Using Astrology for Sibling Compatibility

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Different Sun signs have varying needs and behaviour styles, and these determine whether they relate to one another well or strike sparks between them. Learning more about this relationship can give you insight into how compatible your kids are with each other.

Check Your Kids' Compatibility

To find out how compatible your children are with one another, select the sign for the first child in 'Child 1' and for the second child in 'Child 2' in the widget below. Then click 'Get Compatibility' for the results of that combination. Choose two new signs to enter another sibling combination.

The Signs as Siblings

Each sign has its own unique traits. Here's how these basic traits apply to a sibling relationship.

Aries: Your Aries child is a fireball. Born to push the boundaries, his temper is hot but quick to burn out. A born leader, he will incite his brothers and sisters into doing things they wouldn't choose to do on their own. He benefits from supervision.

Taurus: Your Taurus child is happiest playing outdoors or making things with her hands. She enjoys being around other kids but doesn't really need them. She tends to be possessive of her stuff; she is stubborn and doesn't like to share.

Gemini: Your Gemini talks circles around his siblings and will always come up with a reason why it wasn't his fault; he seems innocent, but it was probably his idea in the first place! Keep him busy with ideas and stories as he loves to read and talk.

Cancer: Your Cancer is shy sometimes; her moods are cyclic. Give her a refuge where no one else can intrude. She may try to mother her siblings when she isn't jealous of them. Her emotions are deep and she needs to feel them.

Leo: Your Leo wants to be the king of the castle and it's hard not to treat him like one - he is so dynamic and fun. He will dominate his siblings. He needs to have boundaries and avenues through which to express his creative talents.

Virgo: Your Virgo child likes to be useful; she requires routine and some kind of order. She will try to make her siblings comply and becomes highly anxious when things are out of control. Smart and able, she responds to logic.

Libra: Your Libra child is a champion for truth and fairness. If a younger child is being bullied, he is the first to come to her defence. It is not as easy for him to stand up for himself though. In an argument or fight, he will be the one to back down.

Scorpio: Your Scorpio child is deep, fascinated by intense emotions and situations. This child senses others' feelings and hates dishonesty. A loner, she is aware of the family dynamic and can make snarky, accurate observations.

Sagittarius: Your Sagittarius child is self-confident to a fault. He craves freedom to explore; set boundaries but do give him room to be himself. Friendly and humourous, he gets along with everyone and he'll be found at the center of any game.

Capricorn: Your Capricorn child feels old and responsible for everything. With an ingrained sense of duty, she is quick to take the blame for just about anything. Protective of her siblings with a wry sense of humour, she tries to discipline the whole family.

Aquarius: Your Aquarius child moves to a different drummer. Living primarily in his brilliant mind, he would rather spend time on video games or inventing new worlds than with his siblings. When he does spend time with them he gets along with them well since he is a born team player.

Pisces: Your Pisces child is a dreamer; her imaginary friends are as real to her as her siblings, who might find her strange. A fey, sensitive soul, she will cry at the death of an insect. She loves games of imagination and fantasy.

The Moon Is Important Too

People grow into their Sun signs as they develop, and young children tend to come from their Moons (emotions) even more than they do their Suns (consciousness). For a much fuller picture of each child's nature and needs, be sure to check their Moon signs as well.

To learn whether your children are emotionally compatible, find out what their Moon signs are and then enter their Moon signs into the widget after you have checked their Sun signs.

Exploring Sibling Relationships

While there will always be times when your kids get along and others when they seem to fight constantly, delving into their Sun and Moon signs can help to explain why they relate to one another as they do. Use your knowledge of their compatibility and differences to give your children the individual attention they need.

Using Astrology for Sibling Compatibility