition, and success in the material world. Worldly success is what an individual with Capricorn NN wants most in life. But the energy of Capricorn is new, foreign to the individual, and something they were born to learn.
  • An individual with a Capricorn NN will be taught how to make their way in the world through a lifetime of trial-and-error experiances.

Capricorn North Node Struggle

Because Cancer and Capricorn are opposites, they create a push/pull dilemma that resides within a Capricorn NN individual's soul. They may not be aware of the battle taking place inside, but, as time passes, they repeat the same mistakes, even as they long for and strive for success and accomplishment. Integrating the insight and sensitivity of their Cancer SN with the work ethic of Capricorn will be their life's greatest struggle, and their biggest stumbling block is clinging to the past.

Claiming Your North Node in Capricorn

If you have a Capricorn NN, you must put to rest any clingy, childish insecurities or your penchant for taking care of others and learn to nurture and provide for yourself by going out into the world as a self-sufficient, enterprising, disciplined and goal-oriented adult. To claim your Capricorn NN, you must:

  • Dry your tears, let go of the past and any nostalgia for your childhood.
  • Protect yourself from taking on the problems of the world and guard against co-dependency.
  • Learn to parent yourself and stop being overly dependent on others to take care of you.
  • Honor your need for success, set goals, be self-disciplined and responsible.
  • Accept loss and find peace and comfort in the creation of the present.
  • Realize that your life's painful and emotional experiences happen to help you to let go of the past.

Your Capricorn North Node Soul Mission

Study the highest potential of Cancer and use those traits to fuel your Capricorn NN, but don't go overboard because your soul mission in this life is to accomplish and succeed in the material world. This can mean that your greatest desire in life is to leave the emotional past behind, climb the latter of success, and show the world what you can do.

Capricorn North Node Career

The most fulfilling professions for an individual with a Capricorn NN make life better for others. Jobs such as school counselor, teacher, psychologist, hypnotherapist, doctor, teacher, and so on. Careers in the corporate world are likely to deplete their soul. Working from home can make them happiest. However, whatever profession they choose, they must be in charge of their own destiny.

Capricorn North Node Fulfillment and Happiness

Capricorn NN will find fulfillment when they feel capable and in charge of their life, are respected and admired for their skills and talents, and proud of what they've accomplished.

working mother

Capricorn North Node Conflict

If you have a Capricorn NN, you need a home and family to feel safe and secure (Cancer SN), but you're not going to be fulfilled unless you have a career (Capricorn NN). If you spend too much time climbing the latter of success, the family suffers, and you feel insecure. If you spend too much time at home with your family, your career suffers, and you're unfulfilled. Family and career coming into harsh conflict is sad but typical for those with a Capricorn NN. Their most significant challenge is learning to balance the two, and their greatest happiness in life comes when they do.

Famous Capricorn North Node People

A few Capricorn NN individuals who have made their mark on the world are Angela Merkel, Steve Jobs, Denzel Washington, Ron Howard, Kevin Costner, and Oprah Winfrey.

Capricorn North Node: A Work in Progress

Keep in mind, you're a work in progress. The influence of your Capricorn NN isn't going to be just a onetime event. This is your life's most important lesson, and it will continue to be taught until you get it right. If you have a Capricorn NN and want to know the full story, it's best to schedule an appointment with a professional astrologer who specializes in Evolutionary Astrology.

North Node in Capricorn: Going After Your Goals