Guide to Study & Learn Numerology (for Beginners)

Updated March 1, 2022
Numerology Numbers Concept

Numbers are everywhere, and they have meaning. As the name implies, numerology is a language of numbers. The best way to begin learning numerology is to understand the various types of numerology and what the numbers represent. If you're eager to learn numerology, this beginner's guide can give you a jump start.

Learning Numerology

What is numerology? Numerology can help you in much the same way as astrology. It can aid you in better understanding yourself, other people, and your environment. Seeing the same number spontaneously and repeatedly can also be a message from the universe.

Types of Numerology

There are different numerology systems, depending on where it originated and the cultural influence. Each differs in its way of interpreting numbers, and each expresses unique information.

Chaldean Numerology

The Chaldean Numerology is based on the unique vibrations of each number, these vibrations give each its unique characteristics. A Chaldean numerology alphabet chart has no number "9." They also use all the digits of a number. The single digit indicates outer influences, and the inner digits that are reduced to the single digit signify the internal aspects of an individual.

Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah Numerology is based on Hebrew mysticism. Unlike other methods, Kabbalah numerology only analyzes a person's name. Like other systems, the letters of the alphabet hold a particular value, which signifies specific characteristics. However, Kabbalah numerology has a much wider range of numbers. There can be up to 400 different life paths based on 22 different vibrations.

Vedic Numerology

Vedic Numerology (Tamil numerology) is thought to be one of the oldest forms of numerology. In Vedic numerology, the numbers range from 1-to 9. Each holds a specific characteristic that helps in knowing yourself completely. It's comprised of three main numbers; your Psychic Number, Destiny Number, and Name Number. Additionally, Vedic numerology is a small but essential part of astrology in India.

Western Numerology

Western Numerology (Pythagorean numerology) uses a system developed by the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. Pythagoras came up with the idea of numbers as symbols. He theorized that everything had a predictable cycle and there was a relationship between numbers and the alphabet. This form of numerology is likely the most popular numerology system in use today.

How to Learn Western Numerology

girl calculate Life path number

Different types of numerology have different numerology charts, but doing any system of numerology only takes a pencil and paper and knowing how to do simple addition. However, it can also be fairly complex because it includes many numbers, and each tells you something about yourself. Still, understanding the meanings of the numbers themselves and the steps you need to take to get these numbers is essential for fully appreciating numerology.

Numbers and Their Meaning

Each number has positive and negative energies. Some numbers bring peace into your life; others bring challenges and conflicts. Each number in numerology holds its own special significance and has specific meanings associated with it. If, at any time, you encounter a Master number, 11, 22, or 33, do not reduce it to a single-digit number. Of course, each number has a more extended, more complex meaning, but the primary trait of each single-digit number is:

Master Numbers

Master Numbers 11, 22, and 33 are called "The Triangle of Enlightenment."

Numerology's Core Numbers

Western numerology is made up of several core numbers. These numbers are determined by the name you were given at birth or your birthdate. The traits and talents you were born with are derived from your birth name. The events and influences you encounter throughout your life are derived from your birthdate. Combined, they make you who you are.

Life Path Number

A Life Path number is derived by adding your birth date's month, day, and year together and reducing it to a single digit. It shows your abilities and talents and discloses several other characteristics to you. It reveals your life's goals and life challenges and how to use them to improve your future.

Destiny Number

Your Destiny number, also referred to as your Expression number, is calculated by adding the numbers of your birth name and reducing to a single number. It is always calculated by the complete name on your birth certificate. It represents what you are born to do and reveals the strengths and weaknesses you were born with. This number aids you in recognizing your desires and goals and highlights your weaknesses so they can be overcome.

Heart's Desire number

Your Heart's Desire number, also known as your soul number, it's calculated by adding all the vowels in your full name. Also known as your Soul number, it reveals your deepest desires, inspirations, motivations, and passions, which even you don't know. It helps you find what you really want to do and makes you happy. It also answers all the "whys" hidden in different areas of your life.

Personality Number

Your Personality number is derived by adding all the consonants in your name and reducing them to a single number. Your personality number tells you how others perceive you or the impression you leave on others. It's a brief outline of your outer personality that hides the genuine you.

Birthday Number

The birthday number is the date of the month you were born on. Accordingly, if you were born on the 3rd of June, your birthday number is 3. If you were born on the 23rd of June, your birthday number would be 2+3 or 5. Your birthday number reveals the characteristics, talents, or abilities that can be used for success. Understanding your birthday number means understanding the hidden you.

Numerology's Four Planes of Expression

In numerology, there are four planes of expression: physical, mental, emotional, and intuitive. They represent how an individual acts or reacts to life's situations. Your expression number is determined by your name. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned to one of these four planes, and the number of letters in each plane indicates the strongest and weakest planes.

Numerology and Compatibility

Your birthdate numbers (Life Path numbers) are usually used in numerology compatibility. But each core number has a particular resonance when it comes to relationships. The analysis of these numbers can help you determine your compatibilities and incompatibilities with friends, family, and co-workers. Two individuals are more likely to fall in love when their Life Path numbers, Destiny numbers, and Heart's Desiree numbers resonate with one another.

Learning All You Can About Numerology

Learning numerology takes study and practice, practice, practice. This means doing your own numerology reading and doing free readings for friends and family. You might also want to consider studying under a person specializing in numerology and reading as much about numerology and the various numerology systems as you can.

Guide to Study & Learn Numerology (for Beginners)