North Node in Scorpio: Embracing Emotions and Action

Published July 15, 2020
North node in Scorpio

The North Node in Scorpio in your natal chart occurs when the moon crosses the Earth's orbit around the sun while in Scorpio at the moment of your birth. The presence of a Scorpio North Node in your birth chart indicates karmic issues associated with embracing difficult emotions and change.

Understanding North Node in Scorpio

At the moment of your birth, you are born with two lunar nodes in opposite houses separated by 180°: North Node (☊) and South Node (☋). When your North Node is in Scorpio, your South Node is in Taurus because the two are always separated by 180°. North Node position in a given zodiac sign typically occurs for a period of about 18 months, and the combination of the natal chart North Node with the current position of the North Node on any given date in history determines how the energy will manifest in your life in the present moment. For example, the North Node will be in Gemini from May 6, 2020 to January 18, 2022, and it will move into Taurus on January 19, 2022, where it will remain until July 18, 2023. Therefore, if you have a natal chart North Node in Scorpio, it will likely combine with the North Node energy of Gemini or Taurus depending on the present date.

Karmic Issues Associated With Scorpio North Node

Scorpio North Node deals with karmic issues, such as life lessons, challenges, and soul purposes including the following:

  • Rebirth/transformation
  • Materialism
  • Learning to manage and embrace difficult emotions
  • Releasing attachments
  • Embracing change
  • Learning to be more spontaneous
  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone
  • Learning to be less rigid
  • Balancing issues of abundance and materialism versus spirituality
  • Taking a deep dive into your subconscious ideas and attitudes
  • Connecting to others on a deeper level
  • Developing compassion while maintaining a sense of self
  • Learning to balance physical appetites
  • Finding balance of body, mind, and spirit
  • Balancing pursuit of money with enjoyment of the things money brings
  • Learning not to overindulge
  • Finding spiritual fulfillment
  • Learning to be comfortable with the unknowable
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Scorpio North Node Birthdates

Typically, the North Node in Scorpio occurs for a period of about 18 months, which means all people born within that timeframe have a Scorpio North Node and therefore face similar karmic challenges as related to this aspect of their natal charts. However, depending on other aspects of the chart, such as the astrological house in which the North Node falls and the position of the planets, there may be slight variations in the karmic issues one deals with, even when two people have the same North Node. Birth dates for having North Node in Scorpio in the natal chart include the following:

  • March 4, 1938 to September 11, 1939
  • October 5, 1956 to June 16, 1958
  • July 10, 1975 to January 7, 1977
  • February 2, 1994 to July 31, 1995
  • August 31, 2012 to February 18, 2014
  • September 21, 2031 to October 14, 2032

Famous Scorpio North Nodes

There are a number of famous people with a North Node in Scorpio. These include:

  • Benedict Cumberbatch (July 19, 1976)
  • Prince (June 7, 1958)
  • Ryan Reynolds (October 23, 1976)
  • Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809)

Scorpio North Node Transformation

People born with Scorpio in the North Node tend to prefer comfort to discomfort, so the process of transformation may feel uncomfortable. However, the transformation that comes from stepping outside of one's comfort zone and learning to manage difficult emotions are among the primary karmic issues Scorpio North Nodes face, and doing so successfully can lead to unparalleled growth.

North Node in Scorpio: Embracing Emotions and Action