Understanding a Virgo Man’s Personality Traits & Nature

Published May 5, 2020
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In understanding a Virgo man, it helps to recognize specific personality traits and nature. There are some profound attributes and characteristics found in this zodiac sign.

Understanding a Virgo Male's Nature and Driving Personality Traits

The most prominent characteristic for a Virgo man is the desire for perfection and purity. A Virgo man is driven by his sign, the virgin, that forces him to constantly seek that perfection in everything. This can be very off-putting to some people, while other people are drawn to Virgo's mission to seek perfection and try to attain it.

Driving Desire for Perfection

The Virgo man's subconscious need for perfection makes him a very practical person. He is exacting in everything he does. He is meticulous about his appearance, clothing and home. His neat freak tendencies can be tedious to those who don't need such order and organization in their lives. However, his practicality is adaptable and can be used in careers as well as everyday life.

Analyze and Create Order

The Virgo male's traits mean he has an analytical approach to life and career. You won't ever find a Virgo man just goofing off. He must always be industrious and moving toward a desired goal and/or result. Whatever he undertakes, the end result is an improved and better version than what he started with. This can be something as simple as washing a car. He won't just wash the exterior; he will detail the interior to perfection. It will, in all likelihood, look better than it did brand new!

Virgo Man Traits and Living in an Imperfect World

For a Virgo man, living in an imperfect world, life can be one frustration after another. However, this doesn't stop him from seeking the golden ideal of perfection. In fact, surrounded by imperfection motivates him to create that perfection in his life. He seeks to find/create harmony and order in his personal life as well as work.

Virgo Man's Work Ethic

A Virgo man's desire for perfection is the single attribute that makes him an excellent worker. His work ethic is enviable. He is a hard worker and approaches his job in a practical and analytical manner. He knows what is expected of him and he delivers. He is highly regarded by supervisors, peers and subordinates alike.

Virgo Man in His Chosen Career

When it comes to careers, Virgo men are drawn to analytical jobs that require attention to detail. Virgo men often find careers as a craftsman highly enjoyable and satisfying. Other careers that attract Virgo men include construction, architecture, scientific analysis, research, actuary, and anything that he can exercise his analytic acumen.

Virgo Man Positive Personality Traits

The Virgo male has many endearing traits, including his quiet and gentle nature. He is considerate of others and is always reliable. When a Virgo man makes a promise or commitment, you can depend on him to follow through. He has an active and inquiring mind. His remarkable memory aids his analytical abilities.

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Being of Service to Others

Virgo has an innate need to be of service to others. He does this willingly and quietly. The last thing he wants is to draw attention to his kindness of helping others. He feels an obligation to assist others and tackles each task with the same veracity that he does everything.

Good and Loyal Friend

Virgo is a trustworthy and loyal friend. However, you must first gain his trust before he commits to a relationship as a friend.

Virgo Male Lover

The Virgo male is a caring lover; however, he is a worrier, and tends to be nervous when getting to know someone. He won't make his move until he's certain you are worthy of his attention and love. He has a fear of being overwhelmed by emotions that he doesn't understand and can't control.

Virgo Man Negative Personality Traits

Thanks to his inner nature that is constantly seeking perfection, Virgo is often regarded as being overly critical. He faces unique challenges since his expectations of others generally disappoint him. He can become impatient with situations and people who fail to meet his rather high expectations.

Inability to Express Emotions

A Virgo man isn't comfortable expressing his emotions. He doesn't trust easily and sharing his deepest feelings with another person won't happen unless he feels completely secure in the relationship. Even then, he will hold back on many of his true feelings.

Misunderstood Characteristics

Virgo is very reserved and shy around others, especially those he doesn't know. This behavior is often misinterpreted as being aloof and even self-centered by strangers.

Famous Virgo Men

You can consider famous Virgo men as possible examples of a Virgo male personality. Some of them have pursued careers in the entertainment industry, business, or politics.

  • Bill Murray
  • Colonel Sanders
  • Idris Elba
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Narendra Modi
  • Nick Jonas
  • Sean Connery
  • Warren Buffet

A Virgo Man's Traits Reveal His Inner Motivations

Once you understand a Virgo man's inner personality, you can understand his motivations. This gives you a better appreciation for the whole man and not just the different aspects of his personality.

Understanding a Virgo Man’s Personality Traits & Nature