North Node in Taurus: A Creative and Stable Soul

If you were born with a Taurus north node, it's time to move forward from pains of the past.

Updated May 4, 2022
North Node in Taurus

With the north node in Taurus, your mission in life is to survive, thrive, seek peace and serenity, and enjoy the best life offers. These are individuals whose life's journey is one of overcoming fear, betrayal, and mistrust to become creative and stable souls.

Taurus North Node Opposite Scorpio South Node

The lunar nodes are sensitive points in a birth chart. The north and south nodes are opposites that are interconnected. Together, they represent a theme that is woven throughout your life's story. Regardless of the rest of your birth chart, your motivations, actions, interactions, and the lessons you learn relate directly to your lunar nodes.

Taurus North Node

The north node (☊) sign represents the fulfillment and happiness you strive for in life. At its best, a Taurus north node endows an individual with the strength of resiliency and the ability to create a stable, abundant, peaceful, and comfortable life.

Scorpio South Node

The south node (☋) sign represents what's familiar and comfortable. It reveals instinctive habit patterns developed in a past life or behavior patterns linked to childhood memories, or even ancestral memories held in your body. At its best, a Scorpio south node provides an individual with emotional insight and the strength to face and survive the darker happenings in life.

North Node in Taurus Dates

The north node spends approximately a year and a half in each astrological sign. Everyone born during the dates listed below has the north node in Taurus. However, if your birth date falls on a beginning or ending date, you will need to have a chart drawn to find the correct north node sign.


  • Aug, 2, 1947 - Jan. 25, 1949
  • Feb. 19, 1966 11:41 - Aug. 19, 1967
  • Sept. 11, 1984 - Apr. 6, 1986
  • May 5, 1986 - May 8, 1986
  • Apr. 13, 2003 - Dec. 26, 2004
  • Jan. 18, 2022 - Jul. 17, 2023

North Node in Taurus

Those with a Taurus north node were born to "walk in the shadow of darkness but fear no evil." Their lives are about steadily coming to terms with the past and moving away from chronic anxiety, scarcity, strife, struggle, and suspicion, and moving steadily toward trust, peace, and self-reliance.

Balancing Taurus and Scorpio Nodes

woman squeezing lemons for lemonade or lemon water

Throughout their lives, individuals with this nodal opposition experience an inner tug-of-war between their Scorpio south node and Taurus north node. This internal tug of war will teach them that when life gives them lemons, it's best to make lemonade instead of throwing the lemons back at life. Revenge might be sweet, but in the end, forgiveness is sweeter. They may never forget a wrong that was done to them, but slowly they'll realize the best revenge is to lead a happy, productive life, and they'll refuse to let grievances hold them back from experiencing the best life has to offer.

Acknowledge Your Scorpio South Node Past

With the south node in Scorpio, you've dealt with emotional and psychological trauma in your past life or early life experiences. There might have been events such as bullying, rejection, neglect, ridicule, a parent's raging temper, or something as traumatic as physical or sexual abuse, or the death of a parent. But whatever it was, your sense of security was shattered. You lost trust in the goodness of life, became hypervigilant, and now constantly feel that the rug will be pulled out from under your feet. It's best to acknowledge whatever happened, forgive, and make peace with it. You survived!

Behavior patterns to leave behind:

  • Becoming involved in crisis situations
  • Flirting with disaster
  • Preoccupation with the psychological motivations of others
  • Suspicion, doubt, and blame
  • Testing others
  • The thought that money will cure all evils
  • Brooding and bathing in your deep emotional pain

Celebrate the Gift of Your Scorpio South Node

Celebrate your intense, sensual side, and joyfully use your innate investigative skills and ability to unravel mysteries. Enjoy emotional and sexual intimacy, the magnetic way you attract others, and remain passionately loyal to those you love.

North Node in Taurus Relationships

Those with a Taurus north node long for a stable, lasting relationship. Of course, long-lasting relationships are built on trust. However, with the south node in Scorpio, trust doesn't come naturally to them. They're not only learning to trust life, they're also learning to trust others. They're instinctively inclined to expect and assume the worst and often undermine their relationship happiness with suspicion and accusation. On the other hand, some people with the north node in Taurus are attracted to wealthy, magnetic, powerful, and highly sexual partners. Partners who could also be controlling, unfaithful, and perhaps abusive.

Learning Self-Reliance

Ultimately, through the suspicions, intense battles, confrontations, separations, and pain, a Taurus north node individual will learn that they must become self-reliant. When they begin making their own way in life, serendipity will lead them to a relationship that will aid them on their Taurus north node journey.

Finding Fulfillment With a Taurus North Node

The first step to living a fulfilling life is freeing yourself from negative Scorpio south node behavior patterns and acknowledging that you're a survivor who seeks peace and has power over your own life.

Taurus North Node Attributes to Develop

Although stepping fully into your Taurus north node may take a lifetime, the first steps are to establish your values and create security. With a Taurus north node, having a solid sense of what's important to you is the key to a fulfilling life. The more serenity you discover within yourself, the more nurturing and peaceful your life and relationships will be.

Attributes to develop include:

  • A sense of self-worth
  • An awareness of boundaries
  • Honoring your own needs
  • Forgiveness
  • Personal financial security
  • Creativity

Celebrate Your Taurus North Node

couple walking holding hands on boardwalk by mountains

Celebrate your Taurus north node by subjecting yourself to all the sensual delights the world can offer. Spend time in nature listening to a babbling brook and enjoy the quietness of a forest lake. Smell the flowers and fresh-cut grass. Watch the sunset over a mountain. Spread a blanket on the ground and have a gourmet picnic accompanied by a glass of fine wine. Stroll hand in hand on the beach with your lover. With your north node in Taurus, you were born to enjoy being in the world - not being consumed by the world!!

Famous Individuals With Taurus North Nodes

The famous individuals listed below have a Taurus north node.

  • Martin Luther King
  • Lady Gaga
  • Katy Perry
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Gordon Ramsay
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Stephen King
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  • Audrey Hepburn

Your North Star

The Lunar nodes are the perfect combination of magical and mysterious. Your Taurus north node is a symbol of inspiration, hope, guidance, and finding your life's purpose and heart's desire. Like the literal North Star, it points you in the right direction to achieve your full potential. Every Taurus north node story is different related to the entire birth chart. If you're curious and want more details related to your birth chart, schedule an appointment with an Evolutionary astrologer.

North Node in Taurus: A Creative and Stable Soul