What to Expect From a Pisces Boss

Published October 30, 2018
Designer leading a company office meeting

Pisces is the most sensitive and all-encompassing sign of the zodiac. Pisces individuals do not gravitate to positions of authority, but, if you have a Pisces boss you can be sure they're passionate about what they're doing and have the ability to inspire you.

Leadership Style

A Pisces is a laissez-faire and visionary leader who is tremendously skilled at motivating the people who work for them.

A Pisces Leader:

  • Shares their vision
  • Communicates purpose and direction
  • Encourages those who work for them to let their inner motives determine the direction of their work
  • Only checks back in to make sure their employees are on the right track or to share new insights
  • Has an open-door policy

However, to get the best from those who work for them, a Pisces boss can also be shrewd at getting their employees to do what they want.


A Pisces boss finds imposing rules and expectations on their employees stifles their creativity. It's not that they are incapable of managing people, they simply prefer to lead by example. Their strength as leaders is their vision and their ability to inspire and motivate those who work for them.

Imaginative and Innovative

A Pisces boss can be a creative genius with a boundless imagination. They are not restricted by reason or logic and can amaze those who work for them by their unconventional and innovative ideas that often keep them ahead of the competition.


A Pisces is acutely perceptive as to where business growth opportunities lie and they also have an almost psychic ability to tune into what's hot and happening in the world.

Intuitive and Empathetic

A Pisces is also adept at knowing what's going on in the heads and hearts of their employees, is an empathetic and caring, and always knows when something's not right with an employee.


A Pisces boss can motivate and inspire their employees, but they are not interested in the day to day managerial tasks; like payroll, performance reviews, or firing people. Such mundane tasks are better left to someone that's more grounded. Perhaps the greatest challenge of working for a Pisces is they often become overwhelmed, disappear for a while and leave you "holding the bag."

Working for a Pisces Boss

If you work for Pisces, you'll enjoy your Pisces boss more if you're working in a creative field.

To impress a Pisces Boss:

  • Be creative but also organized and be on top of things
  • Be a self-starter and don't be afraid to take your Pisces boss' vision and run with it
  • If you have an innovative, creative idea gestating in your head, don't hesitate to share with it with your boss.
  • Never lie or take advantage of a Pisces boss

The Whole Story

You can learn a lot about what a Pisces boss is like with just their Sun sign, but a Pisces Sun doesn't tell the whole story. Apple's founder, Steve Jobs, was a Pisces. Those who worked for him say he was an "inspired and inspiring individual," but it's also said he wasn't caring and supportive, but rather "mean" to his employees and not adverse to intimidation. Although a Pisces visionary, Steve Jobs had both Mars and the Moon in Aries, the pioneering sign and also most aggressive sign of the zodiac. Many people have horror stories about working for him and yet, few former employees hold grudges against him.

What to Expect From a Pisces Boss