Scorpio Lucky Days Horoscope

Updated September 17, 2018
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People born in the days from about October 24th through November 22nd were born when the Sun was in Scorpio. Your birthday is always lucky, but there are also many other days each year that are lucky for a Scorpio due the numerology of the month, day, and year they were born.

Numerology and Your Lucky Day

In numerology, numbers have meaning. but there are also up to six days each month that are particularly lucky for Scorpios using their birth date and numerology. These are the days each month when the universal day matches your personal life path number.

Your Life Path Number

Your life path number represents who you were at birth and your natural traits, and it describes the nature of this journey through life. To calculate your life path number, add the digits of your month, day, and year of your birth and reduce it to a single digit number. For example, November 10, 1987:

  • November = 11
  • Day 10 = 1+0 reduces to 1
  • 1987 = 1+9+8+7 = 25 and 2+5 = 7
  • 11+1+7 = 19 and 9+1 = 10 reduced further 1+0 = 1
  • Life path # is 1
  • Every #1 universal day will be lucky for this particular Scorpio.

You can easily calculate your life path number and find out what it means at Token Rock.

Universal Number of the Day

The universal number is an energy everyone feels. Universal vibrations change every 24 hours so each day has its own influence. To find the universal day, add the digits of a day, month, and year together. For example, September 9, 2018:

  • 9+9=18 and 1+8=9
  • 2+0+1+8= 11 and 1+1=2
  • 9+2=11 and 1+1=2
  • September 9, 2018, is a #2 day.
  • Every Scorpio with a #2 as a life path number will be lucky on this particular day.

Your life path number never changes, but the universal day number changes daily, and calculation of this daily number may sound tedious. However, you can pre-calculate the year and month sum, and then just add this value to the day number.

In the example above, the year equals 2, the month is 9, and the total is 11 and 1+1=2. Now you just add 2 to each day. For example, September 10 is 10+2=12 and 1+2=#3 universal day; September 11 would be 1+1=2, 2+2=#4 universal day. As you can see, one universal day number follows the other in numerical order, so it's not actually as time-consuming as it sounds.

Astrology and Scorpio's Lucky Days

According to traditional astrology, each of the seven days of the week correlates with one of the seven traditional planets, and that planet is "Lord" of the day.

  • Monday is the Moon's day, the ruler of Cancer.
  • Tuesday is Mars' day, the traditional ruler of Aries and Scorpio.
  • Wednesday is Mercury's day, the traditional ruler of Gemini and Virgo.
  • Thursday is Jupiter's day, the ruler of Sagittarius.
  • Friday is Venus' day, the traditional ruler of Taurus and Libra.
  • Saturday is Saturn's day, the ruler Capricorn.
  • Sunday is the Sun's day, the ruler of Leo.

Tuesday Is Scorpio's Lucky Day

Tuesday is Mars' day. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio This a potentially power-packed day for anyone with a Scorpio Sun because the energy of the day enhances a Scorpio's purpose, power, and willfulness.

Scorpio Lucky Calendars

Café Astrology has Scorpio Good Day calendars that are added at the first of each month. Each month's calendar shows what days favor certain activities, opportunity periods, and even the days when extra caution is needed, all related to what's happening in the sky. You can bookmark this page, visit the first of each month, print the calendar, and keep it handy for planning.

Astrology and Luck

Speaking astrologically, luck and good fortune are associated with the planet Jupiter. It takes 12 years for benefic Jupiter to circle your horoscope, and during that time, Jupiter makes many connections to the other planets and points in your birth chart. Likewise, for one year out of 12, Jupiter is in Scorpio, So, when do you have the most potential for the most luck and when is your lucky year? A professional astrologer can give you the full scoop.

Scorpio Lucky Days Horoscope