Sports and Hobbies for Taurus Personalities

Published January 17, 2019
man in garden drinking wine

If your Sun sign is in Taurus, you're a hard worker, and after a hard day at work your favored leisure activity might well be lazing about in a comfy chair, with your feet up, sipping your favorite wine, and watching the world go by. However, there are sports and other leisure activities that many Taureans enjoy.

Sports for Taurus

The best sport for a Taurus has a slow pace, requires strength rather than speed, and is pleasing to their aesthetic sensibilities.


Golf matches Taurus traits "tee". It has a slow pace, takes focus and patience, and is played outside on a beautifully landscaped course. Additionally, after the eighteenth hole, it's usually followed with great food and excellent wines in an elegant Country Club.


A Taurus is down to earth, very focused, and has a love of all things Zen, so they'll find the slow, steady movement, and meditative practice of yoga relaxing and restorative.


Taurus is the astrological sign most associated with Mother Nature. Hiking can be done at and leisurely pace, allowing a Taurus to commune with the natural world, and the magic of each season.


Though not usually considered a "sporty" thing, dance is an esthetic, athletic endeavor that requires focus and physical strength. A Taurus loves music and can be good at dance. They also enjoy performance and creativity, have a good sense of rhythm, and learn things quickly.

woman dancing

Weight-Lifting and Body-Building

A Taurus is body conscious, has a robust, healthy constitution and stamina, Many Taurus individuals find the slow pace and focus required in weight-lifting or other body-building routines a perfect way to relax and stay in shape.

Martial Arts

A Taurus is typically physically strong and solidly built. They are also patient and persistent. All these traits are necessary for a martial artist. They might particularly favor Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines music, elements of dance and acrobatics.

Taurus Hobbies

A Taurus loves nothing more than a quiet, peaceful and abundant life. The hobbies below are examples that reflect this defining trait of a Taurus.


Taurus is earthy and profoundly attuned to nature. It's very therapeutic for Taurus to till the soil, plant seeds, tend their garden and patiently watch for what they've planted to grow to its full beauty.

Cooking and Baking

A Taurus is known for their love of the good life, and fine dining is a passion for them. Therefore, cooking, baking, and fine wines are often favored hobbies. A Taurus is a kitchen artesian, and when they take up food preparation as a hobby, you can be sure everything they prepare will be embellished and served with an epicurean flair.


Fishing is a recreation favored by many Taureans. They take pleasure sitting on the bank, pinning bait on a hook, putting the hook in the water and waiting patiently for hours as they enjoy the great outdoors.

man fishing


A Taurus loves simplicity, and the simplicity of bird watching includes being able to do it almost anywhere at any time. A Taurus can even hang a feeder or place a birdbath in their garden and take leisurely pleasure watching both.

Painting and Nature Photography

A Taurus is artistic, and a favored pastime of many is painting and nature photography. They have an eye for beauty and can even combine these two creative endeavors, by taking photos of the natural world and then capturing it on canvas from the comfort of home.

Stained Glass Art

A Taurus enjoys building something useful as well as beautiful. They have an artistic sensibility in composition and design, and the patience to perform the delicate and meticulous hand-work of stained glass. like cutting and assembling the many pieces into a beautiful whole.

Knitting and Embroidery

For many Taurean individuals, knitting and embroidery are a favorite way to pass the time. They are calming, meditative, and they don't require any physical exertion to create something beautiful and long-lasting.

Choosing a Sport or Hobby

A sport is usually defined as "any activity the gives enjoyment or recreation," while a hobby is defined as an "extra-curricular activity, that fills up spare time and boosts happiness." A Taurus likes nothing better than to enjoy and be happy in life. For a Taurus personality, joy and happiness will come from a sport that has a slow pace and a hobby that does not require physical exertion.

Sports and Hobbies for Taurus Personalities