How to Attract an Aries Man

Attraction Factor

Have you ever wondered how to attract and win the heart of an Aries man? An Aries man is usually very good looking and has one of the sexiest minds you'll ever encounter.

Aries is first attracted to outer beauty, but if it's an empty shell, he'll be on his way quick enough to find a partner who is equally smart and quick-witted.

Aries loves to laugh almost as much as he loves a romantic chase.

Man the Chase

Aries tends to look for a mate who is independent, self-confident and takes care of herself the same way he does. He follows a healthy diet the majority of the time, and he believes in regular physical work-outs.

He loves the chase, so don't let him catch you too soon. He needs to feel that he's won the prize -you.

Years later, he'll still be bragging to your children how he won your heart on that first date when he gave you a single rose and a box of hand-dipped Belgium chocolates.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Aries is a high-energy sign with a very open-mind. He expects his lover to be able to keep up with his mental and physical activities. He enjoys hiking, cycling and other various sports.

He likes listening to classical music, sipping wine and savoring 5-star restaurant cuisine just as much as he likes hopping on his motorcycle and grabbing a burger and fries.

You'll need to reveal your adventurous nature so he's assured that you'll go along with him and can enjoy the excitement as much as he does.

Don't Play Games

Romance is second nature to Aries, so be prepared to be wooed like you've never been wooed.

If you're the kind of woman who likes to play games, be warned; this man can tell very quickly if you're faking romance.

Deep down, Aries wants a genuine, once-in-a-lifetime, happily ever after story. He will do whatever it takes to make a relationship work as long as he feels appreciated and loved.

Aries Lives Up to His Name

Aries lives up to his mythological self. He might not enjoy going to war, but when it comes to defending what's his, he's a warrior through and through. He'll readily defend and protect his lover.

Once he commits to a relationship, he's in it for the long haul - good or bad, easy or rocky. He'll stick by you as long as you give him your undying love, trust, respect and appreciation for the many things he does for you.

And, there will be millions of tiny gestures, endearments whispered in your ears, loving glances and devilish smiles to fuel the passion in your relationship.

That Knight in Shining Armor

A positive attitude and a fun-loving nature are two attributes Aries possesses and desires in his soul mate. He won't hang around a pessimist for very long, and he won't hesitate to cut you loose if he isn't having fun in a relationship.

Of course, he'll do so with great finesse and style while trying to spare your feelings. He is, after all, that knight in shining armor and knows how to be chivalrous.

Aries enjoys life and wants to have fun. He needs a partner who will make him laugh and enjoy being with him.

No Room for Pretenses

Aries is a down-to-earth guy who knows what he wants and will certainly go after it without any thought of not being able to achieve his goal.

When he asks you out, he expects you to say yes. His confidence is very seductive.

Aries dislikes rude, coarse and insincere people. He has zero tolerance for anyone who puts on airs or is fake in any way. So never put on any pretenses, or he'll break things off.

It won't be a rude breakup. He has too much class for that, but it'll happen fast and will take you completely by surprise.

Social Grace

Social graces come naturally to this accomplished man. He expects his mate to be equally adept in any kind of social setting. He enjoys entertaining friends and family and will expect you to have the same love of family that he has.

He thrives equally on intimate dinners and large dinner parties. His home is filled with activity. Family pops in to borrow a tool or bring him a special dish. Siblings look up to him, and his parents are proud of his abilities and accomplishments in his chosen career.

Aries is comfortable being Prince Charming and enjoys his charismatic appeal to the opposite sex.

Giving Back to the Community

Community involvement is important to this natural-born leader. Aries has a high social conscience that is revealed through his acts of kindness.

He's very compassionate to those in need. He will fight for the underdog and expect you to be right there with him handing out blankets to the homeless or working in the community soup kitchen on a holiday.

Man With a Plan

Many plates in the air is a great description of the life of an Aries.

He knows how to take on several projects simultaneously and manage them with great expertise.

Don't let his outward cool, calm and collected persona deceive you, because inside he's mapping out his next move like any great military strategist would.

He certainly has mapped out plans for the two of you. Just ask him. You should be very pleased.

Appreciation for Beauty

Aries appreciates the finer things in life. He appreciates perfection because he understands how rare a thing it is in an imperfect world.

He always focuses on the positive side of life and surrounds himself with luxury and other tokens of his success. These material trophies are reminders of his achievements. If he doesn't succeed the first time he attempts something, he'll continue to try until he succeeds because he doesn't accept defeat.

He expects his lover to mirror these qualities back to him. He seeks an equal in his mate for that perfect love match.

How to Attract an Aries Man

Aries has a tremendous sexual appetite. Show him a little sexual aggression, and he'll be thrilled. Be willing to try new sexual techniques to intrigue and thrill him. Just be sure you're sincere.

Tell him how he makes you feel. Compliment Aries and watch him puff into the proud warrior. Aries often appears larger than life, but like anyone else, he needs to hear those three words, I love you.

He needs to hear how much he means to you because he'll never grow tired of telling you how important you are to him.

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How to Attract an Aries Man