Why Am I Drawn to Certain Crystals?

If you're attracted to a crystal, it's probably one you need. Listen to your intuition and work with it to raise your vibe.

Published August 27, 2018
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Have you ever been in a metaphysical or crystal shop and felt drawn to a certain gemstone? In many cases, when you feel an attraction to or an affinity for a certain healing crystal, it may be because the crystal has energetic properties you need in your life right now.

The Vibration of Healing Crystals

All healing crystals vibrate at certain frequencies. The frequency of a crystal's vibration depends on several factors, such as its color, crystalline lattice structure, opacity, and shape. These combine to give each crystal its own unique energy pattern or vibration.

Why Crystal Attractions Occur

Newtonian and quantum physics offer potential explanations about why crystal attractions may occur.

Everything Is Energy

Just as healing crystals have a vibrational frequency, so does everything else. According to quantum physicists, everything in its most basic form is made up of tiny strands of vibrating energy. This includes living beings, inanimate objects, thoughts, sounds, and even seemingly empty space. So while matter appears to be quite solid, it is, in fact, made of vibrating energy strands held together by fields to give the illusion of mass. Therefore, everything is vibrating, including you and any crystals you encounter.

Energy Entrains

In the 1600s, Dutch scientist Christian Huygens discovered that when he put two pendulum clocks on the wall near one another, although the pendulums originally swing at different rates, soon they locked into phase and moved in synchronicity. This led to the discovery of entrainment, a principle that shows how when two oscillating bodies are near one another vibrating at different frequencies, the vibration of each affects the other until the two move at the same rate. This principle applies to any oscillating bodies. Since humans and crystals both vibrate, when they are placed in proximity to one another, they lock into phase and vibrate at the same rate.

Calling to Your Vibration

When you feel drawn or attracted to a certain crystal, it is because some part of your energetic system recognizes a crystal vibrating at a rate that would be beneficial to you should you lock into phase with the crystal's energy. You are drawn to that energy because it is a type of energy you need to serve your highest and greatest good.

Recognizing Attraction

How do you know if you're drawn to a certain crystal? There are different ways this attraction may occur. In a crystal or metaphysical shop, take a moment to close your eyes on entering and see if you feel pulled in any direction or to any section of the store. If the instinct arises to go somewhere, move in that direction and narrow it down by noting the following factors.

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Does the Crystal Stand Out?

Sometimes, one crystal just seems more interesting to you than others. You may admire how it looks, like its name, love its color, or feel you want that crystal more than others around it. If your eyes are drawn to a certain crystal or you find one you like and you can't stop thinking about it, chances are this is you recognizing the beneficial vibration of the stone.

Does It Feel "Right" When Held?

If you're still unsure, pick up the crystal and hold it in your receiving hand, which is your non-dominant hand (left if you are right-handed or right if you are left-handed). Close your eyes and feel the crystal in your hand. Notice how you feel in your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Does the crystal calm you?
  • Does it make you feel more focused?
  • Does it make you feel agitated?
  • Does it vibrate in your hand?
  • Does it make you feel itchy or uncomfortable?
  • Do you notice sensations in your body or a shift in your mood?

All of these things will communicate whether the crystal is the right one for you. If it feels comfortable and makes you feel good, chances are it is a crystal you need. If it makes you uncomfortable or agitated, try a different crystal.

Does It Call to You?

Sometimes you walk away from a crystal only to have it keep coming back into your mind. When this happens, it is the crystal calling to you, inviting you to make it part of your life.

Finding Your Crystals

How crystals call to you is highly individualized. However, when a crystal does attract you, it's a message from your soul that this is the energy you need in your life. Adopt the crystal, bring it home with you, cleanse it, and then allow its energy to entrain with yours to serve the highest and greatest good.

Why Am I Drawn to Certain Crystals?