Female Leo Profile

Updated February 3, 2020

The Female Leo Profile


A female Leo profile reveals a powerful, passionate woman who can pose a serious threat to competing females. Although less assertive than the Aries woman, a female Leo is an independent soul who's always at the center of any activity.

A Sign of Strength


Leos won't fall for maudlin sentimental types. Like most female signs governed by the fire element, Leo girls crave real, strong men. Alpha males are encouraged to apply.

The Ideal Suitor


Female Leos prefer refined individuals. A well-dressed, well-read, eloquent man will likely have a chance if he puts his best foot forward. Beware; like the regal lion, Leo women are known to possess an air of superiority.

Warming Her Heart


A Leo girl can be cajoled into any task through flattery. Proud by nature, this astrological sign performs best when strengthened by praise and admiration.

A Generous Friend


Part and parcel to the female Leo profile is her tendency towards extravagance. When combined with her inherent generosity, she can be a fun friend to have around despite the rapid whittling of her finances. Nothing costs too much for the people she loves.

A Love of Challenge


Leo is a naturally competitive sign, and its female members are no different. A Leo woman is highly attractive to the opposite sex. Moreover, she's formidably competitive. Other women in the room will need to stand aside when a Leo gal is present.

The Social Skeptic


Whether this trait is caused by a Leo's innate sense of superiority or perhaps an underlying inkling of distrust, Leo females do not deal easily with strangers. These women are cautious and wary. Any man looking to woo a Leo must take great pains to catch her attention while appearing non-threatening.

A Solid Mate


The female Leo profile describes a woman who is strong and worthy. Attracting a Leo involves considerable legwork, but the end of this mighty gauntlet offers the possibility of a stately and spirited mate.

Secretly Sensitive


While she projects an outer image of strength and unflappability, underneath the Leo woman is secretly sensitive. Say things the wrong way or behave in an insensitive manner, and her feelings will be hurt, but she won't show it. Instead, she'll keep it inside but may withdraw if she suspects you don't have her best intentions at heart.

Loyal to a Fault


With a lady Leo, when you're in, you're in. While she may maintain a causal distance from mere acquaintances, once you're in her inner circle, it's going to take a lot for you to be removed. That's because the female Leo is extremely loyal to friends, family, and loved ones, and she expects loyalty in return.

Proud of Love


If a Leo lady loves you, she'll be sure to let you know. That's because when Leo is in love, she's extremely proud of the fact that she loves you, so she won't be afraid to tell you or anyone else who asks (or doesn't ask).

Low Tolerance for Shenanigans


While the female Leo is affable and friendly, don't mess with her. If you come for her, she'll come back for you, and she won't tolerate anyone's shenanigans. Therefore, expect the lady Leo to tell you when you've done something she doesn't like, particularly as it relates to her friends, family, or way of life. In fact, she's often more vociferous in her support of those she loves than she is for herself, so to avoid triggering her temper, tread lightly and kindly with those she loves.

A Force of Nature


Whether it's on the job, in relationships, as a mother, or as a friend, the female Leo is a force of nature. She is somebody who gets stuff done. This is largely due to the fire element in her sun sign. When she does something, she does it full force with both enthusiasm and ruthless efficiency. If you need something done the right way, enlist a lady Leo.

Life of the Party


Nobody can turn it up quite like a Leo. Where she goes, the party follows. She's the first on the dance floor, the first to sing karaoke, and the one with the loudest voice cracking the funniest jokes. She can make even the most mundane tasks seem like a lot of fun.

The Drama Queen of the Zodiac


Oh sure, other astrological signs can be full of drama, too. However, none quite have Leo's unique relationship with drama, drama, drama. This is partially because of the element of fire in her sun sign, partially because of her fixed nature, and partially because she loves being the center of attention. Add these all together, and you've got a gal who is notorious for her dramatic nature, even though she gets over her bouts of drama just as quickly as she dives into them.

Lively Leo


With a larger-than-plife personality, a fierce sense of loyalty, and an even greater sense of drama and fun, everyone needs a lady Leo in their life. She'll always have your back, and she'll make even the most mundane activities a source of fun. Who wouldn't want to know someone like that?

Female Leo Profile